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  1. This! Or, my co-workers discuss Olympic events like the new Women's Boxing and how it was hard for them to watch it, with many sidelong glances at me, just waiting for me to blow up aboutg "unfeminine" sports.
  2. This. It's everywhere. Came upon this example while looking for advice on a wrist injury this morning.... the article was useless, incidentally. Because if you are a Lady Lifter, you are either doing 70 reps with two pounds, or you're Irene Andersen.
  3. "Wow, check out those biceps! Hey... could you move this sofa for me?" Eating a protein bar and a friend or co-worker gives me a "tip" that the high-sugar, 90 calorie, lotsa carbs, trace protein "Diet bars" are on 2 for 1 at the drug store. After 10 years of getting me girly stuff I don't use, family gives up and starts buying me running gear I don't use.
  4. Carrying a gym bag instead of a handbag.
  5. Yes! Related: I've now lost so much weight that my thongs are baggy. I didn't know that could happen.
  6. Go out to a coffee with girlfriends, sit there wondering what the macros are on my latte. Size 6 waist, size 10 quads. Never get comments on clothes or hair any more (okay that's not true, but only because my hair is neon), just on muscles. This is all totally valid. Hehe. Loving this stuff, keep it coming.
  7. In the same vein as "first world problems"... I'll start... I think I got protein powder in my makeup.
  8. Huh. Very cool, I'll pass this on to some of my friends. Nice to see my brand isn't "concerning", although it's still slightly lower than they claim...
  9. Wow, go away for the weekend, come back to lots of awesome responses... thanks for all the input, folks. This thread makes me happy. It's not actually that guys are being negative about it, I think... I mean, some of them have certainly seemed just genuinely impressed. It's just that on this particular thing, they send messages which are just that. And it's mystifying, and I don't really know how to respond. Like, people have made comments about other things - "great hair" is common, as it's a different bright color in each picture - but they always say other things too. I mean, I guess I cou
  10. I felt the same way the first time I tried it about two years ago. I thought the one I had was past its expiration date or something! I really like it now, though, after cutting a ton of sugar out of my diet, and eating the greek yogurt with honey for a while. Tastes adjusting to less sugar, I guess. Definitely going to have to try putting greek yogurt in my shakes. Mmmmm.
  11. I joined OK Cupid a while ago. It's great, but there's a hilarious/exasperating trend forming. One of my photos is me in the gym mirror, looking muscular, flexing bicep. I mean, it's pretty traditional to put a face photo and a body photo up on a dating site, right? Right. And that's my absolute favorite body shot. I've had lots of success and everything. OK Cupid even sent me an email saying "based on other people's activities on your profile, YOU'RE HOT, so we're gonna show you more attractive matches." That was nice for my ego! But I keep getting messages which say basically "whoa, you coul
  12. Maybe look for some "broomstick" skirts? When I was in high school (in the USA) I nicked a dark red silk one off my mom, and it was my go-to hippie skirt for years. So awesome that she eventually claimed it back... here in Scotland! They look great and are really low maintenance, great for travelling.
  13. I have a similar issue, and I don't have kids either. It's not that I have problems when I jump or run or anything, but just after I stop running, I have to get to a toilet immediately. It's like... everything from my waist down is just so tired from the running, and when I stop, ALL the muscles just give up the ghost for a while. That's interesting about your yoga teacher... I've definitely heard that yoga and pilates are good for your pelvic floor muscles.
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