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  1. We managed to get all the stuff from our old place and now I'm spending most of the day on unpacking, decluttering and reorganizing of space. Hopefully I'll by finished by the end of this challenge and get back in February.
  2. Day 9 I'm really tired. Day 10 Today was the worst. I got in an argument wirh my boyfriend yesterday. He came home and started argueing with me and his mother for packing his stuff up. But he can't do it himself. He really struggles packing at least one boy a day. I just wanted to help. And at night his friend called again, because she had a nightmare. I hate that woman. Why can't she give us a break?! University was really hard. I couldn't stand an unfriendly teacher and decided to let it be for the day. I left his lecture and went to so a friend during his lunch break t
  3. Day 8 - not enough sleep; I'm waking up early and can't get back to sleep - only 7k steps; lot of workout handling boxes; squats and carrying them in the cellar - did my Yoga and meditation 8n the morning - cooking was relaxing
  4. Week 1 summary Sleep could be better. I got >8 hours on two days. I'm going to bed late and wake up early. At least I was able to use the mornings productive. I got >76k steps this week. That's over 10k a day. So I'm confident, I could get in 10k on a daily basis. Saturday I felt sick and Wednesday was only slightly under. Caffeine could be better. Tuesday is my regular cheat day. I have to get up really early. Friday there was leftover black tea, when we had guests and I couldn't resist. Sunday was the free Vanille Cappucino incident. At least I used
  5. Super busy until 10.11. Not sure if and when I've time to update here. Yoga goes well, caffeine could be better. I'm getting things done.
  6. Day 7 We went to the museum today. I couldn't resist a really good Vanille Cappucino, they offered for free. Getting out was nice after yesterday. In the evening we packed some more boxes and I took care of the laundry. Yoga was really nice although I'm a little asore from yesterdays chore exercises.
  7. Day 6 I got sick. So I didn't go to a party in the evening nor did me and my bf go to an art exebition, I wanted to see with him. Damn. Instead I searched for something to eat, that wouldn't upset my tummy. At least I was fine in the morning and managed to get in yesterdays and todays yoga video around 7am.
  8. Day 5 I got into christimas spirit by decorating the house. We also got rid of all the broken and old stuff. There was so much christmas decoration under the roof. I was really impressed. Afterwards I was at university for five hours. That was a really intressting lecture about SelbstBewusstSein. So it's about self esteem and beeing aware of yourself. Great! But now I'm really tired and I haven't eaten much. I guess the rest of the day I'll try to calm down, do my yoga and eat something. Geesh. It didn't help, I was stuck in the traffic often and long today.
  9. I wish you to get well soon. Nice to see another Hogwatch challenge. I'm trying to be more spirited this year, too. Usually the season makes me a little grumpy.
  10. I love soups, too. The next time I'll try to take a picture of my red beet soup and post it in the monk kitchen. It looks really nice and I like the taste of red beets. But I guess not everybody likes them.
  11. Managing my time is definitely a good idea. And if I wake up early, I at least want to spend the morning productive. 10 hours would be too much for me either. Can't imagine half the day sleeping. Bread workout xD I just shouldn't eat too much of it. I definitely have mixed feelings. It's hard to say goodbye after six years. At least he seems to like the place to. But I'm sure I'll find a lot of details that will make me miss our old place. For example there is no bathtube. And there is less storing place. A Chance to declutter! A few years ago
  12. Day 4 Woke up with a bad feeling again. So I tried to get that shadow out of my head with 5 Tibetans and a nice tea. Unfortunately I didn't get enough sleep again. At least Roibush with milk is a good substitute for black tea and I don't miss coffeine that much anymore. Later I did Day 4 of my Yoga challenge and 10 sun salutations. In the evening I meet up with my pen and paper group. All in all it was a nice day after all.
  13. Day 3 I got enough sleep, finished preparing my meals in the morning and went to university. There I had a nice chat with a student in my age. It's nice to meet new people, you instantly seem to conect to. During lunchbreak I did the third yoga video and read some more texts. In the morning my emotions were still a little all over the place. Maybe because of the bad dream. After yoga I felt much calmer and more focused. So the rest of the day could go on just fine and in the evening I finally found some time to relax with friends again.
  14. Day 2 Self care was really needed today. I didn't sleep enough and drank a cup of Koawach in the morning. Somehow I first felt a little dizzy and I didn't want to eat anything in the morning, but I was warned not to take my meds on an empty stomach. Until lunch I felt better. I was really motivated to complete my tasks. After a few hours I was really tired again and decided to do some meditation and complete the second yoga video. Afterwards I could continue my studies. In the evening I met up with his mother to bake a cake. That was nice. I'm just trying to make something of
  15. @Machete @sarakingdomMy thought O_O I'll try this at least once. I'm not feeling comfortable with going to training irregular. Life is really busy at the moment and I hope to get back in half a year. @ChrisWithaStickA friend of mine was editing Wordpress sites as job and didn't really like it. He said if you have a specific site in your mind, it's easier to built from scratch. But that's just the opinion of someone who is fluent in webprogramming. I would go with a Wordpressdesign, too. If you don't mind the ads. Bytheway, it's a good time to update your amazon wishlist
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