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  1. Merci beaucoup ! Done 80 minutes rower ( low intensity ) watching 300 on netflix for motivation ...
  2. if you already do cosplay, you are far more confident than me. maybe a futur challenge i start a paleo diet two month ago and that s what brings me to nerd fitness web site. it works for me : about 16 pounds lost best wishes for your challenge
  3. thank you for your words. my primary language is french. this challenge may also help me practice my english
  4. Hello, I want to commit myself to get leaner so i start this 6 week challenge. I'm not used to talk in english so i'll be concise. i hope i'll be able to be a better writer post after post. Do not hesitate to correct me. Pick a Main Quest Get stronger. Get more flexibility. reach 10-12 % fat. => be a spartanPick 2 - 3 SMART quests run 20 min non stop => STA +3 (start: less than 1min)do 5 pull up => STR +3 (start: barely 1 chin up)loose 5kg => CON +3 (start 87 kg)Choose a life quest tidy up garage + some DIY => CHA +1 ( my wife will love this
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