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  1. I want to see a picture of your Courage Soldier. In case you were looking for a new drawing project to work on.
  2. Week 1 Recap, because I've been terrible about posting. Challenge started really rough, thanks to allergies, but I think week 2 is going much better. Quest #1 - Train to face the Red Bull: 1/3 Missed one because of allergies, skipped the second one to let the kids stay up late to watch Inside Out which we got for Eldest Daughter for her 5th birthday. (My favorite character) Quest #2 - Escape from Mommy Fortuna: 1/3 Not a total fail, but need to get better. My hip flexors will thank me, after complaining loudly. Quest #3 - Eat a taco: 6/7 Tracking is going really well, getting some good data about adjustments to make to my diet. Namely, more protein and less fat. LUYL #1 - Travel on: 4/5 Hitting my days, but also doing it in the morning instead of at night. It would probably help to do this at night to get a better jump on my day. LUYL #2 - Sparkle & Shine: ?/7 - Not sure, I'm pretty sure I hit a couple days last week, but I didn't track it More tracking/might adjust this goal. Hubby and I realized that we were falling into patterns of expectations that don't match what we're good at, so we're switching who does the bulk of the inside & outside work. Which means I've spent my sink time clearing blackberries out of the yard. I think that should count for something... LUYL #3 - Talk to the butterfly: 1/3 Didn't do anything aside from the lesson. Have to figure out how/when to make time for practice. Has to be after the kids are in bed, otherwise I have to fight for the piano. Averages out to about 50%, so I'll need to pick up the pace in week 2.
  3. So I totally forgot that the challenge started on the 8th. So, here we are... Thursday of W1. Recap flashback W1: Quest #1: 1/3 - Work sets 63lbs*3*5 last night, mostly just to get moving again after damn allergies knocked me for a loop last week. Why do all the trees have to bloom at the same time? Quest #2: 0/3 Quest #3: 4/7 - Learning some things from the data, mostly that I eat too much sweets & fats & not enough protein LUYL #1: 4/7 - Helps when I do it, doesn't when I don't. Funny thing, that. LUYL #2: 0/7 - Need to stop using my allergies an excuse to not do this. My family needs me to stay on top of this so we have enough dishes to cook with. LUYL #3: 1/3 - Lesson on Tuesday, good stuff. Taking it a bit easy on my voice while my allergies balance themselves out.
  4. I'm just getting started myself. A friend of mine who helped me get started with this, and sells her art for a living uses Artist's Loft watercolors from Michael's. They're really inexpensive for getting started & experimenting to find out if you like watercolors. So when I started, I picked up a set of those and some of their brushes. I'd like to try their watercolor paper as well, but haven't gotten around to it. As far learning, hit up youtube, and search for "how to watercolor ____ " (insert the subject you're interested in there). You should find a lot of different ways & styles, then follow the artists/channels whose style you love. For getting started, I'd really recommend a channel called "The Mind of Watercolor": Hope this helps!
  5. Starting Measurements: Weight: 135.4 lbs Fat %: 30 Bust: Waist: Hips: Squat: 66 lbs OHP: 31 lbs Bench: 30 lbs Deadlift: 110 lbs ---- Quest #1: Trains to face the Red Bull Being brave enough to face the Red Bull will require an extraordinary measure of strength. Continue SS Programming 3x per week +3 STR Quest #2: Escapes from Mommy Fortuna Escaping from the Midnight Carnival requires dexterity of movement to sneak away from Fortuna and the Harpy. Foam Rolling 3x per week (training off days) +2 DEX Quest #3: Eats a taco Gaining strength and dexterity requires getting enough fuel in the tank. I am not looking to hit numbers for this challenge, because I think that would set me up to fail. Just to get in the habit of tracking. Once I have data for the month, I will look at adjusting my diet to hit the numbers. Track protein & calorie intakes 6x per week +2 CON LUYL #1: Travels on and on It’s a long journey to find the other unicorns, and that requires a plan. This quest is aimed at getting me to consistently plan out my days, so I’m not just floating through my days without know what I’m supposed to be doing. Bullet Journal 5x per week +1 WIS LUYL #2: Sparkles and shines A small habit to get shiny. Shine Your Sink 7x per week +1 STA LUYL #3: Talks to the butterfly I need to actually practice the lessons my coach is giving me. This is a target to build space into my schedule for that. Vocal Practice 3x per week (training off days) +1 CHA
  6. Ending Measurements: Weight: 135.4 lbs (-5 lbs) Fat %: 30 (+1.5 - highly unreliable measurements from my scale, I do not trust this number, but it is a number) Bust: Waist: Hips: (Will measure tonight & record here, definitely down across the board though. Clothes are fitting much better than they were a month ago.) Squat: 66 lbs (+11 lbs) OHP: 31 lbs (+11 lbs) Bench: 30 lbs (+5 lbs - all my missed workouts landed on bench days, because of course they did) Deadlift: 110 lbs (+55 lbs [x2!!])
  7. My body decided to send this challenge out with a curl-up-in-fetal-position-migraine, that then swung straight into a lost-my-voice-cold, so the last couple days of the challenge & moving into week 0 have been pretty rough. Recap: Quest #1: Missed 4 workouts total over the course of the challenge Grade: B +4 STR Quest #2: Definite improvement, still too much YouTube (damn those let's plays...) Grade: B + 2.4 WIS Quest #3: Started out strong, fizzled towards the end. I think a couple factors led to this outcome. I started prioritizing #2 over this in my limited time budget. I didn't have a plan for what this needed to look like. For next challenge, I think I will have two sub tasks to give myself a little more structure Grade: C +1.4 CHA
  8. W4D5: Quest #1: All lbs. Squat: 35*5 45*4 55*3 66*3*5 Blew through this work set. Apparently 4-5 days rest is good for my squats. OHP: 15*5 20*4 25*3 31*3*5 Felt fairly heavy, dropping the interval further to 2lbs. Deadlift: 55*5 75*5 95*2 110*5 Had a terrible time maintaining form throughout the work sets. Not sure if that was just because I was tired, or if I didn’t drop the interval early enough. (I was so excited to get back to triple digits.) For the next workout, I’ll use the same warm ups & decide on the work interval based on what I’m feeling. I may either keep it the same or go up by 3lbs. Quest #2: Nothing last night, been wrapping up some logo work for my parents' company over the last week so I'm counting that towards this quest. Quest #3: Definitely starting to make some serious traction in the adulting category. I'm giving the bullet journal another try, and it seems to be going better so far. ---- Thinking about the challenge wrap up & stat rewards. And looking ahead to the next challenge. Hey, I made it through a challenge.
  9. Yes. I would trade in a heartbeat. Someday. Someday I will move out of this gloomy gray corner of my country to somewhere the sun shines. Having said that, 40 C is a tad much. I'd prefer somewhere in the low to mid 30s.
  10. Shark week. Skipped a workout for the last couple days. Try again tonight. Not much in the way of creativity happening these days, just trying to keep my head afloat with keeping the family fed and clothed.
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