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  1. The knee is feeling a lot better today, though it is starting to be mad at me at the end of the day. Though for some reason I feel absolutely exhausted all day today. And irritable. I assume shark week looms.
  2. My work is mostly military and with the 22 push ups challenge going around, we might just end up with several dozen people doing 22 pushups at the same time. We shall see if I am allowed to share pics/vid if it happens.
  3. LOL, I will gladly take you coming back over to do an OCR challenge Gotta take this week to recover though. The knee is VERY unhappy today. LOL, normally copy paste works just fine. But it didn't this time, and I tried a few more times and it stopped working so I just figured MEH GOOGLE.
  4. For fuck's sake I have pictures for the obstacles but for some reason it's not fucking posting them I am too angry to fight with this a FIFTH TIME. Google the obstacles to see images. "Tough Mudder Toronto OBSTACLE NAME"
  5. TOUGH MUDDER RECAP!!!! First off this was my first and hopefully only ever DID NOT FINISH. At 9 Kilometers in, my knee was crunching with every step and no longer bending at all. I had to stop at the half Mudder distance, there was still 9 KM to go and the first KM was all uphill I couldn't do it. BUT the officials of the Mudder still count it as a WIN/COMPLETE because stopping due to injury is 'legitimately badass'. But more interestingly, let me tell you about what I DID manage to do: Friday Sept 9th: a shitton of driving. Seriously. Driving
  6. Today is Hubby's 36th birthday. Happy birthday Hubby!
  7. @Snickie I have found that coconut oil rubbed into the areas where callouses build up helps prevent the cracks and tearing that a lot of people I workout with get. I like to do that either before bed (to let it soak but oh my god my poor bed sheets) or about 10 min before I shower (and then I get to play the game 'wait what did I touch with oily hands?!?!')
  8. I'm going to kick it's ass, no worries. I am going to compression sleeve it, if for no other reason than to remind ME that it's already injured.
  9. Hahahha. Well right now I know for a fact that my knee is not going to be 100% by Saturday. But I plan on going forth anyways so yeah. It's going to be slow and ugly and I am going to get it done anyways.
  10. LOL, oh yah. We were up at the camp, in the river. My father-in-law (a 5 year old masquerading as a 63 year old) decided to rough house in the water. THAT translated to him tackling me when I wasn't ready OR expecting it. And viola, my knee did a movement it's not supposed to. 2 days later and I can walk on it with minimal pain, but I have to be very careful with twisting or turning, or putting all my weight on it in extension. That's when the pain and/or crunchiness comes back.
  11. Two guesses who twisted a knee this passed weekend? That's right, ME. I run the tough mudder in 5 days. My knee is currently swollen and a little crunchy. Fan-fucking-tastic.
  12. I'm glad you're ok, less glad your tummy is not though
  13. Yes, I am proudly a Legionnaire for the Mudder series. And since I seem content to do at least one of these a year, soon I'll have all the cool headbands
  14. Guys, I got the course map for the Tough Mudder I run on the 10th. I'm running the whole thing, so both the orange and white sections. The blue squiggly is the spectator trail (easy) and the yellow is the spectator trail (hard)
  15. Oh yes. I know I am going to suffer after running it this year. I'm 215 lbs I've not consistently trained at all, patch work training and mini challenges do not make a real training system. I'm still currently battling depression with the biggest symptom outside of pervasive anhedonia is fatigue. I am too fucking stubborn to quit. I gotta represent the Assassin's Guild afterall
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