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  1. Thank you. I'm more concerned with a calorie deficit that will end in losing more of that muscle that I won through great struggle... So I want to keep lifting heavy to not lose it more than I have to on a diet. Other tips?
  2. So..... I had been finally squatting and deadlifting my own bodyweight with good form, and I got some hip injury. So I stopped my regimen and got rather pudgy for ~3 months. I was ready to get training again and decided to see a doc to ensure I could squat again despite a lingering discomfort. I will get an MRI but from the X-ray it appears to be a femoral neck stress fracture. The doc says no lifting or impactful exercises (such as running), but I can't stand my current state of health. I was just beginning to kick ass again and now this. So... I need a balanced program that emphasizes heavy lifting that I can get away with and yet knock off a lot of calories and accumulated bodyfat (...diet, yes, I know). May I have your suggestions? If I incorporate the following, what else should I add? - pullups - pushups - rowing machine - ? Thank you... ( >___<);;;
  3. Hip's not behaving, and I can feel how much my body has fallen from grace. I've gotten really bad at fencing in that two-month hiatus. But it's okay, because I'm finally being responsible about my research workload. I heard there's a private gym room for grad students so I intend to check that out on Tuesday. Maybe I can start doing some arm work to combine with the other stuff. My friends all want me to work out with them, and so many of them want it that I have to turn some down! Hahaha... anyway. I think you're right about having a more reasonable amount of carbs. About diet I meant just returning to eating clean, preparing real food and having dietary restrictions. Once I get on a real exercise program again I can do a real calorie deficit. I don't want to lose the muscle I gained with great toil last year. P.S. It's terrible when your refrigerator breaks and the repairmen give you the runaround for weeks on end. Still eating clean though!
  4. Other than stretching and drinking water...?
  5. I would like some advice. One of the reasons I am reluctant to start up another diet right now is because I remember how diet and exercise would leave me so drained. I was eating clean, the correct number of calories, ample protein... but it made me so tired and sore all the time. Which I wouldn't ordinarily mind, but I have a huge burden right now in finishing my dissertation and I kind of have to haul ass with it and kick a lot of butt in a small amount of time... so I am reluctant to reduce my available energy. Other than caffeine is there a way to fix this?
  6. Thanks for checking in. I went to a lecture about how to be more productive and it was great. I have been making progress (albeit slow)... The others in the club say to go see a professional, but I get the impression it's going to be like the shoulder injury I healed, taking several months... though I probably should make time for it anyway. As for the music, it's violin and Siberian igil. I can sing but not nearly as well as I think. The nap threw me off for a couple days but now I'm pushing up my wake-up time a half hour at a time. Anyway... I feel good. I'm ready to kick butt now!
  7. I like the colorful format of your challenge. Maybe if I put more effort into making mine look dramatic and more character-based I would put more effort into it in general. Do you feel it helps you?
  8. Hi! Thanks for checking in. It has been a mixture of good and bad. The dietary restrictions have been working well, and I went running today. I fenced and practiced music and feel generally good about several habits that are beginning to work out. However, I messed up my sleep schedule by "accidentally" taking a nap which turned into a 6-hr. slumber which turned into not sleeping at night. My hip is still crappy and I'm weirded out, but I remember overcoming a shoulder injury... so I just tell myself it will heal eventually. My lifting buddy and I have been undergoing negotiations about running and perhaps doing upper body lifts / pushups before fencing. I bike three days a week to get to class now, and I felt really out of shape starting that. Tbh I feel like a slug, but I did a few things right. My research and professional ambitions have been severely lagging because I am intimidated and have been staring at the problem too long... that's probably the worst part, but it's going to be okay because it was the first week of class. I also made a schedule of activities for myself... which I would generally detest, but I am pretending it's a space monk schedule and part of epic training. I have been doing that rather poorly but some lag in the first week is to be expected... // Summary: Slight progress and hopeful!
  9. The Leyline Monk nodded at Shoshannah when she passed a nearby campfire. "I see you have been carrying a burden and have needed rest. Such is the way of the world. Would you never bear a weight again, having grown tired from hauling an overburdening pack? Certainly not --you are indeed strong. These other people -- they do not ply you with empty words. Life is heavy, and in bearing this heaviness one becomes strong. Once we have rested and the weight is lifted, our feet seem so light... and we are drawn to pick up our burdens once again. We are still alive, after all! This is how one lives."
  10. Thank you, all. You've all given good, important advice. @Chris - fencing teachers are called coaches in the US. @Raincloak - cool avatar! Then I guess I'm going to start with bodyweight exercises, cycling, and stretching. We'll see how things go! I'm just going to have to not lift weights for a bit longer... Also, I'm just going to try to have fun at fencing and maybe that'll make it go away. Thanks again for the support.
  11. I posted a vision of my state-of-mind in this challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/76896-wounded-monk-limps-back-to-camp/
  12. Limping back into camp, Leyline collapses by the bonfire. Although known for her infamous flexibility, Leyline never felt quite the same after that wyvern had clamped down on her leg. Even her sword seemed cursed. Immobile by the fire for days on end, Leyline consumed all of her instant rations, and all her friends' rations, until it became clear... this had to end. A monk's place was not here, locked into a glazed-over campfire stare. // Greetings. I was doing a 5x5 lifting program and making some kind of progress until I was squatting and deadlifting my own body weight with correct form... and then I contracted a hip injury which I later exacerbated with... extracurricular activities... as well as refusing to stop the squats, despite stopping the deadlifts. It did not improve, so I stopped going to the gym for more than a month. The injury still bothers me sometimes when I bike. My hip is still in a questionable state, so my challenge is kind of meager. I'm going to start eating well again by not buying beer nor things that contain sugar. Then... whatever I can manage... I need to either bike or run or lift or... just... get back to training. Three times per week. Even just some push-ups and bodyweight exercises for more than 10 minutes. Just get moving somehow. Last season I got really ... nervous when fencing, especially competitively, because there was this nice boy whose opinion I suddenly cared about... I still have problems fencing with him because I get anxious and he knows how I can psyche myself out. You see, he told me how I had fallen from grace over the time that he knew me and he really wants me to get back in my prime and kicking his ass again. He's trying to be supportive. But, I start screwing up. My sword is cursed. I lose the energy, the will, the focus. My aim is like my eyes have gone blurry. I sometimes do stupid things repeatedly. I know I should just say, 'ha, I don't care what he thinks because it doesn't even matter!'... but even if my sword isn't cursed, I don't have the drive I used to because I feel judged now......... So now my challenge is to just show up regularly again. At least once per week...
  13. So... I got really lazy and bad for a few weeks, like others during the holidays, and it's time to get back on the wagon... but I feel like I need a vision. Some crazy fantasy of myself in another dimension now suiting up to fight against some bizarre challenge. What's your crazy imaginary vision of your current life phase?
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