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  1. HIHI! I'm sorry Lilith . I'm still going strong (surprise huh ). I log a ton on GMBs forum (Alpha Posse) that's why I don't update here a lot.. I also came to realize I shouldn't be as strict on my goal-setting as I have been. I mean, it doesn't really matter if I reach a goal a week (or even a month) later (or earlier). I'm still working towards the goals in this thread, but I lowered the expectations on myself a lot and I'm focusing on enjoying the process more! I'm improving and enjoying everything, regardless if I get these goals this week or in 3 weeks
  2. Well, I hate to defend myself here, I do it only to prove my point. 2 years ago I was a fat fuck (100kg pure fat) playing video-games 14 hours a day, no physical activities whatsoever. As a child I was active in table-tennis, but never anything that required strength, flexibility or motor control. I certainly struggle more with feeling invincible than being realistic, and I agree there needs to be a balance between them at all times. BUT, there is nothing unrealistic about thinking you can learn pretty much anything at the relatively low age as you and me, no reason. Of course, there are HUGE benefits from doing something as a child. My cousin for example practiced gymnastic as a child, he haven't been exercising at all for like 8 years, but he still does backflips, handstands etc like it's nothing. Because it's harder for us is in no way a valid excuse. You shouldn't take pride in "accepting" that it's harder for you, that's no less than an excuse, even if it happens to be true. If you can't or haven't got a certain skill/move, it's because your training is off in some way, nothing else.
  3. I'll do it for you Lilith ! Haha it really is very green! Thanks! I still fear the freestanding unfortunately, but it's getting better! It's completely illogical that I don't fear shoulder stands on rings at all, but handstands scare me to bits .. I know about the dip ROM, I've struggled to go deeper in the past but my shoulder mobility has improved greatly, I do very deep dips now . Also, don't be that guy to blame genetics and whatnot. I could give you 500 reasons/excuses I'm not in any way "natural" for handstands or hand-balancing, but it doesn't matter because I don't let that define me, I'm going to be fucking great at hand-balancing, that's all that matters. You should try a similar mindset, I'm no less "natural" for this than you (or any other).
  4. Goal 4 (Ring Flow): Muscle-Ups & shoulder-stands are progressing nicely! Still a way to go to full extension on shoulder-stands, but I’ve been improving these A TON recently so I see no reason that will stop. Goal 5 (Conditioning): I’m slacking on sprints (as-usual) but I’ve been incorporating HIIT 4-5 times per week using the heavy bag at the gym or animal movements at a high intensity (which is really damn fun & tough btw). Goal 6 (Handstand):Progressing slowly. I’m starting to understand how to rebalance etc, and I’m not as scared of falling. My biggest challenge here sure is mental, I have the prerequisites to get this quickly, I just need to get past the fear and mental barrier. Goal 7 (Pistol Squat): Feeling good. I’m going through the progressions quickly. No doubts I’ll get this one. Goal 8 (Front Splits):My overall flexibility is improving greatly, so my front splits should be improving as-well! I’ll keep my focus on mobility up and I’m sure the progress will be great! Goal 9 (Meditation):I’m feeling more mindful for sure, more in-tune with my body. I do not meditate strictly 2 times a day tho, I find myself meditating here and there throughout the day. I think that’s a good thing. Overall I feel great. I'm going strong & improving greatly in every aspect. I don't see a lot of reasons to update here frequently though, I'll just drop in when I feel like it, my goals will be met regardless.
  5. Update Goal 1 (Deadlift): My Deadlift was extremely weak last week, I struggled to lift 160kg, I redeemed myself today and pulled 170x3 beltless. Felt extremely good, and the 200kg DL seems just a bit closer! Goal 2 (Front Squat): Video above! Form is improving, depth is great! Goal 3 (Bent Arm Stand): Doing the Bent Arm Bear daily (to condition for the Bent Arm Stand), I can almost do the Bent Arm Stand on parallel bars, I have another week to learn to do it on the floor!
  6. Yeah I agree it was a bit ambitious. What I've been doing this week so far is doing a couple of sets (5+) after my warm-up just before I jump into my session, then a couple of light sets (on wall) after my session before I cool-down & stretch. It has been working really good, the handstand seems like a really great way to get a feel for where you are that day so you can adjust how hard you can go for that session! I've also seen huge improvements in my handstands recently! I'm getting the hang of how to adjust my weight to rebalance, it's not rare that I hold a full handstand for 5s+ before I even touch the wall when I kick-up against a wall! So it's looking good for the handstands right now !
