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  1. So 2 weeks in and I'm a bit late with an update. Quest 1 is going well, getting stretching in most days and I can really see a change in my range of motion, and just moving around like that really seems to be helping. Quest 2 I've been about 95% successful, I had a little gluten so I consider this a success. I'm not even craving and kind of gluteny stuff which is great. Quest 3 is where I'm not doing so well. No work towards this goal at all. I have upped to walking more, and I've been more conscious of when I've been sitting too long. I have also ramped up how much I've been doing around the
  2. I'm right there with you. I'm starting slow instead of trying to all the things at once. The other thing I'm doing differently from before is not beating myself up for not doing everything. It's not an all or nothing thing. Any step forward is a good step.
  3. Following my mostly successful 1st challenge I'm ready to racket things up a little. Quest 1 (dex): Stretch everyday in preparation for moving into some strength training next challenge. I plan on following something like http://phraktured.net/starting-stretching.html Quest 2 (wis): I've mostly cut out soda and fast food trips. This round I'm going to completely cut out gluten which seems to make me puffy and uncomfortable. Quest 3 (con): To move on to the next level from walking last challenge I'm going to start a running program like couch to 5k with the end goal of being able to run a 5k.
  4. Whoops, posted twice by phone. Ignore this please.
  5. I was looking into Fitbit or something when I found out my iPhone 6 actually tracks steps. The newish health app tracks all kinds of stuff and can pass the info to the Fitbit app (which is free). So I've been doing that for a week. From the brief searches I've done it seems the iPhone is mostly as accurate as the wrist devices. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I think this is the penultimate update for this challenge. Quest 1: Got this one pretty good this week. Got in 4 walks so pretty good. Quest 2: This is really easy now. I don't even want to stop for fast food or soda. So I think I've over the hump for this. Quest 3: This one is my nemesis. I can seem to only get to bed on time half the time. But I do get to bed earlier then I used to, which is something. All in all I think I'm doing well with this, and I'm already thinking of the quests for the next challenge so I really enjoyed this as well. Now I need to figure out all the level and
  7. Week 3 Update. Quest 1: Much better this week, got the walks in. Quest 2: Did great this week. I ate most meals at home and didn't stop for any kinds of fast food. So much easier too. Quest 3: This one was 50/50 this week. I did get to bed most nights but I still had a couple that I didn't make it in time. I did however go to bed earlier when I did miss my bedtime. So that's an improvement too. So I'd give this week a solid B for all the quests. Just over halfway into the challenge. I'm aiming for A's the rest of the time. Belkar is the best of the OOTS crew. I'm pretty sure the quot
  8. Week 2 update. Quest 1: I was %66.6666... successful on this quest. As in I walked twice this week. So not too bad. Quest 2: The beginning of the week was rough, not getting enough sleep and going to get too much soda and fast food. Got better towards the end of the week, and I'm feeling optimistic about this weekend and next week. Quest 3: As was the case with quest 2, this started out rough at the beginning of the week and turned around by the end. The past 3 nights I've gotten to bed at a reasonable time, and today I was up at 6:30am on a weekend without feeling super tired. So trendi
  9. I actually work for a natural foods grocery so there is a bunch of good for you food available. But those are all good ideas. After a week I think I'm about 50% successful. Goal 1 I did pretty good and got 3 walks in despite the weather. Goal 3 I did poorly and didn't get in bed before 10pm at all. And goal 2 was50/50. If I judge goal 2 on a 80/20 split between healthy and unhealthy food I actually did pretty good. And really just thinking about it more and not throwing the baby out with the bath water when I do opt for more unhealthy food. So even when I did eat poorly it was less then I woul
  10. I guess I'm a little late getting started. Hopefully I figured out this part enough. This really looks like a fun way to get healthier and reach goals. I don't have any of the RP stuff yet, I still need to read a bunch of that stuff and figure it out. But I noticed this challenge had just started and wanted to get in here and get working on things. Introduction: Hey rebels, I’m new here and this is my first challenge. I’m 40 year old IT manager, and I need to get my health back on track before I really get too old to do that. I also have a 10 year old daughter I want to set a good exampl
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