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  1. I tend to do supersets of exercises requiring the bar to be high with exercises requiring the bar to be low So for example I'll typically superset squats & power cleans, deadlifts and O/H presses, bench press and pull-ups/chin-ups Mostly the first two examples and mostly because there is only 1 squat rack at my gym and in front of the squat rack is typically the only place where I feel safe doing power cleans (some people walk way to close to you as your lifting...). I don't like being the guy who hogs the only squat rack for a terribly long time.
  2. I just recently read an article (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22077054) - At least in untrained individuals HIIT sprint training with significantly less volume has a bigger impact on improving endurance than standard cardio So basically... instead of trying to keep your endurance up by running... keep it up by putting in a HIIT sprint workout in once a week (or twice) - Burns fewer calories than cardio but still improves your endurance & strength
  3. Try making 10 pin bowling,curling and golfing be the only real activity you did until you were 21 (they are all asymmetrically loaded sports) I should put a heavy emphasis on the 10-pin bowling (it was my sport as a kid - Tournaments, practices, twice a week league play, ETC) - You would be surprised how much of a workout practicing for an hour can be (think 60-70 15 lb kettlebell swings... but more explosive) When I was really competitive but before I started working out it was insane - My right leg was chicken leg, but my left was decently muscular (I planted with my left foot, which meant it resisted all the torque) My right shoulder, arm, and upper back were all well developed - looked semi muscular, but my left was basically what you would expect for a geeky hardgaining videogamer. It even affected my growth (my right arm is a full 1/4" longer than my left) The best way I worked around it (and still do... Ultimate frisbee also happens to be asymetric in the exact same way as bowling was....) is ALWAYS work my left arm to its maximum... and only work my right arm to whatever level I worked my left I've never worked my right arm until failure doing curls because I've never gotten my left arm anywhere near my rights strength level (so my left arm always fails while my right still has tons of strength)
  4. Bacon Basted is the best - With a ton of bacon fat in the pan baste the top of your eggs with the boiling bacon fat to cook it By baste I mean take a spoon, scoop boiling bacon fat from pan to top of egg... repeat until top of egg is cooked (by this time the bottom will also be cooked.... delicious
  5. Double plus agree with the organ meat comments above... if you aren't taking in your dark green veggies you should be eating organ meat at LEAST once a week (I would say twice) Actually even if you are eating your green veggies you should be eating organ meat on a regular basis... so much more bioavailable.
  6. On another note... Canadian milk is in general MUCH better than American... I never could understand why I tended to not enjoy my milk when I was in the states for business until I checked the ingredient list and realized ALOT of american milk has added High Fructose Corn Syrup.... which I found absolutely perplexing
  7. Basically - It is protein and a significant amount of calories that doesn't make you too full. If you are using it for muscle gain ALWAYS drink whole milk (full fat) - The most bang for your buck. Another thing - If you don't tolerate milk well... don't drink it. Personally I love milk, I drink a gallon every 2-3 days even when not weight training (Big glass with breakfast and a big glass or two with dinner + another before bed). Since I already enjoy it so much... using it to add extra calories into my diet is an easy solution. If it gives you gas and makes you feel like shit... probably not the solution for you.
  8. I agree with Andy - Clean to the front squat holding position and do front squats - The clean motion will limit your available weight to a safe amount. That or do Goblet Squats
  9. I find those Manta things incredibly uncomfortable...
  10. Oh and Ten-Pin Bowling at a competitive level (at least 3 games 3 times a week + an 1-2 hours of dedicated practice) will definitely increase your explosive/twisting power for golf When I was 16 I could drive 300 yards on a semi-consistent basis and literally the only training I did was from bowling (I looked REALLY funny without a shirt on with one half of my body that looked fairly developed and the other that looked weak... my left side is still suffering from 15 years of assymetric training)
  11. Split Leg Squats (Trunk) Pallof Press (Trunk) I never found upper body strength to be important in golf... like so many sports its all about transferring the power you develop through your hips to the ball (to get distance on your drive anyways)
  12. Look into LEANGAINS (Intermittent Fasting) - It's really effective at helping you get that "ripped" look
  13. I'm not personally trying to lose weight but from personal experience in the gym I find that doing interval weight training is way more intense than I can go doing cardio. Something like doing a set (5 reps) of Squats, then deadlifts, then pushups, then military press, then pull-ups with NO REST in between the different exercises (3-5 min rest after you have finished all 5 exercises) - Instead of endurance running (jogging for an hour) do a full speed sprint (as fast as you can run) for 5-10 seconds, rest for 20-40 seconds and repeat (try 10 sets... you probably won't be able to finish them all your first time)
  14. Taking Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) helps out a TON with increasing your work capacity during a workout AND with recovery afterwards. I really noticed the difference when I switched from Whey powder to Aminocore in my game water for Ultimate
  15. If you have some carbs (glucose specifically) before/during your workout your body will allow you to push it harder. Although you do get some of those benefits from simply gargling and spitting out that glucose (when your body expects calories it allows you to work harder). You don't lose everything you just did if you don't get protein into your body right away after a workout, however after a workout your muscles will start looking for protein to repair... the more that is available the easier/better they will be able to do so.
  16. If you want to do cardio and weight lifting on the same day you should do cardio beforehand (I can't remember I ready somewhere... probably something the Leangains guy posted on his twitter) Also - you can burn fat and gain muscle at the same time - Once again, check out Leangains (Intermittent Fasting)
  17. Milk is WAYYYY better than a soft drink - Protein + Fat and relatively little sugar = excellent... if you are working out in addition to dieting to lose weight milk is an excellent "recovery drink"... just make sure you count the calories towards your daily total
  18. If you have a hot tub it can be relatively easy to measure your total volume - Figure out the lowest water level where you can fully submerge yourself, mark that level (without you in the tub), get in a submerge yourself (minus your head) and have someone remove and note how much water they take out (the volume) before you get back to the original line
  19. 100% effort sprints (20 seconds on, 40 seconds rest, 7 sets - you won't make it through them your first try) and Deadlifts, squats and powercleans, obv.
  20. Never even thought to mention running surface, but yeh running on grass is ALOT easier on your feet (and because its sprinting you don't need much green space)
  21. Make sure you are eating enough!!!! I spent 6 months going every second day for 2 hours with a solid routine and saw marginal gains because I simply wasn't eating enough food to get bigger as fast as I had hoped.
  22. Power cleans for sure - The stares I get from some people when I start banging them out are hilarious. Overhead press is a good one too.
  23. When you feet are feeling better you might want to consider moving towards sprint intervals for cardio rather than long distance jogging. Sprint intervals means less overall impact on your feet (especially because sprinting forces you on the balls of your feet rather than heel-striking that occurs with jogging) and it results in a better overall weight-loss workout AND it takes far less time. Something like sprinting all-out for 20 seconds and resting for 40 seconds - repeat for 8 sets (sound like not a heck of a lot... but you probably won't be able to finish it the first time you try if you really go all out during your 20 second sprints)
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