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  1. Old Navy and Under Armor compression pants are pretty much all I wear, with a variety of tank tops. Both are hit or miss tho in terms of style so I always try them on first! I've also found the reebok cross fit sports bras to be super comfortable. I wear reebok nano 2.0s but in a kids' size because my feet are only like a women's 7.5. Same shoe, half the price lol
  2. What size shoe do you wear? If your foot is small enough (I wear a 7/7.5) I've found that reebok nano 2.0 in kids sizes are great and half the cost of the adult versions.
  3. Yay, respawn! Well its sort of a respawn. I dropped off posting here after an ankle injury last year. I did take a break from lifting and skating to heal, but I haven't been a complete bum since I stopped posting. I started cross fit in December of last year and have pretty much stuck to it since. Heck, I upped my squat PR by 40 lbs to 225 last month. But I did just take the last month off because it's officially roller derby off season and my body desperately needed to heal some injuries. And I spent the last week debating where I wanted to go with my training. Do I want to keep on keeping on with cross fit? I love it. But I sort of felt burnt out and like I wasn't making a lot of progress. Or do I want to try something new with a new trainer and see what happens? I have one more month of off season before I start skating again, 6 more months before I graduate, so this next 6 months is going to be super important emotionally and physically. It felt like this was a huge decision and I just didn't want to make the wrong one, so I procrastinated. But the problem is, I am a program hopper. I do something for 3-4 months and then switch to something else. (I've started and not completed the Rebel Fitness Guide, Strength Guide, and the Academy). It's not that I stop working, I just start doing different things because I get bored. Crossfit is the longest I've stuck to anything. It was after a talk with my coach about my frustrations that he pointed out that while I hadn't switched away from cross fit, I haven't fully followed the program either. I work graveyard, I go to school, I have two kids, I play a sport. Getting to cross fit during specially designated class times was sometimes hard. I typically get there 2-3 times a week, but I have really lacked in consistency. He's right. Its the same thing I struggle with in regards to food too. Consistency. Not burning out. So, I'm respawning to try again. I'm sticking with the program I love and the coaches I adore. What are my strategies for winning this time? Communication! My coach has offered to help any way he can and if I can't make it to class, I just have to text him and he will tell me how to modify the work out of the day so its doable in the gym next to my house. It's open 24 hours and I can hit it any time I want. I've scheduled in things that I really want to do besides like RPM class and water running and body flow on rest days. Variety will keep me from getting bored, and not burning out. It means an extra $25 a month for a second gym membership, but... I think it will pay offI'm not counting calories, just macros, for a while. I just need to be over 160g of protein every day. I'm allowing my carbs to fluctuate as I feel I need for energy, but my main focus is protein.I'm pre making tuna salad and boiled eggs and beef jerky because.... 160g of protein is a lot of freaking protein. On sunday I'm buying 7 gallons of water. 1 for every day of the week. I will drink themMy last real obstacle is sleep. Because of the graveyard stuff and the classes I really struggle with this. But I did buy a light blocking curtain and I'm trying to slip in naps whenever I can. But I admit that I'm kind of crossing my fingers and just hoping to make it til the end of next week when the semester ends and I get a break. And my schedule is a lot easier in terms of large chunks of available sleep time next semester. And last but not least, I'm going to try to let go of the things I get frustrated with and remind myself daily that I get back up and keep trying. I've maintained a 60lb weight loss for 3 years. Even with all my inconsistency, I haven't gone backwards, I just haven't moved forward as fast as I would like. I'm a fighter. All I need is a respawn and to do a little bit better every day. <3
  4. Waldo, you are awesome. Thanks for continuously sharing your knowledge here.
  5. Hey rebels. So I rolled my ankle skating in January and it hasn't been healing. I thought it was just a sprain but it turns out I tore quite a few ligaments. I've been restricted from my usual leg routine (squats/etc) but can continue my upper body routine as long as I alter it to sit and not stand for certain parts of it. That will cover 2 days of my week, but... I need something else I can do on another 2 days. I was told no bike//elliptical/etc. :-/ My upper body routine looks like this: 1. Seated Row super set with incline push ups 2. Seated overhead press superset with assisted pull ups 3. Hammer curls 4. Lying dumbell external rotation I was hoping maybe someone had some suggestions for other things I can do a couple of times a week? Even if its just 20 minutes to get my heart rate up. I've been considering some one leg exercises but I'm not really sure where to start with that or how successful I'd be.
