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  1. Got a PR on monday with my deadlift (105lbs) ! Since I started weightlifting not so long ago I got a PR at almost every workout, but I know it's not gonna last, so I enjoy it while I can and then I'll just have to work harder for it . Don't know if I'll be able to go back to the gym this week for a new PR, I'll try !
  2. Following you because : 1 - Buffy !!! I know it's on Netflix but I also know that if I start watching I won't have any time left for all the other things (like you, I want to do way too many things and don't have a time machine yet :/). 2 - Your challenge looks really similar to mine and I love what you did with the cleaning-up part. It's a thing I'm struggling with so I'll probably have to divide it in sub-part like you did. 3 - You look like a great person and you have really great taste (in books, video games and I just love the leggings !).
  3. Did my farmer walk with 20lbs dumbells for last week's heavy challenge (I even did it 3 times) but I wasn't able to do any lunges since my knee is acting-up again :/.
  4. Week 3 summary : Quest 1 - Training and Discipline Gym : 2/3 Quest 2 - Challenge to the Black Flight Yoga : 2/2 Quest 3 - Even Thieves Get Hungry Calories : under 1500kcal on 4 days/7 I don't really know how many calories I ate for the last 3 days because I decided to switch to paleo on monday (yesterday) and wanted to treat myself with a few things (like a slice of key lime pie, or some really good chocolate/rasperry granola) before jumping in . Life Quest - Clean Up in Stormwind 0.5/1 - dishes were cleaned but I still need to clean the apartment and start washing all the clothes I'm p
  5. Yeah, I really need to see it ! There's a guy that I have seen cosplaying as Ace Ventura the past 2 years at Montreal ComicCon, he's pretty amazing ! Makes me want to see the movie. The girls night out turned out to be a mixed party but it was really fun, and I guess I burnt a few calories at the same time. And I praticed my headbanging for the upcoming festival in june . (I'll see Slipknot live, finally, in August) Hi ! You're welcome here ! I haven't decided yet on points but my goals changed a little since the beginning so I have to update them, and I'll add the points at the same
  6. This is exactly the kind of thinking that will get you to your goals . You always come back stronger, your will undefeated ! Like Eve said, you got this !!
  7. Congrats on another awesome week and on your "promotion" . And seeing the way you take care of the recruits, I'm pretty sure you'll be a great mum ! (just because it's too cute, here's a cat taking real good care of her kitten having nightmares)
  8. Thanks ! I try to stay positive even if it would be easier to just focus on the negative part of the week and quit everything. But turns out my week was not so bad after all . And having you all around really helps ! Don't worry . Ever since the time I got spoiled by my cousin who told me that a certain character died in the 1st season of Lost I try not to do the same thing to others (I'm still pissed at her for that !). I could have spoiled a few great Game of Thrones moments to many people because I've read the books but I didn't (well, haven't read the 5th one yet, so I'm almost one the
  9. Week 3 - Days 4&5 Quest 1 - Training and Discipline Gym : 2/3 Quest 2 - Challenge to the Black Flight Yoga : 2/2 (finally !) Quest 3 - Even Thieves Get Hungry Calories : Thursday - 1445kcal / Friday - didn't count because Sushis Life Quest - Clean Up in Stormwind 0/1 (not yet) Yesterday was a pretty normal day, until I went to yoga ! I met with a friend to go there, we talked on the way and had an amazing class with not too many people and a great teacher (so we'll stick to Monday and Thursday for our classes) and I felt really great afterward. When we got there the s
  10. Looks like another awesome day for you !! I'm going to see Avengers tomorrow (finally !! It came out in France last week, my mum and brother loved it, of course). I don't know about Scarlett speaking russian but for the test (which I didn't know before), the movie has 3 pretty badass female characters (Black Widow, Maria Hill and Scarlet Witch), shouldn't be hard to have them talk to each other of something else beside Thor's awesome hait or Captain America's biceps (Chris Evans ). We'll see ! But I'm sure I'm gonna love it anyway ! (and I'm pretty sure I'll see it more than once )
  11. Thanks ! I'll check it out later and will definitely try it (and maybe not fall ) this week-end.
  12. Thanks ! Yeah, this really helps . I think it might be easier to hide/repair small holes instead of dents in the wall, even if they are small. I'll check Amazon to see what option they have. I managed to install my curtains all by myself so this might not be much harder . The J-Shape you have might be easier to install but I'm leaving my current apartment in July so I guess now is not the time to damage everything :/. And I think there are already holes above the door, so a few more will probably go unnoticed ! I'll check both options . In the meantime, I'll keep training on the assisted
  13. This one looks amazing too, and not too far ! Thanks, I'll put it on my list of things to do .
  14. Congrats on the house AND the pull-up !! You must feel awesome .
  15. Looks like a really great place !! It's a 5h drive from Montreal... I might bring my mum there when she comes to visit me this summer . Or I could find any amazing park we have in Quebec, we have a lot of those . And squirrels, we have a bunch of those too ! (but I love them so it's ok) Have fun !!
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