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  1. I am thinking about doing the next challenge with the same quests I tried last time as it sounds doable right now. There was a sudden need of surgery in the family so my challenge would have failed probably even though I hadn't had shoulder issues. Now things seem to have calmed down a bit so I should be able to concentrate on my quests starting next week and also my shoulder seems to be fine now. Next thing is to do another thread in the newer challenge forums, once I am done I'll link it here.
  2. Thank you really much for asking, I've meant to answer to your message forever! My challenge went south soon after the start when I felt that I had major collection of fluid both in my left elbow, wrist and right shoulder. This meant I was able to do pretty much none of the things in my challenge except the side quest. I got my rheumatologist appointment so that it was a week or so ago and I got four cortisone + lidocaine injections into those joints plus a med change that should help in the long run. The bad thing is that I am still recovering as my joints feel nasty ("hey, the silly doctor stuck a needle in me, I am not happy!!) so I am not able to continue my challenge. That's why I most likely can't do really anything from this challenge that I am really bummed about which is why my goal is to do the same things I wanted to do this time in the next challenge. I have though eagerly been following your own challenge, you are doing great!
  3. 4. Sort of not sure, in a way it's good that there's not too many goals but I'd maybe like some variation in terms of goals 5. Definitely a good thing for me to do, interests me in terms of trying new things 6. This isn't something that interests me, might not be also possible depending on my injuries/pain situation and topic so might not suit all if theme isn't fitting for my current health 7. Unfortunately not possible in my current life situation
  4. That sounds like a great thing for me as I have injured pretty much every part of my body except my left shoulder at least once and also suffer from chronic pain and neck+back issues making occasionally exercise selection hard.
  5. Your goals sound really great and support each other really well! Sometimes balancing busy university life with exercise and "life outside the university" seems like a huge balancing act but your goals seem realistic so there's no reason why you shouldn't succeed. Edited to add: Otherwise good but I answered to this old thread, apparently time to head to sleep.
  6. What type of dissertation are you doing? Good luck for your challenge as well!
  7. After a short break I am here again (I totally missed when the last two challenges started, ugh!) I am now level 3 without having updated my charts below but I'll do that tomorrow. The new twists in life are me being now home 100 % time writing my thesis so I have more time to put in exercising and healing from the burn out than before. It's good as my current challenge is designed to help with that. My right shoulder which I injured 1,5 years ago has been worse so I need to take this into the account as well as the tiredness from the burn out. Quest 1: Running/biking Running or exercise biking from anywhere between 30-60 minutes including warm-up and cool-down. This I'd like to do minimum 2 times a week if my knee can take it, in next challenge I hope I can up it to three. 100 %: 12 biking/running times Quest 2: Flexibility I got Nerd Fitness Yoga and will start this week the flexibility challenge by doing the start measurements and then measuring them again every month or so. Since there's 5 measuring days during the first week and I'd afterwards like to do Nerd Fitness Yoga or Flexibility challenge things twice per week it means that together there's 15 days with yoga/stretching. 100 %: 15 stretching/yoga sessions Quest 3: Shoulder physiotherapy As I still struggle with both lifting heavy things (anything more than a cup of coffee) and with my posture as I hunched oddly for so long due to the pain (and now the hunched position which is my current "basic" position hurts but I don't know which should be the normal one..) I still need physiotherapy even though I've been doing it for a long time. I have to lift weights to increase the muscle mass in that arm two times per week unless there's pain and then there's posture exercises I need to do two times per day so this means 84 times posture exercises and 12 times strength exercises. 100 %: 96 physiotherapy sessions Side Quest: My goal is to use the sick leave I have (to the end of the year and probably to March after it) to resting and figuring out a way to live with myself, my physical issues, anxiety, PTSD and burn out in a way that doesn't drive me crazy so I've decided to put aside an hour to pick up an actual book (no audio books!) and relax with it. Books have always been a way in addition to soccer which I had to quit after tearing all my ankle ligaments to make me feel better and give new perspective, so starting to read those dozens of yet unread books on our shelves would do good for me. 100 %: Have 1 h reading session on 42 days I'll come back and edit in this the attributes, percentages and stat points, for today this is enough talking.
  8. Aquatic therapy sounds interesting, can you tell me more about it? Yep, after missing out two challenges (managed to slip past the start time, ugh) I am back again!
  9. Well, to sum up overall in this challenge I did well, I just happened to forget my login information to here so I wasn't able to update. My first goal was exercising 3 times per day and it ended up being mostly exercise bike. That I managed to do 15/18 times which is bit disappointing since the misses happened on the first week of the challenge when I had a flu so I wasn't able to do anything about it later. My second goal was warm ups and cool downs and that I managed also to do 15/18 times. The fourth thing was physiotherapy: that I did 17/18 times, one I missed due to the cortisone injection to the shoulder so I wasn't able to move my hand on the physiotherapy day and even now my hand is really killing me as well as my thumb which got the other injection. The fourth goal was eating a fruit per day and six glasses of water which I did 42/42 times! So my overall stats are: Goal 1: 2 STR + 2 STA Goal 2: 3 CON Goal 3: 2 CON Goal 4: 3 CON Regarding my life goal I've learned to let myself have time to relax and find things that I like doing which is great. I will though have to do it more since the burn out and PTSD are still kidnapping my mind quite often but I'll win those in the end. Regarding my next challenge I'll stay in the scouts and probably concentrate on upping my veggie and fruit intake, try to get my sugar intake down and try to change my exercise goals to that there's both strength and endurance training since I notice that often I just choose my exercise bike which makes exercising quite boring but I seem to be reluctant to change my habit without a good reason to do so.
  10. Good work! It's also good that you already know how you might do even better next time no matter how well you did now. I try to remember to find you from the assassins, I'll be sticking in the scouts in next challenge. Try to survive from your family, that can be scary.
  11. Baking fruits into something or making them into smoothie would work well! I have to try that in next challenge, then I'll try to up my fruit and vegetable intake to two doses per day minimum now that I have one all covered in this challenge!
  12. How has been everybody doing? I've been doing quite slowly, burn out hit but I've been trying to be mindful about my time use which has helped. That's why I've learned to recognize helpful patterns when it comes to realizing what triggers panic attacks, what kinds of daily schedules work and what not and what activities make me help better. This has allowed me to plan how to do things making me succeed in my challenge. So yay for that!
  13. It's good that you are letting go of perfectionism, it usually doesn't lead to good when overdone. Ask me how I know.. Any progress towards the right way is great work. I will probably in the next challenge decide to cut down sugary foods, now after the burn out I've noticed a totally new-to-me need to eat them. I don't know if I am eating in an attempt to make myself happier or what but I don't like eating unhealthy food so that will be one of my goals. It's good that you have hopped back on the wagon after letting go since that's the way you build good healthy habits rather than giving up if you slip one time. Time tracking well on the wayside also for me, it takes surprisingly much time and energy and seemed also to take the fun out of things when I had to first log the things on paper. That's why I've just been following in my head what I've done and been more mindful about it which has worked as well. Good work utilizing travel time, it takes surprisingly much time.
  14. How are you doing now? Did the med changes top messing your body or are you fine?
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