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  1. Whoa. I'm always looking for posts that actually spend time talking about achieving fitness goals and somehow missed this one. You appear to be a "gets sh@t done" person so naturally I'm following.
  2. Weekly 3 Summary: 7 days of exercise 7 days of eating pretty well. Although I did eat at McD's for lunch 3 times, but all other meals were excellent. About 2 hrs Solid Works training. 1/1 191.6 1/7 188.2 1/14 186.4 1/21 184.8 Moving in the right direction.
  3. 1/21 Wt: 184.8 yet again. Was my day a success? Yes. Would like to have seen a drop, but have to remember my main focus is building the exercise habit, wt loss is a secondary goal. Create the right habits and the wt will take care of its self. However, I would still like to see wt drops, so like yesterday, I did 2 workouts: cardio/core + 1.5mi hike. The hike was more strenuous than the last couple times cause it was muddy and I had to wear my snow boots. For some reason, my wife is not amused when I come in with mud covered tennis shoes and get the floor mats muddy. Go figure. Workout: Cardio/core + 1.5mi hike. Eating: Breakfast- Protein shake Lunch- Salad + burger patty Dinner- Scrambled eggs and toast Before bed- Banana or pear later. 1soda
  4. UNFORTUNATELY, THE ADAGE "MOVE IT OR LOSE IT" IT DOES NOT APPLY TO EXERCISE VS BODY WEIGHT. 1/20 Wt: 184.8 Was my day a success? Yes. Dropped below 185 for first time this year. That felt great. To help push things along, I did 2 workouts, strength + 1.5mi hike. Trail was a little muddy so my legs got a little extra work from using muscles to stabilize my feet to prevent sliding. Cooked the weeks food out on grill. 6 burgers, 6 chops, and steelhead trout. Never had steelhead trout before. Tasted just like Atlantic Salmon. Delicious but the portion was slightly larger than I should have had. Went to movie. Saw Den of Thieves. There were like 10,000 bullets getting shot so of course it was a good movie. Workout: Strength w/o + 1.5mi hike. Eating: Breakfast- Protein shake Lunch- Salad Dinner- Salad + Trout Movie: Small popcorn and soda Before bed- Banana or pear later. 1soda
  5. peelout

    Xena Progresses

    What is a yoga retreat? Yoga + spas and such?
  6. Sounds like a lot of work and a lot of fun. I took TKD when I was younger, but from what I've seen of MT, it seems more useful. TKD did not teach me must useful since most fights wind up being close in, grappling, etc. TKD will teach how to give some devestating kicks, but there was no instruction for what to do if the attacker got close in.
  7. Nice way to start the day with a new low weigh in of 184.8. Going to try and build on this over the weekend. Extra hikes + good eating.
  8. I asked if you were taking martial arts on my thread, but then came here and see you are. Muay Thai is not a common MA in America. Are you in America? As I understand it, which isn't much, Muay Thai is a close proximity MA that utilizes most of all of the body including elbows, knees, etc. How do you practice fighting? I mean, with Tae Kwon Do and similar karate forms, you are generally a few feet apart and practice by throwing kicks and punches, never really hitting the persons head and mostly not below the belt. But MT as I understand it is done very close which would almost require landing blows. Seems this would be more difficult to practice than TKD sparring.
  9. 1/19 Wt: 185.4 again Was my day a success? Yes. Still feeling tired so I decided some rest would be worthwhile and just did my placeholder w/o. Most important thing is to keep training the mind that exercise is a daily occurrence now. So after my shower tonight, the mind said "whoa" you may have skipped your regular w/o but still have to do something". Thus the placeholder of 10 freebody squats. There are no non-exercise days. Just differences in intensity. Did some SolidWorks training this morning. Went to movie tonight and saw 12 Strong. Pretty decent action/war movie and I also like it when a movie is based, loosely, on a true story. Especially when it involves America kicking the azz of nut jobs. It occurred that one of the reasons soldiers might have trouble adjusting when they get out is due to habits. Definitely not negating the horrors some soldiers encounter, but to go from a lifestyle of following rigid procedures that are drilled in to you until they are automatic, habits, to a lifestyle that requires totally changing a huge part of your daily habits has to be a major shock to the brain. Suddenly every habit your mind has followed for 4+ yrs must now change. That must be very difficult to cope with. Workout: 1/2 strength w/o + stretching. Eating: Breakfast- Protein shake Lunch- McD's Dinner- Slice of cheese Movie: Small popcorn and soda Before bed- Banana or pear later. 1soda
  10. Thats the kinda thing I love to read.
  11. 1/18 Wt: 185.4 Was my day a success? Yes. All I have to do is exercise for it to be a success this month. Just develop the habit. Still got the lingering chest stuff from my cold. Tonight was going to be strength w/o, but I only did 3 of my exercises (pulldowns, DB bench press, and plate). Felt tired again at work so decided I should keep the workouts short until my cold is gone. Ate at McD's today. Not sure if its just weakness on my part, or if my body is telling me to eat more, or just lower motivation due to my cold. Did some SolidWorks training this morning. Workout: 1/2 strength w/o + stretching. Eating: Breakfast- Protein shake Lunch- McD's Dinner- Chicken and noodle soup + 2 slices bread. Before bed- Banana or pear later. 1soda
  12. Dopamine. The feel good drug! Off to a workout?
  13. Whats a Charisma check? As for your members, do what I do to encourage people to exercise. Ask them if they dusted the couch w/ their azz today. Well, maybe thats not the best approach for paying customers. I think thats why I became an engineer. I sold real estate for 3yrs. Decided I never wanted another job in my life working w/ the public.
  14. 1/17 Wt: 185.2 Was my day a success? Yes. Wt hit a new low of 185.2. Yay. I was feeling pretty tired at work today and thought maybe my cals were getting a bit too low so I went to McD's for lunch. Not sure if its my imagination, but I did feel more energetic later. I should probably try to count my cals, but it's more effort than I want to spend. If I'm losing wt, my diet is working. If I start feeling to sluggish, I just add one big meal. Much simpler for me. Went to gym and felt up to doing my full cardio/core w/o. I did reduce the speed from 4.4 to 4.2 on some tread circuits, but I kept if at my normal 4.4 on some and went over my time on others. I was sweating and breathing heavy by the time I was done. Glad I felt up to doing the whole w/o. Also did my stretching at the end. Been losing steadily, but I'm starting to anticipate the dreaded plateau. They always happen. Thinking this weekend I might throw in 2 hikes instead of just one, on top of my normal w/o's. Just to make sure I go into next week steadily in the 184's. I only set my goal at losing 5lbs this month, but I'm starting to think I might lose 10, unless I get a really sticky plateau. Don't want to get to wrapped up in that. Have to remember the main focus of this month was to reactivate the daily exercise habit. No SolidWorks training. Need to get on the ball on that. Workout: Cardo/core focus. Eating: Breakfast- Protein shake Snack- 6 skittles. Lunch- Much needed hi-cal McD's meal (1/4 pounder w/ cheese, regular fries, Dr P) Dinner- Chicken and noodle soup + 2 slices bread. Before bed- Banana or pear later. Maybe a slice of cheese. 1soda
  15. peelout

