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  1. I'm not new to NF challenges but I am respawning, so I thought this would be a good place to start! I participated pretty consistently in the Assassins guild in 2015 and 2016 but tapered off and stopped last summer. I really enjoyed the Assassins Guild mini-challenges (thanks, Hazard!). Long story short, I am no longer in communication with my mother and this caused me to be pretty depressed this fall and I haven't done anything since August. I am now going to step it up and reestablish a lot of good habits I had going before a pretty stressful last year and a half. Here we go! Mai
  2. Whelp, I totally spaced on setting up a challenge. OH WELL! GETTING BETTER My primary goal is to maintain the 2 habits I have established and also work towards an additional goal. Continue Workouts Workout 3x a week Participate at least once a week in the mini challenges New challenge: I'm bored. I need to carve out time to decide what my next steps in programming are. Continue Spanish Meet my Duolingo goal everyday. Add Finances Finish reading Suze Orman's book, Young, Fabulous, and Broke.
  3. Whoops!! Totally spaced on finishing this and starting the new one. Oh well. *flails* GETTING BETTER My primary goal is to maintain the 2 habits I established last month and also work towards an additional goal. CHECK Continue Workouts Workout 3x a week CHECK (I missed one due to scheduling. I count it as a win because I didn't guilt myself I just said. Oh well, and picked back up with the next one.) Participate at least once a week in the mini challenges CHECK Continue Spanish Meet my Duolingo goal everyday. CHECK Add Finance
  4. Week 1, 2 and 3 update! I have done all my workouts. I added in a second set and am working towards a third. Probably next week. I have done Duolingo everyday! I am enjoying it. Ready to start doing more realistic practice. I started reading Suze Orman and am going to focus on doing that this week. I decided to leave Rising Heroes. I didn't get a refund so I can join back later if I want. I chose not to get a refund because it did work for me. January was a great month for me and really helped me realign my priorities and refocus and it is because of RH. I fig
  5. Thanks for the well wishes! I think it will go well!
  6. This month I am going to continue the habits I built last month and add in a few other goals. I am not finding Rising Heroes nearly as useful with the new missions. I feel like I'm in a good place and can move my own goals forward. Trying to shoehorn my goals in to these missions doesn't seem like it will be a good use of time, energy, or money, so this will probably be my last month with it. GETTING BETTER My primary goal is to maintain the 2 habits I established last month and also work towards an additional goal. Continue Workouts Workout 3x a week Par
  7. I went radio silent but I did the things! I am happy with what I did this month and am looking forward to continuing well! FOR THE REBELLION My primary goal is to follow the missions in RH and work towards my larger goals. I need to habit build and make it easy before getting fancy. Result: I used RH and thought it was pretty awesome. I particularly found the onboarding missions to be the most useful and jump start me to focus on goals and not just mope around and workout occasionally. Rising Heroes I will complete all missions (within my abilities) for R
  8. I was debating whether or not I wanted to make a thread for this challenge and I decided to go for it, mostly because the mini looks so good. I signed up for Rising Heroes and I really like it so far. The most helpful thing was the on boarding where we had to really think about what we wanted to do and why we were doing it. It has given me a good kick in the pants to get moving and get my shit together. After thinking about what I want to do I decided on my word for 2017: Better. I want to feel better, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I want to be better: a better friend, a better e
  9. YEAH for Fitness Marshall! I'm so glad it has helped you! I think they are so fun and motivational. I don't like peppy white girls throwing pinterest motivation at me and I don't like beefy men yelling about bros and being swole or whatever straight gym rats go on about, but a flaming queen who is obsessed with Britney and yells at me about booties and living my fantasy: That I can get on board with.
  10. Thanks!! I think it may be seasonal. If it keeps up I may have to do something about the workouts or timing. I think it has to do with timing. I don't like feeling like my night's are really compressed so I may have to change things up. We'll see how this week goes!
  11. Week 1 update: Not too bad really. I did all 5 days of workouts, albeit not with great enthusiasm or aplomb but who cares? We did not drink on 4/5 worknights this week. I hate sleeping without it but mornings were way easier and I was less hungry when I woke up so yeah! I think I was close to or successful with the 1900 calories. It hasn't been very hard really, it's mostly a matter of paying attention. So overall yeah!
  12. I'm so glad! I really like that video. I did this like once and was like "WHY WOULD ANYONE RUN EVER WHAT CHUMPS." After doing some of the videos a couple of times I start doing the moves when I hear the songs on the radio. It's dangerous when driving.
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