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  1. Week 2 day 3: Carbs - 50,000,000g. Or similar. No idea, didn't track it, felt like crap, free pizza was available, I have no restraint. Also no exercise. Week 2 day 4: Carbs - just 50,000g today. Didn't eat pizza but bought lunch which was delish but not altogether healthy. Exercise - I did some! OMG! Holy mackerel. Yep went back to the crossfit intro today. I went lighter and slower in the WOD than normal, but it was harder than normal after a week of rest and the cold and whatever. So the week is shaping up to be a bit of a dud, but my cold is basically gone as evidenced by going to crossfit and not dying or having a coughing fit. So I'm actually feeling good about the rest of the week, and I reckon things are on the up and up!
  2. No unfortunately I don't feel well yet, worse actually. I missed tonight's crossfit intro class cause my cold is just on the verge of going in to my chest. I'm fairly symptom-free by today but still really tired. Soo feeling like crap means I make less than stellar food choices too. Week 2 day 1: No exercise. Carbs @ 143g Week 2 day 2: No exercise. Carbs @ 140g. On the bright side, having to write my carbs in this forum did prevent me from eating biscuits when I truly wasn't hungry, even though I am miles over my limit. Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow! -- woops didn't post this the other day, just wrote it! Posting now.. --
  3. Thanks Phoenix. Nah I use MyNetDiary. I find its a bit more user friendly and the food list to be a bit more useful. Day 6: Carbs: 111 grams. Dang. No exercise, sick. Didn't really have the energy. Day 7: No idea how many carbs. We had people over, had a bbq so I wasn't measuring anything, and I had more than the planned one glass of wine. I probably should have been in bed really, but the bbq had been planned for ages and wine got me through. Week's summary: Carbs: 4/7 = 57% Exercise: 3/5 = 60% Handstand: not yet. Not exactly a rave of a week, but with sickness and socialising I guess it's not too bad. Bring on next week!
  4. Love the gifs. The Winter Soldier is by far my favourite Marvel movie! Also amazing work on the weight loss, that's very impressive and must be so motivating for you seeing that progress! Great work Phoenix, keep it up. Blast that sugar enemy out of the park!
  5. Maybe we should all become competitive internationally! SS if you wait two years or so, I'll be getting closer to your level! Yeah totally!!
  6. Day 5: Carbs: 116g. I was tripped up by the sandwich at lunchtime, as suspected, but at least I didn't have sugar. And it had veges and stuff in it too. Then I thought I'd just eat less of the dinner I had planned, but got home from crossfit ravenous, so ate as much as I wanted. It was a mince/bean/veg thing so all healthy (unless you're on the paleo bandwagon). Crossfit was not bad, but man, this is not the best crossfit gym around (which I suspected anyway, but hey, it's a free two week trial). Here's what we did: Warm up (jogging + some mobility stuff) Weights / Skill Power clean 15kg, 25kg Push press 15kg, 25kg!!!! NOT happy with that push press. This is an intro class, we'd just covered the technique, and then got told to do a push press with 25kg. We all managed it, but it wasn't pretty for us girls. It seems very irresponsible to get intro people to go heavy straight away on a new movement. Especially given that for most people there, the heaviest they'd gone this week was 25kg for a deadlift. WOD 21-15-9, 9 min cap Push press 15kg Box jump Row 250m No handstand practice, as my shoulders were totally worn out from the crossfit. This crossfit stuff, even though it's an intro, is reminding me just how unfit I really am! I've been working consistently since the beginning of Feb, and while I've improved at a lot of things, I still find my cardio fitness to be poor. My weight lifting, while better than my cardio, still isn't great. I know I just need to keep working, but man it's a long road. Times like these I've just got to think about inspiring people and how hard they work to get where they are. Here's one of my heroes, Kara Webb: She's freaking amazing, and has such a great attitude too. I've also come down with a cold, so I don't know if I should work out today. Does lifting weights with a cold make it worse? Or is it just intense cardio that makes it worse?