  6. So....rolled my ankle really really hard doing back to back skate practices tonight. I'm icing and elevating in the hopes that I can skate tomorrow for a bout but I'm not hopeful right now.
  7. ^^ According to the super fancy biometric scale I actually lost 3 lbs of fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle in the last month. I ate what I think are my "maintenance" calories, but made sure to eat a LOT of protein. Like my goal is 160 g a day. Now I'm going to eat a deficit I think and see what happens.
  8. Took Wednesday off because it felt like I'd bruised a rib. I think it was just core muscles I'm not used to using. Food was right tho. So exhausted from last night.. skate practice was tiring. But at least my school week is over til Monday. Goal for today is to start on some homework and then team practice tonight. Carb load and hydrate tonight for the bout tomorrow. 11/42 days done.
  9. Thanks Substix. I like making lists and tracking things, lol. Day 9/42 done and successful. Food: I'd like to be a bit higher on the protein but I'm tired and kind of just want to go to bed. I feel really bloated from all the water intake today. 2 hours of skate practice/plyo warm up. My hips are freaking sore. BUT! The first time I've ever made it through 3 iterations of this drill we call an indian run (I hate the name). So stoked about that.
  10. Ack, I actually have been on task and just haven't been able to update. Skated on saturday. 6/42 Scrimmaged on Sunday 7/42 I'm starting a new program today. Upper/lower body split but still using complex movements. I'm just hoping to give my legs more down time. Today's workout: Jump Rope Intervals. 10 sets of 30 secondsElevated Push Ups 3x10 Seated Cable Row Set 1: 10.0x8 Set 2: 25.0x8 Set 3: 70.0x8 Set 4: 85.0x8 Set 5: 70.0x8 Overhead PressSet 1: 45.0x10 Set 2: 45.0x10 Set 3: 45.0x10 Assisted Chin Ups 3x 10 Hammer CurlsSet 1: 10.0x10Set 2: 15.0x8 Set 3: 15.0x7 Set 4: 12.5x7 Lying dumbell external rotationSet 1: 5.0x12 Set 2: 5.0x12 Set 3: 5.0x12Food was on target too. 8/42 completed.
  11. Yesterday was busy and ended up being a rest day, but ok food wise. So 5/42 Today's workout: Barbell Squat +588 pts 65 lb x 8 reps (+60 pts)75 lb x 8 reps (+65 pts)85 lb x 5 reps (+61 pts)95 lb x 3 reps (+52 pts)105 lb x 2 reps (+47 pts)115 lb x 5 reps (+75 pts)115 lb x 5 reps (+75 pts)115 lb x 5 reps (+75 pts)135 lb x 4 reps (+78 pts) Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row: (superset)20 lb x 8 reps (+50 pts)20 lb x 8 reps (+50 pts)20 lb x 8 reps (+50 pts)20 lb x 8 reps (+50 pts) Dumbbell Step Ups: (superset)12 reps || 24 in (+80 pts)12 reps || 24 in (+80 pts)12 reps || 24 in (+80 pts)12 reps || 24 in (+80 pts) Standing Military Press:22.5 lb x 8 reps (+68 pts)22.5 lb x 8 reps (+68 pts)22.5 lb x 6 reps (+64 pts) Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing:8 lb x 12 reps (+38 pts)8 lb x 12 reps (+38 pts Bird-Dog:12 reps (+5 pts)12 reps (+5 pts) Felt really really good to have a decent squat day again. I hate doing reps of 12, I just can't. So back to what I love.