    Xena Progresses

    I read on FB that Glute Bridges aren't good for you. FB said it so it must be so. lol Whats a quad-centric sport?
  16. Wedding is in Jan so outdoor is out. Otherwise a tent would be awesome. Looked at a VFW today, $125/day (if you have a vet reserve it and we have vets in the family). $200 deposit or forfit if you'd rather not clean up after. Has a kitchen, can bring your own food or cater in. Seats 150. Has a bar naturally, but there are doors between it and the bar. You can buy kegs if you wish at the bar. Nice thing is that they are then responsible for any accidents afterwards. For that price, they could have a live band instead of a DJ if they want. My wedding reception was at a VFW and we had a blast and a live band. I got crazy and started slam dancing.
  17. I was just thinking of your pictures from last year today and couldn't remember who it was. Then I saw you on another post, so following again. Those incredible shrinking you pictures at the start were amazing.
  18. 1/16 Wt: 185.8 Was my day a success? Yes. Wt bumped up, but I expected that after a 1lb loss in one day. Always happens. Felt better today than yesterday. Stomach was no longer upset. I was hacking up some flim today (aren't you glad I mentioned that). But overall, I felt much better. Went to gym. I decided before I went to just do a half of a strength w/o. Once I got started, I felt like just doing the whole w/o. Then I started coughing and decided I should stick w/ a half. Skipped stretching. Diet was on target. I'm a pretty boring eater so it doesn't change much when I'm eating to lose wt. Two days now w/o SolidWorks training. I've been skipping going in early to get more sleep while I fight this cold. I think it turned out to just be a girlie cold rather than a man cold. Hopefully it doesn't rebound and develop into a full fledged man cold. The kind that results in an inability to do anything at home but lay around and moan. Women are lucky that can't get man colds. I'm going to go full on Sloth and talk about something else in my life. Starting wedding planning for my daughter. I'm very pleased with the guy she's marrying (as pleased as a father can be, that is). I told her I would give her $10G for the wedding and she could keep anything she doesn't spend. Personally, I think the amount some people spend is absurd. Some freinds of ours spent over $30G. Their wedding was a lot less fun than mine and we spent less than $1500. When you get to fancy, people don't get as loose and crazy. And about 3/4 the time, catered food sucks. We had friends and family put together the food which was awesome. But we've been looking at venues that can hold at least 100 and prices are outrageous. We thought we found a great one for $2000, then they told us there was a $6000 minimum food bill. WTF? I'm trying to think outside the box for a venue. I've often wondered if I could make money by having a simple, but nice, building built with a main room that would seat about 200max, a small kitchen, 2 small side rooms, and a stage. Rent that out for about $2500 and the renter can do whatever else they want like cater in or bring their own, have a band, have the wedding there, whatever. I would jump on a deal like that right now. Just a simple facility, but nice condition. Thats really all you need. Workout: 1/2 strength training w/o. Eating: Breakfast- Protein shake Snack- 7 skittles. Lunch- Chicken/bacon/romaine/tomato wrap Dinner- Chicken and noodle soup + 2 slices bread. Before bed- Banana or pear later. Maybe some toast w/ PB. 1soda
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