  7. Thanks ninjakitten, it's a photo of a my little pony baby I bought for my niece a while back. And you are a role model, you've been pushing through when you really don't feel like it, which is massive. I hope to do just that when the going gets tough during this challenge. Day 4: Carbs 92g. Took care to measure everything and ate a bit extra, got to 1940 calories. That seems about right. No handstand practice, but we did do tricep push ups in the crossfit intro class, so that should still be helping in a marginal sort of way. Crossfit intro was way better than Tuesday. This is what we did: Warm up: jogging and stuff. Mobility: face pulls (pulling some light bands towards the face) kettle bell arm bar (lying on the ground and rolling over with 8kg KB held straight above me) Strength/skill (it's an intro, so there's still a fair bit of talking here): Deadlifts - a bunch at 25kg, 2x8 @ 45kg Box jumps Push ups Kettle bell swings @ 8kg then 12kg. WOD: 3 x 3 min AMRAP, trying to match/beat previous 3min score each time. 3 push ups 6 box jumps 9 KB swings I still feel like I'm not doing enough strength stuff this week, those deadlifts were really the only thing, so I'll remedy that a bit in the weekend. Got some challenges coming up - today I'm going out for coffee/lunch with the family at a cafe, so that'll mean pressure to eat crap. Or at least eat a sandwich or something, which in the grand scheme of things is no biggy, but it stresses me out a bit when I've got goals. Also got people coming over for a bbq on Sunday. That means booze and more crap food. I just have to choose to not indulge, and then it's always that you're either pregnant or weird if you don't drink. My plan is to just stick to one wine and just eat the meat and salad.
  8. Out of curiosity, what are some examples of good ways to teach lifts, and what were you being taught? I'm intrigued! Also please do stick around. I've only just found your battle log and I did wonder why you didn't have a transformation page like Spezzy does. Reading your stuff reminds me that really it's about the long game. Put in the work every day, and results will come. I get frustrated with still not being able to do a pull up. Just got to keep on working at it.. Have you found your battle log to help? Must be fun to look back on what you were doing this time last year?
  9. At the end of day 3 now. I think my low calories must just be a miscalculation, otherwise I don't understand how I'm not ravenous. Like perhaps I'm putting more fat with my roast veges than I think, maybe that little piece of chicken wrap thing had a bunch of calories I didn't know about in it. So I'm not going to stress. If I get hungry, I'll eat. I've read blogs of women who trust their bodies to know best and they're fit, trim ladies, so maybe I should take a page out of their books! Just fingers crossed the carb calculations are right. Carbs - goal <= 100: 96g. No exercise today, so I've used up my two rest days this week already.. but I did more handstand practice. I did wall walks, and held a record 19 seconds in crane pose. I'm sure that's nothing for lots of people, but for me who's never done much supported on my hands, that's a lot.
  10. Yeah I find a spot of slow stretching (like yin yoga) really helps to relax before bed. Also feels like it unkinks my body a bit, which is nice just before bed. This thread makes me want to play Monkey Island again! Haven't played that since the first version!
  11. You're doing so well with your workouts! And impressive progress from your recruits thread too. Nice work. I'm slowly descending in my push ups too, not quite at the floor yet though. Soon, I hope! Also it's so neat that you're doing this with your husband. What a fit couple!
  12. Day two went well too! Grand. Carbs - goal <= 100: 83g, yay! Train 5x per week: First intro session at this crossfit place. Lots of talking. It was ok.. still got a 6 min WOD, so I guess that was my workout. Hold a handstand: Did some more practice / attempts. Slight issue though - my calories are really low! Monday was 1541 calories, and Tuesday was 1327! I didn't even notice, I definitely wasn't hungry. Crazy! Seems unsustainable though.. especially if I want to work out lots (and ideally gain strength). Might be time for some peanut butter! Or more chicken. Or something.
  13. Righto, day one went well. Carbs - goal <= 100: 99g carbs (phew, that was close!) Train 5x per week: no training.. that'll happen today. Hold a handstand: Did some handstand "practice" (is it still practice if you can't do it??). No success or visible progress, but hey, I put some time in at least.
  14. Awesome work on the sugar! It sure is hiding everywhere, but sometimes when it's in plain sight it's the most tempting. Declining cupcakes? Hard, very hard. Kudos Phoenix!
  15. Hi Special Sundae, Yeah from what I've read, and my own experience, some people are more susceptible to the effect of carbs than others. Like how much they drive up insulin and consequently the volume of carbs you can eat before you put on fat. It seems that I'm fairly sensitive, though naturally like you mention, alcohol makes it worse again. The only times I've ever successfully lost weight I've gone very light on carbs and alcohol. Always so many influencing factors though - like the fact that during those times I was monitoring my food and stuff, and not eating/drinking because of being bored/tired/dissatisfied/angry/whatever. One day it'd be great to be a healthy weight, and maintain it, without monitoring! Training schedule is a little different for the next two weeks - I've signed up for a free two week intro to crossfit, which involves training three times a week. So I won't be structuring my own stuff for those sessions. I'm not sure what's involved in those, but chances are I'll be keen to do some weight training separately. At a guess they'll cover intense cardio.
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