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  1. Okay I'm a little late on my update about last week. I was a lazy piece of shit and it still shows haha I've been running! I wanted to see how long I was able to run without stopping. I made it to 15 minutes and then I had to stop because my (otherwise healthy) ankle started to burn, so I finished with the same distance back to the car in a 1:30/1:30 schedule. It went really well! Furthermore I did a pinterest-workout I found, which is a bodyweight box workout. I managed to find 2 decent structures to perform the exercises on, and then run between the two, a couple 100 meters. And boy did
  2. Haha wow what a week. I started off strong, riding my bike on monday to the future in-laws for our cat-sitting session while they were on vacation. One of them was very very pregnant so we had to watch her closely, so I took the bus home to feed our own cats and went back by bike which is about 20 km. It was a tough ride, against the wind and all but i was still proud of myself for doing it. However, said in-laws decided to cut their vacation short and we ended up back home the same evening. Tuesday I had another appointment to look at a car, and I had some time to kill before that,
  3. @Elastigirl I anticipated on easy to grow plants, for the balcony so i dont have a lot just yet, but I'll expand my collection to fill up the backyard! Right now I have radishes, carrots, oak leaf lettuce, rocket, basil, parsley and two kinds of thyme! One of the thymes has flowers so I hope it'll attract some bees. I'd like to add some rhubarb, tomatos, rosemary and mint! And of course some flowers, but I'm not sure what kind of flowers yet.
  4. 1. 3/4. I worked out 3 times this week: 2 runs, of which one 5k (!), one swim of 1350 in an hour. Bouldering didnt happen. I did stay active on rest day and not-bouldering day. 2. 7/7. I kept track of my exceptions every day, and had one day of clean eating. the exceptions that I made weren't all wise, but I was very hormonal this week so that explains why i had a harder time than usual in this matter. Normally I dont get hormonal, maybe 3 times a year or so, so i could afford this one. I'll discuss it with my dietician tomorrow though. 3. 3/7. I intended to use my journal every day
  5. Yesterday went a little different from what i planned. My therapy session was a little intense, so I was really looking forward to going climbing with my sister to get out of my head a little. Unfortunately, she called me and told me she had a cold and she didnt think it would be wise to go do something very tiring, like climbing. Instead, we met up for coffee in town. I ran into an old roommate of mine there as well, and later our mom joined us for a cup of coffee as well, so it was a very social and nice morning/noon. Afterwards, I went home with my mom and stayed a while. Then I went
  6. So today is my rest day. Well, it was supposed to be. I slept in and had a slow morning (afternoon...) but after that I started feeling a little restless so I decided to do some work in the backyard, which hasnt been getting attention for years but my downstairs neighbour moved out last week and now we get to use it, on top of our own balcony. Long story short, I ended up spending over an hour and a half removing plants (dead and alive), moving junk from one side to the other and sweeping and whatnot. It's not done yet but the neighbour will be coming over this evening to remove his old stuff,
  7. Wow you live near a beach?! That's so cool! Love the pictures! Also great to see the level of motivation! I have a question for you: how do you anticipate on weekends in term of drinking and (over)eating? Asking because this is a difficult theme for me as well...
  8. Love the goals and the honesty towards yourself! You´re already doing a great job by holding yourself accountable!
  9. @doctorake its a Peugeot 206! It's currently in the shop, where it will be nicely polished and revised for me :) The girl in the pic is my sister with her most charming face haha
  10. Thanks for the support everyone! My run yesterday was really nice, it was warm outside but it was my best run so far regardless! Today I was planning on going for a swim, but something came up... Being buying myself my first car! That took all day and after that I went out for dinner, which also went really well and according to my diet plan. I´m currently looking up what the pool has for me tomorrow, maybe just swimming laps but maybe a new aquafitness class or something! This weeks bouldering session is also planned, we´re going on friday, right before I go to pick up the new car! So
  11. I have this: https://www.lidl-shop.nl/CRIVIT-Dames-yogabroek/p100249935 Which I feel comes very close to sporty harem pants, they're for yoga but they are really nice and baggy so i use them for other sports as well - just not bouldering as they might be a little too loose for that, maybe in a smaller size it would work. In the pictures it doesnt look extremely baggy, and I've seen a lot of tall women replying here, but i'm quite short and it fits me quite baggy! Its a brand from LIDL, so for european people: you can probably order it on the website, I'm in Holland and i can orde
  12. Aaaaand... We´re off! Just starting the GOT download and then I´m off on my first run of this challenge! Tomorrow its swimming, somewhere this week me and my sister will be going bouldering again, and then I gotta squeeze in one more running session and week 1 will be complete! The weather is incredible right now, which gives me loads of energy so I´ll be using that! Good luck to everyone for this 4 week period! <3
  13. Well, here we are! After my post in the respawn point 2 weeks ago, I´ve been getting more and more pumped to make something of my life instead of being a lazy student. Also, on that note... I´m not a student anymore! I just passed my final exam after so many years of chaos, pain, wasted effort and whatnot. After I´ve been in a traffic accident in 2016, everything became different and difficult in terms of my degree. But now I can say I have my degree in social work, I graduated from university of applied science and I´ve just landed a very exciting job today! I feel like my ´real adult
  14. Alright, so this is about my second week after respawning. The first week I've been going bouldering with my sister, tho the place was quite far away we had a great time. I could definitely feel those extra 20 kilo's since the last boulder session about 4 years ago, which is a bit frustrating but as long as i avoid any steep overhangs I'll be fine. I guess it gives me even more incentive to get rid of the extra weight. Also went running once, which was really nice. I can feel my overall shape starting to improve, and I'm not as tired anymore afterwards either. Me and my BF signed ourselves
  15. Thanks for the support man! I'm a few days back in now, and Ive been going very strong with exercise, doing fun things like bouldering and enjoying my runs outside! Diet wise I'm sticking to my dieticians' plan, and it makes me feel a lot more energised already :) I have a lot of momentum right now and it feels great. Gonna start thinking of a good challenge for the next 4-week!
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