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  1. Brutal Bears: Winter is Coming

    Just wanted to update that I am still chipping away. I have been pretty caught up in planning a wedding...which takes way more work than I had imagined! I also have been working on my basement which is both time consuming and one hell of a workout!
  2. Brutal Bears: Winter is Coming

    I was in the mall yesterday looking at tuxes for the wedding, and in one of the stores I saw a sign that said 'John Galt'. I imagined people seeing it and asking 'who is John Galt?' It brought me so much cheer.
  3. Brutal Bears: Winter is Coming

    Nothing truer has ever been stated.
  4. Brutal Bears: Winter is Coming

    What a weekend! The cold weather has really dampened things out here. It is -4 (yes negative) today. Over the long weekend, I stayed the course, ate pretty awesome, and did my workouts. I also started deconstructing my basement to finish it the way I want. I think the hours I spent with a sledgehammer where more than adequate extra workouts! As the end of last week I weighed in at 200.3, wich is a 3 pound drop!
  5. Brutal Bears: Winter is Coming

    Brutal Bears Winter is Coming Intro: It has been a crazy couple of years being involved with Nerd Fitness. I have lost a lot of weight (twice) and gained it back (twice). The last couple of years have been really difficult with how much has been going on. I was working two full-time jobs, doing school full time, and buying my first home. Things have finally settled down a bit. I am all moved into the new home, got engaged, dropped to one full-time job, and I finished my newest degree. With everything settling down, it is time to get things moving again. I am at an all-time high weight of 223 (as of this morning). It has been in the negatives around here, so Winter is defiantly here. This makes it hard to do all the outside stuff I like, so I have to get a good inside plan. So, here is to starting fresh and very very simple! Goal 1: Get to the Gym 5 days a week. This is pretty simple. The YMCA is literally on my way home. I plan on running MWF and lifting/doing upper body TTHS. Workout Plan: 2-handed mace 3-circuits 10x8x6 360 swing, gravedigger, rebel press, 2-handed paddle swing, uppercuts, ground & pound Goal 2: Paleo during the week Nothing has resulted in losing weight quite like going paleo(ish). I am going to still have my weekends for now, but paleo during the week...though my kryptonite is beer...which is paleo right? Goal 3: Keep off my ass I will get up and go for a walk at work at least once a day. Sitting all day long is asking for trouble. Goal 4: Stay active One of my biggest downfalls has been being active on here. So, I will hop on and at least update this forum once a day! Starting Pic: Starting Weight: 223.8 Ending Pic: Ending Weight: Reward: 2 Pound Indian Club Set From Amazon Let's take my mace training to next level!