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  1. Thanks a lot for this Paul, excellent answer. I think for the time being I'll forget about a refeed day, "lean" still being just a city in china for the moment. Thanks again, Luds
  2. Hi Guys, after falling off the wagon and gaining some weight I'm back on the ride, trying not to repeat my mistakes and whatnot. Currently eating at a 500 calory deficiet from my approx base rate and excercising 3 times a week with the Steve's beginners bodyweight workout to get a base level to build on again. Last time I lost weight I basically just cut cals all the time and ended up plateuing. This time I'm planning on going for the 500 cals deficit until I hit 1900 cals while gradually increasing excercise. Since my metabolism adapted to the low amout of enegery coming in the last time, I was thinking on how to avoid that plateau thing and checked the source of all half-truths, aka the electric interwebs, and came across the "refeed" day. Sources I looked at roughly said: On day every fortnight, eat 20 % more cals than required for base maintenance, and try to make it protein and "good" carbs. Has one of yous done some deepr research/analysis on the topic or practical experience? Like the idea of having a holiday from reason every fortnight, but am wondering if that whole concept is just another "definetely maybe" the net is full off. Would appreciate your input. cheers Luds
  3. Congrats on your achievements so far and change in lifestyle. No mean feat , that. Reaching a plateua can be very frustrating when it's been going steady for some time, but try not to get too annoyed by it and force it by cutting heavily or overtraining. That can be counter productive. Think it would be helpful if you start counting calories (and macro intake) with an app , that will give you some more details to work with (and to share with the forum.. very smart and experienced folks around here (no that doesnt include me) Top of my head and without more data: - try mixing up the food composition a bit. Throw in some fruit, veg and nuts. - Maybe you have reached the point where your cal intake has been so low for a prolonged time that your body adapted to the situation. Check how much your body needs (lots of calculator apps out there for that which give you at least a rough idea to start from) and if your cal intake is way below that.
  4. just remembered you digging Old Blood... give these guys a spin... bit heavier, but i find em a hoot and a half


  5. Think Halo gave a good pointer; "just" try to add weight training to your live; don't change anything else. (btw, big kudos on the food preperation and habits) If you want to loose more weight you might consider strength training. It will burn calories and the increased muscles will additionally require more energy to be maintained. I'd suggest to initially work with a trainer at the gym to create a plan that suits you and to learn the right forms when doing excercise. It's just quicker and easier than doing all the research yourself. Take stock of how you feel, sleep, weigh before you start, note it down and forget all about it. As you so rightly say, focussing on this kind of stuff can ruin ones time. Give the training 2 or 3 months, take stock again and compare with what you noted down at the start. Good luck and enjoy
  6. Oh, I went to my doctor, told him I had this for some time and got the sage advise that it seems to be "tennis elbow" , to stop exercising for a fortnight and take Ibuprofen tablets and if that doesnt help I'll need to go see a Physio. 5 minute consultation, 50 quid. have to admit that i dont have the money to burn for another "professional".
  7. Morning Guys, got a bit of a tennis elbow. Ordered a funky rubber stick to do exercises with (twisting motion, hard to describe) , but was wondering if any of you have other advise on a fix in terms of specific exercises. cheers luds
  8. Good on you, grats!. A fitness program will be helpful. Will provide a structure around which to build something new and in my experience the physical effects of a workout can counter a lot of the mind-stuff that has me looking for some holiday from reason and the real. (i.e. after a good session I tend not to care and overthink too much and such)
  9. Thanks a lot to you guys, this was really helpful. MANY thanks for spelling this out for me. Going to ramp up the intake back up to 2250 and restrict the weighing to once a month. Just writing that already makes live much nicer. ... dang.... @Ajaxus I think you nailed it: Seems I got stuck in that wrong mindset. Many thanks to pointing that out and providing so much valuable guidance. REALLY appreciate it!
  10. Thanks Ajaxus for this, appreciate the input Have to say that I am not thrilled by the idea of going down 250 myself, finding the 1500 to be quite a drag already. Currently 91.2 kg / 14.5 stone / 201,6 lbs at 1,81 m / 5.93 foot. Been loosing approx 1 kg / 2 lbs for the last couple of weeks on that count, but that has stopped for now. Hence the idea of moving down in cals until loss picks up again. Idea is to get rid of the fat and try to loose as little muscle as possible and then start work on adding muscle mass again to fill in the loose skin thats left and won't fix itself over time.
  11. Thanks a lot guys. Yeah, I took that waay too serious. Currently running on around 1500 cals a day and doing some cardio and weights 4 to 5 days a week. Not really counting down to the macro level yet; only kept an eye on eating protein rich(er), ie chicken, eggs and fish. Guess I'll start looking into the whole composition thing deeper before i test going 250 cals less. can't risk mood swings and whatnot
  12. Crashed hard in terms of my diet and binged on carbs (bread and tea biscuits). Just clicked and went medieval on tea, dark wholewheat bread and bickies. (... wow.. i am SO old...). Not compensating for bad mood or stress and such.. just had this "aghh" I want this moment. Not sure what happened there, but as it pretty much screwed up my weeks calorie count I'd like to prevent it from happening again. Will try a 2 egg microwave omelette next time and have a cup of St Johns Wort tea, but would very much appreciate other suggestions please. cheers
  13. Travelling on business the last couple of weeks; tried to be good, watching what i eat and kept to poultry etc, but have to start looking into body weight exercises.. gyms in hotels, even "good" ones, suck. Can't wait to get back home tonight and get back to the office and gym tomorrow to get back into some sort of groove
  14. Gym before work. Overhead Press and deadlift. De-loaded as the trusty app advised. Nice. I can still lift stuff heavier than the remote. In a good mood, starting to accept the fact that I "can do anything but not everything"... i.e. stuff will start to fall at work and only important bits done, otherwise I'm bound to start compensating the stress with junk. mad culture where there is so much effing noise that deciding what not to do and who to ignore becomes more of a key skill then actually doing the work properly. But well. I'll just throw the wrong old core believes into the trunk and take them out to the desert. Breakfast Wholegrain bap Slice of Mortadela tbsp of pure fruit jam 3 tea buicuits coffee with milk morning break: coffee with milk fried egg 1 small pork sausage scone lunch tbd dinner
  15. Kind of fell of the wagon for a couple of weeks, allowing work related stress to pull me down. Went to the family which did not have the desired effect whatsoever. Decided it was time for a "holiday from reason". Road-trip, alcohol, movies, poetry, alcohol, games, food, alcohol, painting, alcohol.. a good time was had, and a week of suffering and recuperation followed because apparently I'm not 21 anymore. Left me 5 kgs heavier, blue as feck and right were I started of course, so here we go... activating the logging function for the buggy system of Luds... Kicked off going to Gym again yesterday, bench-press, barbell row and some light leg work. Knee makes funky noises and smarts even with very light weights. Fell on it months ago, probably mucked it up. ooo for the next couple of weeks; have to check what doctor to see bout it when i get back. Went for a jog on the treadmill today,4 kilometres, altering between jogging and walking. Can't believe how quickly one looses form, both physically and mentally. Breakfast 2 slices of dark bread Tbsp of pure fruit jam Coffee with milk 2 slices of mortadella Morning break Rice cake Scone Coffee with milk Lunch Chicken breast with some wine sauce Green beans Carrots Dinner Bowl of salad with dried onions
  16. Luds

