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  1. Day 7 Sunday 16k steps. I visited a friend and we went for a walk and chilled in the towns park. It was a really good day. Not much sleep. We haven't met for a while and talked until late at night. So fitbit counted 50.4 k steps this week. I want to hit 70k. So I would have needed two 20 minute exercises this week. Next week I'll try harder.
  2. Day 6 7.7k steps better than the last few days. 20 minutes Ring Fit Adventure. So I got in my first exercise session this challenge. Squats, crunches, ... I didn't sleep much Friday to Saturday. Me and a friend were gaming until 5am online. I totally lost track of time.
  3. Finally I got in a 20 minute workout with Ring Fit Adventure. I was really exhausted. But I'm glad I got in the 20 minutes, I decided to do beforehand.
  4. Day 5 3k steps. I should really try harder. And I went to bed around 5 am. I have vacation now and I spent to much time on Twitch. I tackled the scale this morning and I'm shocked. 85 kilos... 170 pounds. I never ever weighed that much. Damn.
  5. Day 4 3k steps. My day was really full. Maybe its going to be easier, when I get more sleep, get up early and walk to work. I'm taking the bike every morning, because it's faster. Walking would only take me about 20 minutes, so it's not that hard. I went to bed around midnight. After my role play session, I wanted to stream a bit on Twitch. I'm playing Yakuza Like a dragon and I really enjoy the game. I have Friday to Tuesday off, so I'm going to tackle my third goal the next days. This challenge is more a preparation challenge. I'm not going to rate it. It's about showing up, trying and getting ready for the next challenge. The last few years have been a struggle and I think it's important for me to learn taking it slow, but still doing little steps every day.
  6. Glad to hear the test was negative. Getting sick isn't fun, but at least you know better and give yourself some rest. I got sick last week and feel much better after resting, drinking tea and sleeping it off. Somehow society makes us feel guilty, when we can't give 150% all the time.
  7. Day 3 8,4 k steps... I'm getting better in standing up during work and I was a little more active than yesterday. Also I made a little longer trip than necessary to the supermarket. Today I realised how much out of form I am. I went up the three stairways to the flat and was breathing a little heavy. Damn. I'll at least try to get to bed before 11 pm, but I'm not sure. Somehow the days doesn't have enough hours. I hope I'll have some time to check out some other challenges later this week, when I have a few days off. It's an odd feeling to write here again. It's been such a long time since my last challenge. I think I forgot how to stick to things.
  8. Day 2 6k steps. I went for a little walk before going to bed. In bed 11 pm. Better than yesterday. I managed to get up early and take a shower in the morning.
  9. I'm sorry for your loss. It's all right to grief and giving yourself time for getting used to changes. Your challenge looks good. I know you can handle a lot of goals at once. Best wishes.
  10. Yesterday wasn't good 5k steps, no exercise and I went to bed around midnight. I didn't hear my alarm this morning and was a few minutes late for work. Damn.
  11. Trying to get back again. It's been 3 years. At least that's the last challenge I found in my signature. That's an odd feeling. I hope there is still anybody I know from back than.

  12. Luciana Valerosa Culming - Come back Hi, I'm back again. I'm Kate. I'm 34 years old now. I fell off the saddle again and try to get back on. So this is a respawn challenge. I would have started a week ago, but I caught a flu and then I thought it was better to do four weeks than waiting again and not trying at all. My long term goals: - lose weight (I haven't weighed in again. But I guess it's about 30 to 40 pounds I should lose. I'm a bit scared.) - get back into exercise (I used to do sports daily, now I struggle with getting in 10k steps a day) - sleep hygiene and coffeine intacke - meet some folks (corona was't good for my social life) - finance (I have an excel sheet, but I only use it every few months) - Spend time with the cats regularly (When I get depressed I don't play with them enough) - mental health, mindfulness Challenge goals: - 10k steps or small workout 5 days a week - get into bed before 22:30 (without my phone) - get the finance sheet up to date before the next challenge (I haven't updated it since March, so this will be a big task. I need to write down my expenses from March till the end of August.) And now time for some motivational music - Triggerwarning swear words:
  13. We managed to get all the stuff from our old place and now I'm spending most of the day on unpacking, decluttering and reorganizing of space. Hopefully I'll by finished by the end of this challenge and get back in February.
  14. Day 9 I'm really tired. Day 10 Today was the worst. I got in an argument wirh my boyfriend yesterday. He came home and started argueing with me and his mother for packing his stuff up. But he can't do it himself. He really struggles packing at least one boy a day. I just wanted to help. And at night his friend called again, because she had a nightmare. I hate that woman. Why can't she give us a break?! University was really hard. I couldn't stand an unfriendly teacher and decided to let it be for the day. I left his lecture and went to so a friend during his lunch break to get things off my chest. Afterwards I went to a nearby cafè and cuddled some cats while reading about Mindfulness for my presentation. That was really good. I'm so glad, I was listening to myself. Day 11 Finally I was able to sleep more than eight hours again. During yoga I realized, why I'm doing this challenge. It really helps me to focus on my yoga practise, do meditation and care for myself. I really need this to get through this emotional times.I have to get my strength back to make some important decisions in the near future.
  15. Day 8 - not enough sleep; I'm waking up early and can't get back to sleep - only 7k steps; lot of workout handling boxes; squats and carrying them in the cellar - did my Yoga and meditation 8n the morning - cooking was relaxing
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