  7. Good job my sneaky-cat friend ! I feel like you become more and more of a cat-frog! Ps. I'm gonna share some fun variations on the frogger this week on my thread, I'm sure they'll make you (at-least) as cute as the cat above
  8. Awesome to hear man! Transmute this energy for your practices, hehe!
  9. Hehe yep, thanks for the tip mate! Yeah my technique ain't good. That's actually what I've been focusing on recently though, elbow drive, stride lengths etc. I'm not too worried about my knees, it's not a pain at all, and it's rarely even a discomfort, it's more in my hips when I approach top speed. It might be because I sprint after my ring training and maybe I don't warm my legs up enough and they are stiff after 1.5h of upper body work. I'll try to warm-up a lot next time (tomorrow, actually )! I'm so amped up for the next week! I feel fully recovered as predicted! My mind is on point and I know this week will be my best yet (ever). I'll make insane progress this week, I can feel it!
  10. Haha, yep of course:p It looks very exciting but I need to calm myself and not overwhelm myself xD! I will get it in the future for sure though:)!!
  11. Thanks guys. I'm feeling better already. I'm sure it was a combination of everything. It's nothing major at all, just me not being as tip-top as usual;)!
  12. Week 1 Summary: What’s been good:Nice progress on Rings, especially shoulder stands & L-sits.Lost plenty amounts of fat, looking more ripped. I’ll cut for another week then jump back into a small caloric surplus.What’s been bad:Have not followed my plan for Handstands.Sprints feels crappy. My hip or knee seem to hurt as soon as I go all out for sprints, so I always back down. I feel no pain whatsoever until I begin sprinting. Very annoying.My body is quite worn down. I've crashed and fell asleep in the bathtub a couple of days in a row. I skipped my lifting today and did a whole stretching session following Kit Laughlin's "Master the Squat" program. I'll rest tomorrow as-well and be ready to rock as usual on Monday!What needs to happen next week:Change my plan for Handstand practice. Instead of trying to do handstands throughout the day I will do 5 sets before every session (as warm-up), and 5 sets after every session (as cool-down) for a total of 20 sets each day.FoamRoll more, aiming for 30min each day. Optimally just after waking up & just before bed. Hopefully this will help me keep up with my sprinting.Simplify my "Yin" sessions. They will be more focused around movement exploration,play and flexibility from here on.I'm as confident as before the challenge that I'll reach all my goals. I did expect bumps on the road, so I'm not caught of guard. Keep going friends!
  13. The core is the core to everything maaaen! Have a blast in Paris:)!
  14. Haha! They are a great exercise! Really makes you stay tight and really "dominate" the weight Yeah it was ok. It was kinda weird to not look at my phone for notes, but I'm not worried that I won't progress since I love pushing myself as it is anyway ! I think I'll do good without a plan! Time will tell!
  15. Week 1, Day 3 Session 1 was my gym session! I began with some Deadlifts. I tried some paused Deadlifts, they are really brutal for sure! Pausing just after lifting off the floor completely throws you off and forces you to stay that much tighter! It's an really awesome way to train the Deadlift! Before you guys start freaking out that my upper back is rounded for the paused deadlifts, I'm aware of this and it's on purpose ! I followed up with my Front Squat focusing on the form. I need to keep the weight more toward my heels for these, and not let the weight come forward. I also need to push my elbows up at all times! Then I did some explosive exercises. Weighted box jumps were really challenging and fun! I was on fire this session for sure. I did 1 min of speed rope between every single set and finished the session going all out on the heavy bag for tabata intervals (4 rounds aka 16min). It was good too see that my conditioning is top notch still, my anaerobic conditioning, that is Session 2 it was Floor 1 time, today was hand-balancing day! Crow holds, Double Arm Levers & Handstands ! I practiced a lot of handstand bailing today. Headstand to forward roll for example. I'm getting more comfortable with it, but I know that what I really need to do is just STFU and try a freestanding handstand. My wall handstands are looking really good btw. I "found" this cue that I should "look through my eyebrows" down towards the floor. This is a great way to transfer some weight and float of the wall! I can float off the wall 5-10s pretty frequently. I finished the session with some Movement exploration & free flows. I'm really starting to crave movement. I always train barefoot outdoors and I really feel so much better mentally and physically by being in touch with nature. There's no doubt that we (humans) are meant to move in nature daily. Now it's time to go eat a shit-load of food (like every evening), foam roll like crazy and get ready for tomorrow!
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