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  1. It's not that I don't like chocolate - I do like dark chocolate plain. It was just that it overpowered the buttery croissant flavor, making me wish I had just gotten the plain croissant. Actually, I did try to make croissants once, for my sister's high school graduation party, since they're one of her favorite foods. They weren't bad, but definitely not bakery-good. I think I must have overworked the dough once the butter was added in, because they weren't as tender and flakey as they're supposed to be. But agreed, pillsbury "croissants" are not much like real croissants (though tasty in their own way - or maybe that's just my childhood nostalgia talking).
  2. Wow, four games in one day would be cray-cray. Just think of all the potential calories burned . Sounds fun, though - good luck! I like Shello's advice on the sleep front. I occasionally have a night where I can't get to sleep because something's really bothering me and I keep running through potential conversations in my mind, but it's infrequent enough that my only counter-strategy is making sure I actually talk to whoever it is I need to talk to the next day to get whatever's bugging me off my chest. That way at least it's not two nights in a row of that nonsense.
  3. I liked the croissant (all the flakiness!), but the chocolate filling was a little...too chocolatey? I think I was expecting something more nutella-like, not so strong. It made me start wondering if I could teach myself how to make croissants at home, which is a dangerous line of thought...
  4. And this is what I need to put on my refrigerator. Save the calories for stuff that's actually worth it! Like a cheeseburger. Or, more specifically, the noble cause of testing cheeseburgers with the aim of formulating a make-at-home Butterburger copycat. Ground beef is on my grocery list for next week, and I'm not sorry.
  5. Well...I guess not really. A binge feels more like uncontrollable inhaling of food until I'm too stuffed to move and/or there's nothing tempting left to eat. Both in the morning and the evening I purposefully kept it to a controlled amount. On the other hand, overeating has a broader definition in my mind - usually just eating over maintenance. Even though I resisted from doing a mental tally of calories yesterday, I could feel I was well over maintenance. I ate the toast for hunger rather than pleasure. But! I think I need to remember your patient bear gif/meme from last challenge and accept that this process wil take baby steps. If I can turn all potential binges into a little controlled overeating, then that's a pretty good first step - a 3000 calorie "bad day" is certainly better than a 5000 calorie bad day. Haha, I could never bring myself to dirty my spreadsheet with a 0.8. .5 is borderline, I'm tempted to just give myself 0 so I don't have to look at decimal points. Ugh, cupcakes. Normally they're not a food I crave, but we went to a local bakery this past weekend to try their donuts (well, I was disappointed to find out they only made cake donuts, so I went for a chocolate croissant instead), and they had these cupcakes with a fluffy looked frosting that about doubled the height of the cupcake, and I've been craving one ever since. They also had M&M cookies the size of a small frisbee, and lots of other cakes and such. No wonder the line is out the door every time I walk by on a weekend morning on the way to a tennis match!
  6. Thank you for the prompt, DrFeelgood. I'm not as good a bouncer as Tigger, but yesterday was definitely an improvement over Wednesday. I've been debating on whether I should dock myself the overeating point because I couldn't resist making avocado toast twice with the white bread my boyfriend's parents left behind and some leftover avocados I bought for the sushi making. Breakfast - burrito (eggs, cheese, black beans, pepper and onions); 2 avocado toasts Lunch - Sushi Dinner - wrap (flour tortilla, turkey, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, radishes, and homeade ranch dressing) Evening snack - Smoothie; 2 more avocado toasts; a taste of the zucchini rice casserole I spent my evening making (from most recent post on Smitten Kitchen blog - just in time for the last shippment of zucchini from my dad's garden) Maybe a half point for overeating but not going full-on binge? Still shorting myself on sleep due to rereading Harry Potter - now on the Goblet of Fire - 7.25 hours Worst part about yesterday was no exercise - I kept waiting for the weather to clear to go for a walk, but it never happened. Should have done an indoor activity, but, reading Harry Potter inbetween laundry and cooking seemed like a more enjoyable way to spend the evening :/
  7. @Spookyfoot and Jenn - Funny you both should ask that, the first day I was able to not think about calories at all, but the second and third days I found myself tallying them up in my head. I think it started because I was eating sushi for lunch, and I was trying not to overeat - I don't find sushi very filling (probably because it's mostly rice, despite trying to spread it fairly thin when I made it), so I was trying to figure out how many would be the amount of calories I usually eat for lunch. Week 1, Day 3 Eating was good until the evening came around. This always seems to happen when my boyfriend's parents go back to Ecuador after staying with us for the whole summer (we dropped them off at the airport in the morning) - I end up eating any of the food they bought and didn't get around to eating - ice cream, granola, flour tortillas - yep, all the delicious carbs. I was trying to prepare myself mentally for it ("you don't have to eat it all in one day!"), but when my boyfriend left for a dodgeball meetup, I broke down. It wasn't the heaviest of binges, but still a binge nonetheless . I did get my morning and after-exercise stretching in, though, and 7.25 hours of sleep.
  8. Oof, sounds like a rough night and a rough day ahead of you. On the bright side, you should have no problem falling asleep tonight, right?
  9. Yes, it's the second I've had this past week. Previously I hadn't had one for probably a year, but then the craving hit out of nowhere. Okay, probably not out of nowhere, more likely all your fault for mentioning Culvers last week . I think my cooking mission for next week will be to figure out to make similar burgers at home so I don't break the bank. How do they get the patties so thin, yet so juicy?
  10. Week 1, Day 2 Breakfast - breakfast burrito (eggs, peppers, onion, cheese, black beans, tortilla) Lunch - Sushi (smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, carrot, avocado, rice, nori) Dinner - Butterburger Deluxe; clam chowder Snack - Fruit smoothie No overeating alone +1 2 30 minute walks 7.5 hours of sleep (the price for reading through the chamber of secrets in one day) Morning calf stretches only
  11. Following again! Glad to see you're letting yourself rest and recover from being sick. The workout isn't going anywhere, it'll wait patiently until you're back up to speed
  12. Week 1, Day 1 Priority 1: No 70 course dinners Breakfast - Chicken paella; coffee w/milk and sugar Lunch - New england clam chowder Dinner - Pan-fried tilapia, marinated artichokes Evening snack - mango & banana smoothie w/protein and collagen powders No overeating alone +1 Priority 2: Dream like Arya Last week I discovered Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and spent the whole week reading it obsessively. I finished it Friday night, but it made me want to reread the original again, so I picked up the Sorcerer's Stone on Saturday. Problem is, getting hooked on a good book almost always cuts into my sleep time. Finished it up at 10pm, so only 7.5 hours of sleep last night Priority 3: Go to the Maester for healing ABCs - check calf stretch after exercise - miss Priority 4: Study with Sam Didn't study. Priority 5: Winter is coming 2 walks, around 30 minutes each
  13. Presea

    Jym Learns Magic

    I love the idea of the minimalist game, but I'm intimidated by the days near the end. Someone who lives in a house and has been accumulating things for a long time would be able to find 30 things pretty easily, young apartment dwellers may not have it so easy. I'm thinking about assigning some grouping every weekend and going through that grouping to see what we don't use/need - the weekend before last we did shoes, we each got rid of 3-4 pairs. Hopefully following your progress with the minimalist game will inspire me to keep at it!
  14. Congrats on the new job! Hope it goes well!!
  15. Yep, I saw yours was GoT as well, but I was too lazy to think of something else that would fit my goals well, so I just kept it. Sharing is caring, right?
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