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  1. Congrats!! On the job and on making it to day 15 : )
  2. Have finished another two: Britt-Marie Was Here, for A book with a female protagonist over the age of 60 Discount Armageddon, for A book with a cover you hate I... don't hate the cover anymore. It's not great, but I'm used to it.
  3. Good luck!! I'm on day 13. The longest I've made it in the past is 29 (I know, I know, what an awful time to cave).
  4. YOU GUYS I took an introductory parkour class today. Which means I've finally stopped collecting parkour underpants. It was easily the most intense physical effort I've expended since I had a baby in February. After class I was the colour of Lion from Steven Universe. I'm sure all my muscles are going to be very angry tomorrow morning. But it was awesome.
  5. I really should. I've basically only been attending potions. The good news is I'm on day 10 of the Whole30 and things are looking good; the new recipes are satiating and have really helped keep my sugar dragon down. I think it's reverse-digivolving or something.
  6. I like your attitude! Enjoying workouts and not feeling guilty about special occasion indulgence sound like success to me!
  7. Spent a whole darn hour trying to make beef liver palatable. Fairly successful? bacon-apricot-cocoa-onion-mushroomy goodness. The recipe is from here. Sorry for the terrible picture. Bacon really DOES make everything taste better.
  8. Hey can inner tubing count for Defense Against the Dark Arts? It sure felt like I was wrangling the Kraken...
  9. Ummm I haven't read through the rules and so don't know how this works yet. Will check tomorrow and see if there's still room to have preferences
  10. Ah! Makes sense; thanks! Also: does skill-building mean that cooking only counts if we are trying a new recipe or trying to improve the outcome of one we usually screw up?
  11. *saunters in many days after school begins* Did I get Slytherin because I'm eating bugs this challenge? Ok, I'll be taking potions, DADA, and transfiguration. Can someone explain what the W1 W2 W3 etc in the spreadsheet means? Is this a nine-week mini-challenge, or is the W for workouts?
  12. Welcome! This is a great community : ) I've got 2 kids, and the busy-ness is real. It looks like your goals support each other though, rather than needing to be completed before moving on to the next - training for the 5K may help with the body fat percentage (I know, I know; lifting is better for weight loss than cardio, but building leg muscle for the run burns calories at rest), quitting smoking will help with the running, etc.
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