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  1. Lol thanks so much. I'm super excited. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Time is flying by leading up to the wedding, but last week I stayed on my grind. Hit my workouts and lost 3 pounds!
  3. This challenge is going good so far. It is just a matter of keeping everything straight with the wedding coming up! My fiance and I decided to start a new diet together, and I think it is really going to help just to have her doing something alongside me if anything. I am really excited to see how much this helps. We spent all day yesterday cooking and meal planning! I will keep this updated with how it goes!
  4. Things have been pretty good. I just have my attention pulled in several different directions. I am really bust with work, and I have a wedding coming up in 18 days! So there is lots of work to be done!
  5. Over the weekend I couldn't do much. We had a half inch of straight ice and were stuck inside (a lot of WoW was played). But I got a good run in on Friday and ate super good!
  6. Holy shit, I am so glad to see you. I poked around and didn't think you were on here anymore. How is life?
  7. Well...I missed the gym again yesterday. My double ended up running late. I didn't get out work until it was time to go home and sleep. Today I get off at a normal time, so I will be back on getting in on of my runs. Weekly weigh in: 220.4 (no change).
  8. thats true, what is important is that I get in and do it now that I can again
  9. this week is not off to a great start, a couple of times getting snowed/iced in and a couple doubles at work... I haven't gotten anything but eating right done. I will lift tonight no matter what!
  10. This makes me happier than words can express.
  11. Super glad to be back in the obviously best guild. Let us drink flagons of ale and lift heavy things.
  12. Lol the dice have a mind of their own. I think me, you, and blocky are all looking pretty hurt.
  13. The Return of the Brutal Bears So this challenge is my first time back with the Warriors after my last hiatus. I am going to keep things simple as I am 32 days away from my wedding and that is taking a lot of my time, and I will probably not do a lot of working out on the honey moon lol. So, here we are: Starting weight: 220 End weight goal: 215 Goal 1: Stay active: hop on NF or the small NF rp group I have been a part of every day! Goal 2: Cardio 3x a week and lifting 3x a week Goal 3: Go on a daily walk during work, so I am not stuck to the desk all day Bonus: Yoga as close to every day as possible That's it...simple easy and consistent.
  14. Hmmm...is there a reason we can't make our new challenges yet?
  15. I would say the final week of this challenge has gone well. My final weigh in is 220 which is about a pound dropped a week. I look forward to getting the next challenge going!
  16. Lol ya its not too bad. I get to make my own schedule which helps a lot. I have been getting up at 6 and getting to work by 7, so I just bumped up to waking up at 5:30. My faince has to get up at 5 most mornings for work anyways, so I usually don't sleep very good between 5-6, so I figured...might as well get up.
  17. Are we already in the last week of this challenge? That is crazy! I am getting over being sick and ready to kick ass this week. I committed to also doing a half hour of yoga every morning, and I am excited to wrap this challenge up!
  18. I think the biggest trick comes from the vast spectrum of things that fall under the category mental health. Having a place for support with mindfulness, dealing with stress, coping with feelings of depression and anxiety, and being connected to other people has a lot of benefits. But for things like severe depression, suicidal ideation, and other more severe mental health issues forums are probably counterproductive. That being said, I know that even as mental health professionals I really struggle with stress, taking on to much, and dealing with stress related ulcers. Support for things like being mindful of how much I am doing, self-care, etc. is a huge benefit. You are right, it is just a really complicated and tricky matter to deal with on a forum. I agree with your concerns over giving advice. As I mentioned this is my job, and even with all my training, years of practice, and education I would still feel very uncomfortable giving anything but simple "common sense" advice. It is almost impossible to really know where someone is at emotionally and what they really need based off of a blog post. I would suggest that a forum could be helpful for those who have already seen a mental health professional or equivalent and knows what they need to be working on (journaling, meditation, etc). Using this a place to be accountable, discussing one's plan, sharing success, and being goal oriented would be ideal, but focusing on issues, asking for too much inappropriate advice, or thinking something like this is the complete solution is a possible trap. I hope that makes sense. Lol I am a talker, not a writer (you should compare my DM storytelling to @Laghail for proof lol....damn he is good!)
  19. I suppose you are right. It is just not the most fun news I have ever received lol. I just need to get some shit changed.
  20. Well I went to see my doctor since I have been sick, and we went over my most recent lab results. Spoiler: they are not good. I have one of the highest cholesterol levels they have seen in a 25-year-old and my blood pressure is awful. They said I am at risk for heart attack at 25 and have 6 months to get things in check or I need to go on cholesterol and high blood pressure medicine. They attribute my most recent health issue with stress and ulcer creating digestive issues, which has been a recurring issue. I apparently really need to get my stress under control, they recommend anti-anxiety medication, but I am not quite ready for that step. I need to make some massive changes to my lifestyle...I am really wishing I never gained back all the weight after losing it the last time...
  21. Lol ya a 'shamble' may be the best way to describe it
  22. Last night I got out for one of the most pathetic 3-mile runs of my life lol. SOmething about the cold and rain slowed my run speed to pitiful, but I got it done.
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