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  1. Ohps! This post supposed to be in the current challange.. (school boy error)
  2. Greetings! I created an account here for 4 days ago, find this site on Imgur, got really inspired ! I have a background in sports, icehockey & mountainbiking - but the last 6 years my life (i'm 29) has been about stress, work, drink & eat. I have gained 25 kg (55 lbs) the last 6 years. The mails i got from this site has been informative and inspiring. And puts a lot of focus on the "dont do everything at the same time" wich is one of my lifes unintentional mottos.. I would really keep this first 6 weeks in a reasonable level - so i really can make it ! I have some issues with my body, such as arthritis and last year i suffered with a depression because of this, i got some meds that helped me with my mental issues but was a apart of my gaining of weight Main Quest Feel comfortable to be seen in just underwear in front of my loved ones, today i cover myself up even in front of my girlfriend that i haved for 7 years. My goal is to feel comfortable with this in november 2015. I also want to get my energy back - today i have trouble getting up in the morning, having trouble not to walk up to my bed as soon as i comes home from work - just to slack. Quit my antideppressive meds is one of the biggest quest for 2015, it´s goint to be rough - but it´s needed. Quest 1 Dont go to bed before 21.00 in the weekdays. Use the time between work and bedtime for more productive things, such as working out, prepare some food for the week. But the head goal is - DONT GO TO BED BEFORE 21. Quest 2 Dont use elevators for 6 weeks. Quest 3 Go with the Paleo diet for 30 days - with 2 cheatmeals per week. starting - 2015-03-03 I´ve done this before and i know a lot about it. http://www.nerdfitness.com/NerdFitness_PaleoDiet.pdf Quest 4 I love spinning classes, my goal for this 6 weeks is to attend at 10 spinning classes. I was attending at 6 spinning class before i got sick in the flu for about 3 weeks, so now i need to start from the beginning again. Quest 5 reduce my boody weight 5 kg - 11 LBS in 6 weeks. Life quest Read a couple of pages in a book before bedtime - I love reading, but i just have forgotten about it for some strange reason, the book has been overrun by my smartphone.. Today i fall asleep with my smartphone in my hand, almost every night. Todays weight (2015-03-03) 92 kg - 202 lbs
  3. Hi there! Is that any NF:s in Sweden? I just begun my journey and it would be nice to have someone to chat with about progress and such.
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