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  1. Best of luck with all of your endeavors! You are going a great job with the walking!!! I may be proving I am not nerdy enough to be on the board, but for your distance goal, how did you chose your goal distance?
  2. So this challenge is wrapped up for me. I got 100% on each goal, A's across the board. Naturally this makes me suspect I chose too easy of goals. But, I made progress and that is the important part. And my goals weren't so challenging that I got discouraged. I was even surprised at how far I got on my Main Quest to lose 23 lbs this year. I'm down 5 lbs right now, just have to do it a few more times and I'll be there. Hooray!!! My next challenge goals will center around my training for an upcoming 1/2 Mary. Although I enjoyed weight lifting so much this past challenge this may be the
  3. Went to the gym today and got all 5 pullups on the machine! And I ran a 5k race a week ago today and got a PR then went out on my own yesterday and ran a 5k and beat my PR by 50 seconds! It was a GREAT week!!!
  4. With all my excitement over my dead-lift last night I totally forgot I did squats! With a bar!!! Time to add progress to my graph! Hooray for me!!!
  5. Deadlift extra credit!!! I reached 115 lbs today!! I was working with a trainer and she decided the weight. I can't believe I can lift that much! I never would have had the confidence to try that much on my own.
  6. This past weekend I went running with my husband and I swear I set a land speed record for myself! We went 2.65 miles running two tenths, walking one tenth, running two tenths, etc. All of my running was at or around an 8:30 min/mile pace. It was hard, and my husband finished a full two minutes ahead of me, and I was sore but I did it! I couldn't believe it when I looked at my Garmin data. No progress to report on my Quests. Still working toward success on the pull-ups and squats.
  7. Is there room for another buddy in this group? I am ALL the tags...not 100% sure about the Adventurers guild but I'm just a newbie who hasn't found a home yet anyway! I am always working on improving my paleo diet, I love body-weight exercises, and of course, I'm new here so I am level 1! Most importantly: I currently have 30 episodes of TBBT on my TiVo!
  8. Quest 1 COMPLETE! I did four sets of five deadlifts at 70 lbs tonight!!! Hooray! Quest 2 progress!! I was able to complete 3 3/4 pull-ups on the machine tonight! Perhaps I set the bar too low, literally. But, the accomplishments feel great so it wasn't for naught.
  9. Last week was a hot mess. I got food poisoning and literally could not eat anything but toast, barely made it to the gym. The one workout I did get to was somewhat successful, I worked on my bench press for the first time. And, I got ten dips in with the machine. So all was not lost. I am headed to the gym tonight with fingers crossed and high hopes!!! A big thanks to everyone for checking in on me. You sure know how to make a girl feel welcome!! I am looking forward to checking out the Assassins and the Warriors!!!
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    Mini quest complete. Check 'em out here!
  11. Hi! I'm new here too. Looks like we will be on our first challenge together. Best of luck!! Can't wait to see where we are 6 weeks from now.
  12. 2pinkTwo

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    Do we need to have grades for our success? One of my quests is to dead lift 70 lbs by the end of the challenge. That's pretty much yes or no. To me, 68 is failing...is that wrong? Its an attainable goal, I shouldn't have any excuses for not reaching it.
  13. Hi - This is my first 6 week challenge on NF. I am a 31yo female married mother of two. MAIN QUEST - Lose 23 lbs of fat, maintaining my 140 lbs of lbm and reach 20% body fat. (These number are obviously a little squishy since they are based on body fat and it's hard to get an accurate measurement, but I didn't want to just say "lose some weight".) Quest 1: Dead lift 70 lbs. (Currently at 65 lbs) ~A: 70 lbs ~B: 69 lbs ~C: 68 lbs ~D: 67 lbs ~F: 65 lbs Quest 2: 5 pull-ups on the pull-up machine with proper form a
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