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  1. Week 1 - Everything went perfectly fine All goals achieved! Week 2 - not so well as I wanted Goal 1: only 1 day of gym Goal 2: 1 day of conditioning, 2 days of flexibility Goal 3: achieved Side quest: almost achieved (did not give one class and did not attend two classes) So, my problem was that I got really sick Thursday afternoon and I'm still recovering! So everything I had to do Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today was not possible (except for Goal 3). Let's see how next week will be, but I'm already thinking about reducing Goal 2 (parkour training) to 1 day of conditioning, 2-3 days o
  2. I'll sure reevaluate everything after trying everything this next week (this week everything went fine!) So, these are the vegetables/greens I eat because either I like them or I don't bother eating: collards, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, beets, onions, spinach, arugula, broccoli, parsley, chives, cilantro, basil, oregano. I have neve eaten most of other salad components like chard and beet greens. And as I said, I have no idea of how to make them tasty xDDD I HATE beans! Like, raw beans. I only like them the way we eat them here in Brazil:
  3. Yes, I'm practicing Kung Fu (Hung Gar style)! Unfortunately I had to stop my regular classes this month because of $$$, but I'm training by myself until next month when I should be able to go back training with my Sifu! No, I don't have any how to make greens enjoyable xD I mean, I take a bunch of salad, cut some tomato, but some olive oil and salt and eat it (with the rest of my meal)... Anything you can add to make it feel better, please do! I study at night (6h to 22h, and some days to 21h). I'm a teacher also, but a private one, which means I only work when I have classes to give (so
  4. I'm definitely going to call my companions from the Order! You guys help me so much!
  5. I'll make sure I stop by the Monk's Guild! I am definitely a monk/assassin, but as for now I'm mainly focusing on Parkour, I decided that joining the Assassins made more sense!
  6. Hello everyone! So this is my second attempt into starting AND sticking to a 6 week challenge… I have quite a problem with focusing on things and continue doing them! Specially if I lose track of it for a few days. But now I’m back, with my awesome companions from The Order of the Stick, and I plan to succeed this time and joining the Assassin’s Guild! About me: I'm a 23 years old Brazilian girl from Rio de Janeiro who loves arts, literature, nerdy stuff and freedom of movement! I'm 1,62m tall and weight 64kg. I was reaaaaally skinny when I was 17 or 18 years old, because of depression,
  7. hey guys, sorry for not updating! but, I'm keeping the challenge until now! 8 glasses per day since the 14th ! Plus, I updated our Walk to Mordor sheet! :*
  8. Hey partner! So, at first, I didn't eat ANY salad! NOT AT ALL! So the fact that now I'm able to eat raw vegetables and leaves is a win for me. Of course I have to eat more of these than I do now... But I'm doing it slow. Also, I used to eat a lot of junk food (not so bad as fast food like Mcdonald's, still) when I was out, during workdays, because I didn't have time nor money to eat properly (either coming home to eat or eating at a good restaurant). So, when I was an intern, 2 months ago, I start bringing food to the office! Nowadays, I got out of the internship and I'm giving classes. So I h
  9. Welcome Hey it's 2km for me for now. Later I will have more to add Guys, introduce yourselves on our Facebook group. Nicknames of each one, somethings you want to share, etc. How about that? I'll do this myself later.
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