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  1. I forgot to include that I cooked this meal while dressed in my half-finished Mairon (Sauron) cosplay for Comic Con. Must have been quite the hilarious view.
  2. Yes, I believe it's tendinitis, then. That word sounds so nice while the German term for it is so long haha. We call it "Sehnenscheidenentzündung". Thank you
  3. So.... I'm still alive. Sorry for the radio silence (oops). I hurt my right hand about a week ago. I don't know the English name for it but it's mainly when your hand is overworked from writing/typing/etc. This is extremely crappy because I have exams right now. So I've been having to keep it slow when it comes to using my hand and therefore done little to no exercise. But fret not, Blue Team, this week I cooked! I absolutely love mushrooms and since I usually throw them in a pan with a bunch of other things I like, here's what I did this week. Kementári's Mushroom Pan: Ingredients: six mushrooms, three small tomatoes, a handful of grated cheese, butter - heat pan and add butter - cut mushrooms into slices and throw them in the pan - cut tomatoes into pieces and add into pan - when the mushrooms seem done to you, add the grated cheese and stir until it melts - scrape onto a plate and add seasoning of your choice (I added some basil, too) I love this because it's quick, rather healthy and absolutely delicious. Since I usually put in different things every time it also doesn't get boring. Result in the spoiler~
  4. "you may do 200 reps of any combination of the following" Am I understanding this right? Does this mean we do not have to choose one type of exercise but can combine them, as long as we do them correctly?
  5. WEEK 1 SUMMARY: What I mainly realised this week was how out of shape I am.... my darebee work out on Tuesday (?) had me wrecked and left me with aching muscles for three days. Also during my flexibilty work outs I noticed that I can't even rest my head on my leg when I put it up on the ballet bar. Well with my good leg I can but the other one - nope. Very frustrating. I just finished my second darbee work out and so my stats are: Darebee work outs à 3 sets: 2/10 (1x Artemis, 1x Amazon) Flexibility work outs: 2/10 Study sessions: 1/10 Not very happy with myself but at least I'm doing something again. Motivational gif in 3... 2... 1...
  6. As some of you might have noticed, I'd kind of vanished for a while. This was mainly because of our musical production of Jesus Christ Superstar which had me on/behind/around stage almost all day for the past month. Now that shows are over, we've all calmed down and getting back to normal, I've also decided it's time to get back into working out. Not that I'm overly motivated, but I know I definitely should. So here comes Kementári's third challenge, this time Game of Thrones style! A. Getting back into shape (+4 STR, +1 CHA) (because who wouldn't want to look like Gendry.... not that it did him any good in the end) Even though musicals are quite strenious, I've noticed my lovely core muscles fading a little so I want to get them back! Not only those, though. In this part of my challenge I want to focus on getting back on track strength wise. And since I have a lot of darebee work outs printed in our working out room, why not use those? Over the course of the challenge I will try to do 10 darebee works out of my choice (à 3 sets) over the entire challenge. A = 10 | B = 9-7 | C = 6-5 | D = 4-2 | F = 0 B. Remember that flexibilty goal of yours? Yeah... it's been a while... (I'd have a gif for the splits but those of you who know the scene also know that it's quite explicit) A while ago I set myself the goal to be able to do the splits by the end of the year. With this break I took, I doubt I'm going to manage but I'm definitely not giving up now. Maybe I'll get there beginning of 2016, who knows? So to get back into that, I'll pick up my old work out for this part: Pliés (demi & grand, position 1-5), comprés and tondues to warm up, maybe some fondues and grand battemends if I feel like it, followed by a 10min stretching session. Goal for this one: try doing 2 a week (1 is the minimum). Not going to grade myself on this. C. Life Challenge: Smart like a Lannister (+3 WIS) With exams coming up I must not only train my body but also my mind - so here's to this: 10 study sessions à 2x25min. May be studying alone or with friends. Study for 25min, take 5-15min break and then go on for 25min. Goal: achieve at least 10 points out of a possible 15 in every exam. A = 10 | B = 9-7 | C = 6-5 | D = 4-2 | F = 0 So yeah that's it for this challenge, let's see if I can keep it up...
  7. I just started classes again which means looooots of walking up and down stairs for me. Dancing steps don't count, I suppose?
  8. Ah yes here comes the time for my inner Tolkien geek to shine! I'd like to sign up for the elves, if there's still space for me. I was hoping for this theme to come up some time *jumps up and down excitedly* Heria, mellyn nîn! (Let us begin, my friends!)
  9. Wow that looks reaaally good! I'm trying to get to that point by the end of the year. Keep going!
  10. Managed my first two pull ups today!!

    1. awesomesue


      Congratulations! That is FANTASTIC!!!

    2. melsuarez


      Huzzah! I haven't done one of those since back in the monkey bars days...



      Congratz my w/man!! Fantastic feat, I can't even do 1 -_-

  11. So after taking a two week work out break because I had a friend visiting I'm back at it. Did a 1.5h workout with a friend today and noticed quite the progress with my splits! I hurt myself two weeks ago because I slipped during stretching and so I couldn't work on flexibility for a while to make sure it healed alright but today I noticed I'm only about 15cm (5.9 inches) from the ground. Six weeks ago it was 20cm. So despite the injury I'm slowly getting there! Here is a picture from during the last mini: And here's one from today: The pictures are different legs but at the moment both my sides are equal. Also my waist is turned in the second picture, I got a little lower before turning but otherwise my hand was in the way and you couldn't see the progress....
  12. Yesss, good, flexibility! I'm moving into this bunk right here. There won't be much splits progress in the next two weeks because I slipped when stretching a few days back and hurt myself but I can work on other things, too. Also yay, Star Trek!
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