  12. Blerb. First downfall but back up and at em. Workout: Treadmill - 5 min Chops - 3 sets of 12 x 8lbs Quick Feet taps 3 sets of 30 sec each Step ups with rotation, 3 x 12 Bench 55 x 8 65 x 8 70 x 8 75 x 5 75 x 5 80 x 5 Military Press 20lbs x 8 x 3 sets Prisoner Squats 15 x 3 sets Burpees 5 Food: Totals 2,141 cals 188 carbs 72 fat 176 protein Days satisfactorily completed: 4/42
  13. I struggled toward the end of the week.. tired. But taking care of some stuff and back at it now.
  14. Hey peeps. I'm only a week into this thing and feeling like I need to adjust a few things. On non lifting days I either skate for 2 hours or do spin/yoga. This is my 2 day plan right now: Day 1 Box Jumps 3 sets of 15Barbell Squat 3 sets of 12, 75 lbs (last weight)Superset:Bent Over Row 3 sets of 8 (25 lbs)Step Ups with Rotation 3 sets of 12 Standing Military Press 3 sets of 8 20-25lbsBird Dog 3 sets of 12 Day 2Box Jumps 3 sets of 15 Superset:Walking Front Lunge w/ Kick backBarbell Bench 3 sets of 8 (~75lbs) Straight Leg Deadlift 3 sets of 12 ~ 50lbsWide-Grip Lat Pulldown 3 x 8 ~70lbsPlank 3 sets But honestly, I really do not love it. I miss lifting heavier for sets of 5. But the problem I'm having is muscle endurance and how much my legs feel like lead when I skate. I need to be able to move them faster and for longer. Do I need to just keep doing or does anyone have any tweaks? Can I possibly up the number of sets, lower reps to like 8, and then just keep rest time to a minimum? Is there anything I should add in or do differently? I'm thinking of going back to a regular deadlift because I miss it. I wish there was a "if you want to skate hard and kick ass as a derby girl, lift this:" sort of program. What I'm doing I got mostly from Steve's fitness guide with a few tweaks here and there. Thanks for any advice.
  15. I went to body flow(yoga/pilates/etc) yesterday but didn't make it to skate practice.... I was (And am) so freaking sore. Stayed under my calories but no protein goal. Not counting it as a successful day. Off to the gym today.
  16. Nutrition today: Totals 2,119 cals 237 carbs 58 fat 107 protein I just really did not feel like drinking the protein shakes today and part of my "disordered eating" relies on me listening to that so... I am under calorie goal but under in protein too. Meh. Workout: Elliptical Trainer:0:05:00 || Easy (+19 pts)Barbell Squat:65 lb x 12 reps (+64 pts)75 lb x 12 reps (+69 pts)75 lb x 12 reps (+69 pts)75 lb x 12 reps (+69 pts)Bench Press 55 lb x 8 reps (+57 pts)65 lb x 8 reps (+60 pts)75 lb x 5 reps (+57 pts)75 lb x 5 reps (+57 pts)75 lb x 5 reps (+57 pts)Step Ups with Rotation 12 reps || 12 in (+45 pts)12 reps || 12 in (+45 pts)12 reps || 12 in (+45 pts)With rotation. Superset with rowOne Arm Dumbell Row 25 lb x 8 reps (+44 pts)25 lb x 8 reps (+44 pts)25 lb x 8 reps (+44 pts)Days satisfactorily completed: 3/42 So tired today.
  17. Its a struggle. If I don't drink 2 protein shakes a day I most likely won't hit it.
  18. I love your goal post Maegs lol. Its awesome. My boyfriend is a rugger. Great goals!
  19. Tuesday night - first night back at practice. It was excellent. I tapped out on a drill BUT before doing so I did so much better than I've ever done in it. I skated faster and pushed harder. That's progress, especially since my legs felt like jello before I even got there. Food was eh today. I am under calories but I know I'm low on protein. Late night practices mess with my plan. Need to do better. But I'm counting it a win for being under my cal goal. Days satisfactorily completed: 2/42
  20. Burpees. Ugh. We had to do them on skates tonight and it just wasn't happening for me. Good job!
  21. I did it this fall, it was fun. Not too tough. A lot of people don't really run it and instead focus on the obstacles. I'd suggest knee pads depending where you are, lol. Ours had a ton of rock to crawl through and it tore up my legs But otherwise just work on building strength and you will be fine.
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