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  1. The race sounded pretty crazy intense! Awesome job, I love at the end of all of that you would still do it again in an instant!
  2. Quick Goal recap for last week: #1: Exercise: I ended up missing one of my body weight workouts, but to make up for it I went on a 15 mile bike ride on the weekend that kicked my butt! #2: Food Tracking: I tracked all meals Monday - Friday. Hit my calorie and macro goals but I let the weekend slip. Getting back on track today. #3: Morning Routine: Slowly getting used to the changes. I have a hard time getting out of bed. #4: Spring Cleaning: Nothing yet, but tonight I am planing on cleaning/rearranging my bedroom.
  3. The first two weeks of the last challenge went great. Then work killed it. We had to expedite a project for a client. Ended up working crazy hours, which leads to me getting stressed out and being too tired to cook and too tired to workout. Excuses, excuses, I know... But now I am ready to get back in there. This challenge I want to reinforce some of the good habits that I have let slip over there last couple weeks. Basically get back in there, and not lose the progress I have made this year! Main Quest: Weigh less than 200lbs by the end of the year. Start: 242.2 lbs | Current = 225.6 lbs. | Progress: 16.6 of 42.2 lbs Challenge Starting Stats (More for my reference if anyone cares). Goal 1: Morning Exercise Get up in the morning and exercise. Mon, Weds, Fri: Bodyweight Brigade – Level 1 Tues, Thurs: Interval Training Goal 2: Food Tracking Using My Fitness Pal I will track my calories and macros to learn what it takes to meet my goals. Using this info to help me plan meals over the next few weeks. Goal 3: Morning Routine My morning routine has gotten all out of whack, and switching to working from home this year is not helping. So here is my plan to help get into a regular Rhythm. 6:00 - Awake 6:15 - Out of bed, coffee, reading. 7:00 - Work Out 8:00 - Shower, cook breakfast. 9:00 - Start workday. Goal 4: Spring Cleaning My bedroom, closet, and shed are in complete disarray right now. Mostly from transitioning from my winter activities to warmer weather ones. I will come up with a plan and tackle each section a little at a time until they are organized.
  4. The last two weeks of this challenge ended up being a bust... I will regroup, come up with a new plan and make the next challenge count.
  5. Haha, I am... although last week didn't go so well. Had a crazy work project come up, so I ended up not cooking paleo (tried to eat healthy otherwise), and I didn't have time to get my bass practice in.
  6. Busy, Busy, glad you are back in the house!
  7. Its kind of funny, I am probably the only South Dakota Nerd Fitness member. That means I get to have Nerd Fitness meet ups all the time! Quick Goal recap: #1: Exercise: 3/5 | Really felt it this morning. Wasn't sure if I would make it all the way through. #2: Diet: 3/5 | Rocking it #3: Cut back on booze: 3/5 | So far so good #4: Bass Practice: 1/4 | Funny timing, but some old bandmates want to jam this Friday. Glad I decided to brush some of the dust off. The Adventures Continue. Weather Permitting this Sunday I am planing another adventure. Hiking Crow Peak... I have done this one before, but have a couple of friends who haven't. If the weather does not comply, Boardgames! http://alltrails.com/trail/us/south-dakota/crow-peak-trail
  8. Wow, that is so bad ass! Now you need to start a comic book. The Adventures of Stealth Stitcher!
  9. Love your challenge and great funny updates... Good luck this week. Just going to put this classic right here My favorite Zombie movie quote!
  10. Hope this week goes better for you... Only 4 more days until the big event is over, good luck! Happy last month of your 20s!
  11. Stress sucks ... I am also a stress eater. This James Clear article is about identifying things that trigger good and bad habits. http://jamesclear.com/habit-triggers Helped me recognize the stress and puts me in the right mindset when I am about to order a stress pizza. Good luck on this weeks goals.... I am sure you will do great!
  12. Haha, It's actually only about 15mins from my house... From the start of the trail it was about a hour round trip. Come visit, it's beautiful and you can see Mt. Rushmore while you are here. 90% of South Dakota is flat farm / ranch land... I live in the awesome 10% that is not. I wouldn't be surprised if there is 100 trails with 2 hours of my house. More motivation to get fit!
  13. Quick Goal recap for last week: #1: Exercise: 5/5 Introduced the beginner bodyweight workout... 1st one kicked my butt, but the second one was much easier. #2: Diet: 4/5: This should be completed today... I did end up using one of my flex days to. #3: Cut back on booze: 5/5 #4: Bass Practice: 3/4 Will be completing this today. Adventure 1: Since we are here to be adventurers I thought I should share my adventure from Yesterday. A couple of friends and I hiked up to Community Caves which I had never been too. It was really cool, fairly steep incline with some loose rocks, but definitely worth it. Round trip was only about an hour. Then we decided to play tourist and went for a drive through the hills. Checked out a couple of nearby water falls and grabbed lunch. It was a lot of fun! Community Caves Me under the falls View from the top: Another Waterfall
  14. I am excited to go out and actually do some adventuring this weekend... Trying an new hike I have never been on before. Its on my epic quest list. http://enjoyingsouthdakota.com/spearfish-canyon/community-caves/
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