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  1. Awesome goals! Hiking challenges are awesome to find out what you're really made of - you can't do them (well) without decent conditioning, but finding the will to keep pushing when your mind wants to give up (or slow down) makes for some great adventures. I was hoping to go for some personal bests of my own by the time this challenge wraps up (first ever 30 mile day), but I'll have to root folks like you on from the digital sidelines. I highly recommend doing not only stairs, but stairs with a weighted pack on. Once you can hold a target pace with a heavier or much heavier pack than you'll be
  2. A week after my 'don't do anything for 3 weeks' prescription, it's definitely been a struggle. It's frustrating when I've got permission to walk, but not take the stairs. Just a week and a half ago I was hopping in and out of trenches, and 3 weeks out I was hiking 8 miles in 3 hours with a backpack on... On the upside, I'm 2/2 getting through my upper body workouts this last week. Not wanting to injure another part of my body is a nice motivator to not overdo it and slowly work my way back into the shape of things.
  3. Backpacking is easily my favorite part of the summer, and I happen to live in one the best places in the world for it. Over the 4th of July, my 3rd trip of the season, I took some friends out to the Desolation Basin for a fun weekend of mellow cross country trekking and to attempt to summit Mt. Humphreys. With less than a quarter mile to go to our campsite the first night, I had a little mini stumble that I didn't even fully trip from, but due to an awkward angle I managed to feel the worst pain I've ever felt in my left quad. I was debating that night whether I'd need to send someone ahead to
  4. I'm all packed up and ready to test out how well I can stay in control of my diet and workouts while on the road. If I'm lucky and have very understanding Amtrak passengers, I can do a bodyweight upper body workout and some stretching on my 14 hour train rides to and from Santa Fe. I'll be skiing, hiking, and/or rock climbing every day while I'm out there so I won't feel too guilty about not working out when I'm in the Enchantment State. Maintaining some semblance of a healthy diet will be a challenge too, but that's why it's one of my side quests! Here's a summary of my most last pre-trip wor
  5. Thanks for the tag Blaidd! Winter is sadly ending months sooner than usual in my part of the the world, but that means hiking and backpacking season is imminently approaching! In terms of my goals: Main Quest: I am skiing really well. Working out is paying off and so is a good mindset. I've skied 4 days thus far, 2 of them nearly all day long powder days! Diet Side Quest: I stopped tracking my protein after a week, probably because I was trying to do that at the end of the day instead of after each meal. However, my diet is definitely improved and although I probably haven't met my protein tar
  6. I kept the protein log going for about a week, but stopped doing it two weeks ago. It has made a change for me though in my diet. I've better reinforced the mentality of 'Is there helping me get closer to my goals or further away from them?' Without trying that hard, I'm finally even giving up extras like cheese on a sandwich and resisting the urge to get a box of Pop Tarts when I see them for 50% off, even as a treat. Not that I don't have some treats - I have a beer with dinner every night and I definitely cheat here and there. But I definitely have healthier habits for what groceries I get
  7. Thanks for the encouragement ldct! I've hit a few snags keeping me from having everything go as planned, but I'm still keeping things on the right track. Diet: I've been unable to hit a full 165g/day of protein (I never seem to move my weight much between 160 and 170) unless I'm consciously trying to eat protein for every single meal. I have eaten 1g/day/lean body mass, assumng that I'm somewhere around 20% body fat right now. Now that it's getting cold gain I'm not quite so bummed to have some insulation around...However, I will be using the 6 day on/1 day off cheating plan for general dietin
  8. [Dr. Nick voice] Hi, everybody! [/Dr. Nick] I've been an NF lurker for over a year and a half and am finally joining what is surely one of the coolest communities around. I've always considered myself to be some degree of fat/pudgy, and to have man boobs more than pecs. I'd rather be strong than skinny though, and since November I've been slowly but surely working my way up to 4 days/week of working out or skiing. I'm enjoying weightlifting for the numerical progress I can track and seeing muscles pop out for the first time in years, and my 2-3 days/week of skiing lets me utilize those gains t
  9. In the last 4 weeks I've been keeping a regular gym log for the first time in my life. I'm up to 5 weeks in a row of getting to the gym twice a week, and this last week I made it up to 3 trips in a week for the first time ever. I started getting to recording more daily progress with a protein log - tracking everything I eat will be an ultimate goal, but getting my goal of 150g of protein/day is a pretty good head start. Maybe this will expand to recording sleep, reading, studying, and other facets of my life. Who knows? Without further ado, here's my tracking for today: Exercise: OFF - I had a
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