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  1. Hi guys, apologies for the lack of updates this challenge, but it's gone great to be honest. I've not been to the gym for at least two weeks. However, I have kept up the Yoga class, as well as attending some extra classes and doing a bit more stretching at home, the major benefit is that my plantar fascitis is gone! My wife was so impressed with my enthusiasm for Yoga that she has started attending another class with our 6 year old girls too! Bass playing is going well, I found a local teacher and have decided to go for some of the Rockschool Bass guitar exams grades...I still need to work out a plan with my teacher on which grades to take (you don't have to do them all...I'm leaning towards debut, grade 3 & grade 5 to start). I also hooked up with one of the guitarists from an old band I was in...next year it will be 20 years since we last played together as a band, so we're thinking of a one of 20th Anniversary gig! spare time is frantically trying to learn our old set from listening to recordings However, I always believe in finishing strong, no matter how bad the race has gone, so I will be in the gym next week and will get my miles logged!
  2. Last challenge I concentrated on starting to lift, stretch and log my walking/swimming/biking miles and was moderately successful. This challenge I'm sticking with the lifting as I want to focus on some consistent goals between now and the end of the year (plus the lifting is just starting to get noticeably harder), I've joined a yoga class so will build on the foundation that is giving me (1 class per week) to try and stretch more everyday. I'm still logging my miles for my walk to Mordor, too, but I'm also adding in that I'm going to learn to play Bass guitar properly. I last played Bass 10 years ago after gigging in local bands with mates for years...but I never once took a lesson, or played a scale or read a book on how to play. I've decided to take lessons, possibly even sit exams (!) and learn to play 'properly'
  3. I'm not putting down any XP points and stuff this time around, I'm using this challenge group as some extra accountability. Forgot the challenge started yesterday (what a great start!) until late last night, but I did get my minimum 5 mins of stretching in before bed. Week#1 Sunday - 5 min of stretching done. my god I'm not very bendy, when attempting to touch my toes I can just manage mid-shin. Lets see what difference a month can make! Monday - SL5x5 workout done. 6 mins on the rower afterwards (1.3 Km logged towards Mordor). Tuesday - didn't do my planned 20 min stretching routine did manage a couple of half hearted calf & hamstring stretches. Walked 1.8 miles Wednesday - SL5x5 workout done, preceding by 2K on bike whilst I waited for the equipment to be free. jelly legs. walked 2.1 miles Thursday - missed my planned stretching routine again :( Friday - SL5x5 workout done Saturday - Sunday -
  4. Epic Quest :- Run a Marathon. This has been a goal of mine for a while now, a couple of years ago I was on track for this after completing 5 half marathons during the year, so I signed up for a full marathon, then suffered a stress fracture to my shin and have had injuries/niggles ever since. I will run a marathon though, and all of my challenges will contribute towards that goal in some way. 1. Get Strong:- I've never had much strength, always had a weak grip, never done any lifting at the gym. I've started the Stronglifts 5x5 program this week. So 3 times per week follow the program. Except 29th Aug - 5th Sept I'll be away camping with the family, so on my usual lifting days I will instead do a bodyweight workout. 2. Travel to Mordor:- Log distance walked/cycled/rowed or run each day. Minimum of 5 minutes per day. 3. Stretch:- I've always been lax stretching. i know not stretching is bad. Minimum of 5 minutes stretching Calfs & Hamstrings evryday. None lifting days this will be upped to minimum 20 min full body stretching / yoga
  5. Welcome BPP, I'm new to the Rangers too...they seem pretty nuts so far so looks like we probably made a good choice
  6. all this talk of food is killing me! Time I left work and went home...I have a craving for sweet potato! my wife & kids don't like it, so it's ALL MINE
  7. I'm not having a whole lot of success with it - it's being hanging around since mid April. I've been stretching, bought new, more supportive shoes. I already have orthotics that I wear all the time (when running or not) from a foot specialist. I try not to take Ibuprofen after a previous bout of stomach irritation from prolonged usage resulting in middle of the night visit to emergency doctor. First thing in the morning is worst, but I make sure I stretch my foot as much as possible before getting out of bed and for the last few days there's almost no pain in the morning with only the odd twinge here & there throughout the day.
  8. Living in the UK I've never had pumpkin pie...pumpkin soup though Sweet potato is the food of the gods. Pumpkin isn't a spice...Cinnamon, though, I try to have Cinnamon every day
  9. Hi everyone, new Ranger in training here o7 My natural inclination is a Scout, but I've picked up a few niggles & injuries over the last couple of years which has severely hampered my running. I'm currently (hopefully) at the tail end of a bout of plantar fascitis, so haven't been running since April I recently respawned in the NF Academy & this week started the Stronglifts 5x5 program at the gym - I know it's not ideal to try and combine lifting heavy things with running, but I can't see myself running much before the end of this year, so lifting it will be for a few months. None lifting days will be for stretching (something I've always been pretty lax with, probably why I've had so many niggles/injuries), and walking. Just started on the road from Bag End to Rivendell at lunchtime. It'll be interesting to see how far I get in 12 months Looks like I've timed it about right for the next challenge, time to start planning
  10. did bugger all last week, ill for most of the week, felt better by the weekend but completely drained & lethargic. kept up with the healthier eating though. Monday 14th March. - nada Tuesday 15th March - NFAcademy Dumbell Division 1A (Goblet squats 3x8, Bench Press 3x8, pressups 3x10, plank 3 @ 30 seconds each) Wednesday16th - Lunchtime run, 1.74 miles in 16 mins. Thursday 17th - NFAcademy Dumbell Division 1B (DB Deadlifts 3x8, DB Push Press 3x8, DB Lunges 3x20, DB single arm bent over rows).
  11. Nice work Starstuff, how did you do the rest of the week? I need to get back up to more regular runs myself, I had all last year away from running due to injuries , year before I did 5 half marathons and was training for my first full. I was planning on taking it easy over spring/summer with maybe a half in Autumn...but there is one in may that I've done before in 2:02 and I'd really like to break 2 hours, so I got to start putting the miles in. There is a Star Wars half at Disneyworld Florida...but it is the morning we're leaving so I didn't enter...hopefully I'll get some running in whilst I'm there alongwith the days of walking
  12. Week 2 (7th - 13th March) Monday - woke up with headache, slight sore throat and general aches today (what is it with Monday's?). Taken paracetamol. By lunchtime I'd crashed and have full on ManFlu. My time on this earth will soon be up...even new Apple & Cinnamon Lemsip couldn't fight my decline. Came home from work early, donned many layers & went to bed. Now have more Lemsip & medicinal minibag of Cadbury Chocolate Fingers...caffeine, paracetamol & chocolate biscuits Vs invisible ice/fire demons partying with my joints & head. It's 50:50 who will win...wake me up when it's over. Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -
  13. Cold pretty much gone, back on it now. Going to add in some dumbell workouts to my routine from today.
  14. week 1 (29th Feb - 6th March) Monday - full of cold, felt like crap. no workout Tuesday - NF Acadamey bodyweight workout L2A Wednesday - should have gone running at luchtime, got dragged into a meeting. No workout Thursday - NF Academy bodyweight workout L2B Friday - bought some cheap weights off eBay and ordered some solid 16" spinlock dumbell bars from amazon. Ran 1.8 miles in 18 mins after work. Saturday - bought & collected a bargain weight bench. Did NF Academy dumbell workout 1A. Sunday - 4 mile run, 39:26 Calories for the week = 779 over
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