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  1. The motivation is definitely the tricky part. After I came home from deployment in 2012, I spent a year at a desk with a pullup bar outside and probably did less than 50 pullups that entire time. I wasn't properly motivated to actually take up Armstrong and get those gains until I had my dream assignment dangled in front of me "as long as you can get your PFT up." The good news is, it's always easier to regain pullups you've lost than it is to gain them the first time. The road back to 6 should be pretty motivating in its own right, and then you'll have some habit momentum going!
  2. I'm the friend T2 mentioned. Armstrong's where it's at, ma'am. Went from 8 to 18, now up to 19 even after an injury setback. You're on the right track, just stick to it and you'll see the results you're looking for! -Sgt QD Sent from my One using Tapatalk
  3. My absence of late has been due to the new job that I was fighting so hard to earn... It REALLY takes up a lot of my time, far more than my old responsibilities did. I'm just at a "tread water" level of focus on my personal fitness while I take care of my Marines. I'm not gone, though. Just biding my time. :D

    1. Chris-Tien Jinn

      Chris-Tien Jinn

      Keep treading. We'll be here.

    2. Thom Stépan

      Thom Stépan

      Thanks for the update. Do what you can and get that 300 next fitness test.

    3. ravnos


      Congrats! We'll be here when you have time to return.

  4. I can't wait for this class to end in June so I can stop being day-late-dollar-short. The pace is picking up as we near the end, thus my silence... Being frozen reduced my kill count in half, so I got in 15 slain draugrs (152 pullups for the week; my count is lower because now I only go once/day instead of twice, and I'm wearing 10# in a backpack while I do them).
  5. Been terribly busy this period. I graduate class right after the next challenge starts, and hopefully I'll be a lot more on-track for that one. I'm just trying to maintain my pullup habit at this point, and getting in SOME kind of run a few times/week. Sorry for going all stealth-mode, guys.
  6. Bastards are gonna have to do a lot more than freeze me to slow me down! Sent from my One using Tapatalk
  7. Likewise! I know I've been pretty radio silent lately. RL has been kicking my butt, between illnesses and tests and a new high-water mark for "busy with my Marines." I'm going to try to reorient myself and reengage the last 4 weeks of this challenge!
  8. Fitbit says I've walked 28.38 miles this week. None of that's been running, but the week I've been having, I'll take what activity I can get. Anyone needs some extra distance, take some of mine!
  9. Glad my pullups are such a motivation for folks. The feeling is mutual, since you guys motivate the hell outta me. In truth, this week has been a total wash. Rolling out from last week's illness and a trip out of town to see family, this week has included duty (an overnight shift at the barracks, on watch), a major course test (I can't wait to graduate!) and going out of town again (anniversary). Ultimately, I'm prepared to cut my losses and say I'm really only scoring for weeks 3-6 of this challenge, and take 2/3 of the stat points in the process. I can't make up for how OFF I've been, so it's going to just be a "round downrange." I HAVE, however, continued with my pullups. With 10# on my back, I've got back up to Training Set 5. So my weighted/rested max is probably about 13 at this point. Once I get to TS6, I'll add another 5#. At the current progress rate, I'll probably end this challenge able to do ~15 pullups with 15# on my back. I'm poking into y'all's challenges where I'm able, even if it's just Liking a post. Keep fighting the good fight, everyone!
  10. I've been having a very difficult time getting online during this challenge, BUT today I leveled up to Training Set 5 at +10# in the pack. Very likely I'll hit TS6 next week. My standard, with this weighted work, is to add 5# each time I confirm (9 sets on Day 4) TS6 up until I hit 35#.
  11. Thanks guys. That cold last week got kinda bad, totally derailed Week 1 and I'm just now getting back on track. Couldn't justify running while I couldn't breath through my nose... DID hit my pullups and core, though. I'll do up a summary tonight and get caught up with everyone's threads.
  12. Nothing like a baby-induced cold on Week 1 to get a challenge off on the wrong damn foot.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      5 more weeks to go, you got time to make it up :-)

    2. Bearded_Dragon


      I feel your pain. Suffering similarly.

  13. Ab Genocide was a pretty simple: Neila Rey's (love her stuff) "Code of Abs" workout converted to a Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, individual maximum effort). Then run a lap on the track. Then repeat. Total of 5 rounds. The whole platoon held the last plank until failure. Not only did I hit my 2 minute plank, I had several people still going after 5 minutes. It turned into a giant contest with cheering and screaming. The winner went 6.5 minutes and stopped after the second-place finisher dropped, saying he "didn't want to make everyone stand here for another 2 minutes."
  14. PULLUPS! I'm incapable of containing, or even clarifying, my enthusiasm where pull ups are concerned. Keep pulling, you will get it!
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