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  1. woops. been a few days. Ok I decided to forgive one missed daily a day, up to 3 for the streak i'm going for, but i'm already waffling because my first day off yesterday was hilariously unproductive. This waffling in turn makes me wonder if having a little forgiveness mechanic will just weaken my habit building... I just don't know yet. Guess I'll keep trying and find out. (also, ha, used waffling like twice under a knope gif) One area where I think I need to set more concrete goals is my language learning, but I'm not even sure where I am with that any more. I am thinking of going
  2. I definitely need the kick in the pants about thinking bigger. I like the idea of making the journey towards like, tangible/visible for motivation. I think for my non fitness goals, my ultimate goal is so far off that I need like, intermediate goal posts in addition to the small goals. and I haven't found a good intermediate point yet. I'll have to look at that and see how I can change that. thank you for writing!
  3. Ooh I like the idea of a set decision for acceptable misses. That will probably be helpful. And weekly loot is great idea too! Thank you for writing! Also re: your water challenge, the first few days with out coffee are so hard but after that it's amazing! Good luck!
  4. Borderlands? Anybody? Anyway- Trying to face my avoidance coping habit in any way I can, so I decided to come here. I made an account and tried a challenge a few months ago. Forums aren't really my thing so far and I had a lot going on, if I remember correctly, so I fell out of posting pretty quickly. Not that "a lot going on" should be reason to stop things I want to do. Even without the NF forums, I had found a workout that finally helped me reach some of the results I wanted. I was keeping a little log of sets & reps but I kept working out for a few weeks even a
  5. Man I feel so far behind on posting. Oh well. Not behind on anything else (more than I already was) so I'm ok with it. Exercising is still frustrating, but I'm sticking with it. Avoiding sugar is still kind of hard, but I feel my willpower strengthening over time. And stretching has been almost as frustrating as exercise. I was trying to wait until I had a job, but I may see what basic foam rollers will run you. Also getting better with facing issues. Yay spring. Also, re: issues; I've been doing a lot of reading on specific problems I've had as I pin them down in searchable terms, and I'm r
  6. Random Wednesday musings while I sort out the weekly challenge: First, confession time: while I've never been diagnosed with an ED, I've had a few ...interesting experiences that included some of the weirder ED symptoms. And it's always been brief! and I immediately start talking it out/asking for some guidance from the people I trust most. I'm still eating and everything! I just sometimes, very rarely, have to manage some incredibly weird body image issues. This round of getting back into a workout habit has stirred some of that up, and managing this issue has meant a no mirror gazing rule
  7. Yay to nicer thoughts about ourselves!! You're doing great.
  8. I guess I'm going to have to accept that I'm not going to hit my goal for pushups. The rest of this week I'll tool around with some other workout ideas until my right arm stops this nonsense. anyway. Workout done. I'm starting to notice the difference stretching is making. so at least there's that.
  9. Man, weekends keep getting crazier and crazier. Saturday's workout was fine, but now I've got a flare-up of tendonitis (-osis? whatever tf it's called these days) in my ankle. It's like my whole right side is opposed to this whole movement thing. Oh well. Trying to stay off of it & get it to calm down by tomorrow. We will see. Still doing ok on sugar, although my boyfriend and i are the worst enablers. That's ok. Saying no to myself and then to him is like double the willpower workout, right?? On the upside I am fantastically stressed out today, and I don't even really want sugar or swee
  10. So, major pain in my right arm by the time I was ready for bed yesterday. I think it has more to do with how & how long I was sitting at the desk than with the pushups, but I'm scaling back once again and focusing on wrist & elbow stuff again. Bleh. Otherwise, workout done, exercises bookmarked for practice, mouse on the left side instead of the right, etc.
  11. Put the third mini challenge in my 6 wk challenge thread. This one was pretty long, oops...
  12. Ugh this little mini challenge was pretty hard. But here it is. 1. Pinpoint the quest in your journey that is giving you the most uphill (or one that you're struggling to achieve) I'm having a really hard time facing my life issues. I had set up this challenge so I could gain a little bit of momentum on those while not giving up the progress I am making regarding my physical health. While I think the challenge has helped me stick to my plans for my body and health, I am definitely still avoiding a lot of my very big, looming issues like finishing school and finding work. 2. Search through
  13. Hey, you're doing great! That "steady pace" in regards to change is really foundational, and you're well on your way to a strong, sturdy foundation for all the other things. Also, hooray cooking! Have fun when you get to do those recipes!
  14. Thank you! Workout complete. Wall pushups again. But everything else felt much better than it has the last two weeks (I'm chalking that up to my cycle more than any improvements though). Now to focus on work things for the rest of the day.
  15. Abbreviated workout again today, this time kind of severely abbreviated. But, I am not discounting it. I have been walking a very large, very energetic dog while I babysit, and if I feel like it isn't enough by the end of the day, I will make up for it tomorrow, when I get home. Sticking to wall pushups for the day, and some tiny wrist and elbow exercises. I think I've figured out what was giving me problems. Also building up how many squats I can do with good form.
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