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    It depends. Are you VLC or LC? Or just lower carb? Or higher carb? Buckwheat can be prepared well to get rid of a lot of the problematic compounds. Chris Kresser has a post or two about it; Stephen Guyenet has also written about buckwheat. If you're mostly avoiding toxic substances, then fermented buckwheat crepes and whatnot can be helpful with their magnesium content. If you're completely avoiding grains AND pseudo-grains, then you'll want to avoid buckwheat. It's not "paleo" , but I personally do well with it and not with most other grains and pseudo-grains.
  2. When will you be going through Albuquerque? We drove through there and went to a cool hot air balloon museum. Touristy, sure, but awesome all the same. They have a big festival in October. Not sure when it is this year, but it might be fun checking out. The Painted Desert (between Albuquerque and Flagstaff off of I-40) is gorgeous and well worth a stop, even if it's a bit touristy. It was beautiful when we went. Enjoy DC/Blue Ridge Pkwy. We're outside DC and just checked out some of the caverns near the entrance to Shenandoah Nat. Park. I don't really enjoy caves, but my husband and kids like
  3. I am gluten-free and generally eat "traditional" foods (essentially whole foods with emphasis on careful preparation of grains and legumes). I have been lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegan (before having to be GF and mostly soy-free), and paleo. Here's my thing: I *have* to be gluten-free. I don't *have* to be veg, paleo, etc. Now, ethically I do have some self-imposed restrictions. I try not to ever eat factory-farmed meat (my main reason for being veg back in the day), so I tend to eat veg when out. I generally feel there's no one perfect diet, just the perfect one for you. Awesome that you're do
  4. http://www.meandmydiabetes.com/2012/08/11/western-states-100-low-carber-wins-ultramarathon-steve-phinney-and-jeff-volek-study/ I'm really interested to know if any of you train and/or race LC/HF. It's been eight years since I ran a marathon and at the time I most definitely did not eat even a remotely high fat diet. Any thoughts? I'm wondering whether it makes more sense to eat/train this way at the ultra distances rather than, say, 1/2 marathon or marathon, or if performance would increase at those race distances as well.
  5. Here's a good response: http://understandnutrition.blogspot.com/ Essentially, the group studied had already had heart and blood pressure problems (and many were smokers). There are so many lifestyle factors to figure in when doing this type of study. But anyway, I like that overview. (I found it via Robb Wolf's Twitter.)
  6. I always have bone broth on hand for when I don't feel well. Sometimes I make it into hot and sour soup (NOT when I have a stomach bug). Most of the time I just drink the bone broth with a little salt in it. Coconut water sometimes helps too, for the electrolytes. White rice isn't exactly paleo, but it's fairly innocuous for most people and settles my stomach better than just about anything else. I couldn't do saltines even if I wanted to, and rice or plain, unsalted rice crackers are about as good as it gets (with a side of broth). Feel better!
  7. annakarenina


    Hey, no problem! My husband took some when we was on TDY somewhere last year. They were handy. Also be aware that they do offer a mil discount. Just email them! (That's what makes me think they do in fact ship overseas to APO/FPO.)
  8. annakarenina


    I like Larabars as emergency food. Most have just dates, nuts, and some other fruit. Crunchies are great snacks--my kids love them. Are you aware of Paleokits? http://stevesoriginal.com/ I think they ship to APO/FPO addresses.
  9. This week I've got a total of 8 miles. Yesterday I walked 5 miles, during 3 of which I was carrying a 35 lb child. The other three were in 1 mile walks. So far my ankle's holding up okay, so next week I'm going to try to turn those 8 into all running.
  10. I've been keeping up with the strength and nutrition stuff. I walked a ton this week, but didn't run a lot. I found that if I do sets of 10 squats/10 pushups throughout the day that my ankle can better handle it. Of course I'd like to do the 50 all at once for both exercises, so I'll be upping the reps per set as I can. Yesterday we took the kids into the city (DC) and walked from the tidal basin around a few monuments, up to Pennsylvania Ave and some eats, then back around the other side of the tidal basin back to the car. Overall I think we walked about 5 miles or a little more. I carried o
  11. Hi! Those sound like great goals.
  12. I am finding running post-injury takes a LOT more mental effort, just concentrating on my foot placement. But it feels so good.
  13. I speak passable Spanish and Russian (though it usually takes me a couple of days to get back into them). I can read them both pretty well, much better than I can speak them currently. It's been a few years since I used any spoken Russian. I can also speak enough Mandarin to order at a restaurant and find public restrooms, but beyond general pleasantries I don't know much other than a few specialized vocabulary words. I can figure out a good deal of written Italian and French, but those are the two languages I'd most like to learn to SPEAK. I'd also like to learn Swedish, since my maternal f
  14. Our neighborhood has a really nice outdoor 50m pool. I've been trying to go in the evenings when there's no threat of major thunderstorms (which leaves few days to swim, actually). I'd love to get back into open water competition. I LOVED it. So much less boring than seeing that T at the end of the pool. Only regret about coming back to the sport is that in the 9 or so years since I swam regularly I've gotten really, REALLY slow. I know most of the people swimming laps at the pool wouldn't know the difference, but YIKES. At least my technique is still good except for in butterfly.
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