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  1. check out nomnompaleo.com this blog has an extensive list of recipes. I tried some, and they were all amazing
  2. the laziest, easiest lunch of mine is bagged salad, rotiserrie chicken, plus oil and vinegar or lime juice. usually I just take one day to cook my lunches for the week, put them in tupperware and just toss in my bag to bring to work. Cook meat a few different ways (usually chicken tenderloins, I get them really cheap in costco and they keep well in the freezer, and taste good reheated in the microwave, season them in a few different ways, cook on foreman grill,) and there is my lunch protein. Get some different veggies, cook however you like (steam, roast, stir fry). make sure you have a fat in there. with the roasting or stir fry I usually use olive oil to cook it, with steamed veg I like to add guacamole or nuts, and bam, there's lunch. If you are too lazy/don't have time to cook veggies, sub with bagged salad or frozen veggies @Rhino - dont let being a bad chef make you not cook, keep cooking, keep trying, you will get better.
  3. I have been recording my progress in my blog. So far so good. I am off to a good start. I am not feeling benefits yet, but I am giving it the 30 days before I make a permanent decision. The headache is gone. I am feeling full most of the day from the increased fat intake.
  4. I drink my coffee black now. This transition took me ~3 weeks. I used to use french vanilla coffeemate (basically sugar packed, non dairy? concoction that tasted really good, but when looking at the ingredient list was kinda scary) and it was a habit I had for many years. To transition to black I first went to milk and sugar, then milk and agave, then just agave, then black. It also helps to drink good coffee. If the coffee is bad drinking it black is pretty much impossible. A nice, bold, arabica tastes great black to me.
  5. I do not have much advice in terms of the vegetarian aspect, but I do with living with someone who is non-Paleo. Luckily, my husband is supportive of my decision, as long as "You don't stop cooking what I want to eat! You don't have to eat it but I still want my rice, pasta, and bread!" lol This has worked well. But I do the majority of the cooking. One strategy I use, especially when it is a busy week, take one day to cook, usually Sunday, and prepare different meats, veg dishes, and a pot of rice or pasta (for the hubs); These are in tupperware in the fridge and throughout the week I can take some meat, some veggies, and I got a meal. for him, I pack meat, veggies, and a starch, and he has a meal. Works well for me For you, try making some more veggies, so she can have veggies and a starch, and whatever protein she eat, and you can have the veggies and meat.
  6. I am doing the 30 day challenge now as well. However, I am not going at it cold turkey. Throughout December I cut my grain and dairy intake a lot in hopes of it being a smoother transition. I had a headache from yesterday into this morning. It has subsided some point today. I am a little more tired, but that is most likely from classes starting up again. I am guessing it also has some to do with sugar/carb withdrawal. But so far, so good. I purposely transitioned when I have a few days off work to prepare food and if I am not feeling so well I can just rest. For salad dressing, I usually use olive oil and balsalmic vinegar. However, I just had a salad with chicken and used guacamole instead of salad dressing and it was really good. One thing I did notice. I just came back from the grocery store. I have been shopping a lot more as certain things such as vegetables do not keep well for long, and it is more expensive. Bread and rice are dirt cheap! And used to take up about half of my meal! Now my plate is more full of vegetables and healthy fats, which are much more expensive.
  7. stellar


    So I have been doing paleo for a few days now, and I have this wicked headache. Anyone experience this in the beginning? Or is it probably something else? I am not eating much more meat than before, just been replacing the grains and starches with more vegetables i also cut out dairy over the course of the last two or three weeks. The big thing for me now was cutting the grains and added sugar
  8. I either wrap in foil and bake for 1 hour and eat plain, or make mashed sweet potatoes. For the mashed 1) peel them, chop them 2) boil until soft, 3) drain 4) put in big bowl with almond milk, butter, and cinnamon or nutmeg (or chinese 5 spice works well too) 5) mash! I use the electric mixer on a medium setting and mash until smooth YUM!
  9. I'm in! I chose this challenge because I am already in pretty good shape, but feel like I need to go the extra mile to get to where I want to be. I go through cycles where I don't eat much bread/pasta/rice, but after the holidays, I have been eating a lot of that and desserts, and feel like garbage as a result. If I make it a challenge I might actually stick to it, and in return feel great. Personal goals I will be working towards are becoming a better cook. I can cook okay now, but I want to be a great cook. I want to want my food over going out to eat. And I want to drink less alcohol, not that I drink a lot now, but much of my social life revolves around going out to bars and alcohol, I stopped going out as much as I used to and offer to be DD about half of the times that I go out, but I want to find other things to do with my time. Starting stats 24 y/o female, 5'7" 128 lbs., 13% body fat (according to my scale), but mostly measure my progress by looking in the mirror and how I feel
  10. So i am currently reading the paleo solution, and want to do the 30-day challenge as part of the next 6-week challenge.. The only issue I am having is finding grass-fed meat. I shop mainly at chain grocery stores, and have been having trouble finding grass-fed meat. I have no problem finding "vegetarian fed" meat, but not specifically grass-fed. Anyone know where I can find grass-fed meat at a reasonable price? Most of the big chains are available (Waldbaums, Stop N Shop, Met Food, Key Food, Pathmark), and if anyone knows any local places in Brooklyn, NY that would be even better! Also, anyone do the paleo challenge without being strict on only having grass-fed meat? How were your results? Thanks!!
  11. if you slip up just get right back on track, don't beat yourself up over it. Also, be sure you are making lifestyle changes that you can sustain. Going on a diet and then going back to old habits will not keep you fit for the long run. Think about your motivation. Don't lose focus. Don't make excuses. enjoy the journey
  12. Old navy's new active line is pretty good, their bras have good support (im at 32D and have no problems with it), don't give uniboob and are only about $15.
  13. I found that eating a big breakfast helps keep cravings away throughout the day, as well as drinking tons of water. when all else fails, chocolate protein powder does the trick. Most of the time. My fav is a smoothie with a scoop of chocolate protein powder and some frozen fruit, put it in the blender with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup fat free milk. Gets the sweetness, is low cal, high protein and keeps me full for a while. Good luck
  14. To lose the fat in the beginning I ate with a calorie deficit, about 1200-1400 cal per day, with four 30 min cardio sessions per week. As my weight approached goal, I started strength training using free weights, I do full body routine three times per week followed by a 20 min cardio workout. I stopped tracking my calories now and just listen to my body. now i am trying to maintain and gain strength. Down 12 pounds, and one size clothes
  15. Hi I am new here, saw some posts on myfitnesspal from this site and liked what I saw. Last December I noticed that i had put on some weight and that my lifestyle had become unhealthy. I knew the path i was headed down was not leading anywhere good so i decided to change. I joined a gym, started eating healthy, tracking my calories, and lost the weight and built some muscle doing it. I am feeling and looking much better. Now i am no longer trying to lose fat, just get stronger and keep heading i the right direction. Decided to join here for some motivation and to connect with others with fitness goals Stellar
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