    Diet sodas

    ... ahh damn you guys... you got me all thinking and reading and stuff ! Appreciate all of your time, thoughts and input. Will put it to good use. ... ah heck... couldn't resist
  17. Hi Guys, been drinking a lot of diet sodas for some time now. Just love sweet stuff, but cut out refined sugars as much as possible. Just wondering why most diet plans etc tend to suggest only water, green tea and such, and don´t touch on artificial sweeteners as an option. Are they known/suspected of adverse effects in dieting? Stuff I found on the net so far was kind of "..yes no, maye.. i don´t know... can you repeat the questions...?" Would appreciate some thoughts/experiences. cheers
  18. Good on ya for getting back into the groove. Chicken and Tuna prolly will be your best friends now but if you waver, my personal fall-back / munch buffer is baby food, particularly apple/cinnamon rice cakes. (...though you DO get odd looks at the supermarket for putting salad, chicken, fruit, vodka and baby food on the belt at checkout. And before you even say anything... I KNOW... I should cut back on the chicken.. but it's just so damn tasty..) soda wise: switching from yumm to water cold turkey... is a brave choice. i dropped the sugar water and substituted it with a delightful mix of chemicals called diet coke/maxx/c'thulu that prolly will give me cancer but as alternatives go that one at least cushions the blow. Mate / Mate tea also is nice and has the added Bonus of working as an appetite suppressant for some folks
  19. Luds

    Post workout blues

    Just for completeness: Had to stop the heavy lifting for a while and just recently came to a weight level again that is close to my limits and experienced the same bad/sad mood after the session again. Fix for me is to eat breakfast/protein bar immediately after training. Allowing an hour or so to pass before eating won't do it.
  20. I ended up deloading more than 20% myself, as the only exercise i got was on the treadmill, extreme keyboard punching and full contact coffee cup wrestling... definitely will look at body weight training to bridge the gap next time. at the end it's just %'s and less weight/number ... but... damnit's vexing
  21. maybe ask about the type of diabetes she was diagnosed with so you know if you need to be aware of anything. If it comes natural you can ask what the whole diabetes thing means in the long run, ie long time effect etc.; just show interest and see if she's accepted yet that there might need to be some changes and take it from there. that's as much nudging i can come up with. a "blunt instrument" approach would be to check out the potential long term effects of diabetes if not handled properly and share the info.. as i say.. blunt approach that might get you in trouble, depending on tempers and whatnot
  22. Many thanks for the response. Back in the game now and heck were you right calling out the DOMS...
  23. Happy Friday and whatnot, I'm currently following a 5x5 lift plan and have taken a 3 week break, during which I substituted the sessions with treadmill walking/running Was wondering how much I should de-load to be save in terms of injury and soreness? Do yous reckon 20 % will do ?
  24. Preparing food in advance is a great approach; as you already say it makes tracking much easier and I also believe that the approach to working out you plan on is best. Adding a Gym to your schedule would just add more time pressure, you don't need that. Very realistic plan. Nice!
  25. Luds

    Post workout blues

    Many thanks guys. Re the social aspect: I work out at 7 in the morning before work usually the only person around, but i kinda like the peace and quiet... that said... my first reaction to the notion was a quick knee-jerk "naaaa"... guess it's worth having another look. Good call.(/grumble) Will also up the protein in the morning and try moving the sugar to after the workout and see how that goes. Thanks for that tip, something sweet to kick off the workday sounds like a very good plan. Will also try to cut down on the caffeine in the morning, just to see if it might be a bit of a crash/come down ... but that is a scary notion... decaf... I mean... wow...
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