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  1. I now have a fairly stable workout routine I do 3 times every week on average, and I'd love some criticism on it. I usually work out after a 15+ hour fast, which seems to have increased my performance compared to before. Here's the workout routine: I always do 5 repetitions per set. 1: 5 sets overhead press, 3 minutes rest, some form of squat between sets (split squat at the moment for example), since my gym has no rack. 2: 5 sets pullups, 3 minutes rest, dips between sets 3: 5 sets thigh abductor machine (I'm convinced they'll help my triangle choke in jujits
  2. I'm intermittent fasting 16 hours per day. My daily diet usually consists of: -1 lettuce with olive oil 1-2kg of mixed veggies, usually 1 eggplant, 1 brocolli stalk, 1 cucumber, 1-2 tomatoes, 1 bulb of garlic, and (sometimes) an onion cooked with a generous amount of olive oil. -1 protein source, either 10 eggs, 6 chicken legs with skin (not drumsticks, the whole leg, I don't know the word for this in English!) and once/week 1kg of ground beef. -1 scoop of whey protein with creatine I would really appreciate any criticism, my goals are to lose fat while gaining
  3. Will a program like this allow me (not in a month obviously, but eventually) to become flexible enough to touch my toes and do the splits?
  4. I find that I really enjoy them, assuming the rest of my diet covers my calory and macro needs can I munch on celery sticks all day?
  5. Thanks, I will do! Here's the update for this week, with my eating and workouts: http://puu.sh/hU3s8/aa4cd2014b.png Quest 1: karate Only one karate workout and no HIIT the whole week, even with the exams that's pretty bad!. --- C --- Quest 2: workouts 3 days at the gym and I found a new ab workout I like, even though I can't quite complete it yet, here it is:http://www.menshealth.co.uk/building-muscle/abs-workout/10-minute-six-pack-workout --- A+ --- Quest 3: stretching 5 days leg raises, 4 days stretching, I missed the leg raises twice which isn't great but the extra stretching sessio
  6. Thanks, I'll try it out, it makes sense! I'll test it for the next 2-3 weeks and let you know how many I can do then. On a side note I saw you were talking about a DND game, how weird would it be to ask to listen in on the skype call without participating? I'm interested in the game but I'd rather not commit without knowing a bit more about it, I'm looking up some youtube videos on it right now but I can't find a full one.
  7. 4 sets of 4-5, but I don't have perfect form, I'd have to film it to check on that. I didn't expect to be able to do a single one on my first attempt, they're really not easy, but I want to be able to do a lot more.
  8. To be honest at the moment I'm not very impressed with the results, my pullups haven't increased in quite a while. This might be because I have a calorie deficit, but I'm not losing weight any more, I'm around 70-71kg every morning but I've been there for the past few weeks. I'm not really sure how to deal with this, maybe it's because I haven't updated my daily caloric intake to my new weight, considering I lost 25kg that wouldn't be surprising. In stretching on the other hand I've seen a huge improvement, as well as all chest exercises. It's good to see your challenge seems to be going
  9. Time for the week 4 update, here's my program from this week: http://puu.sh/hInDn/8662425496.png As usual, any comments, questions, and criticism of my diet and workout routine are very welcome! Quest 1: karate I only did one karate workout and some HIIT. --- B --- Quest 2: workouts Same as last week, I went to the gym 3 times and worked out hard. --- A+ --- Quest 3: stretching Leg raises every day, but I didn't stretch as much as I should have (even though it was definitely more than I wrote down on the calendar, since I do it at night I keep missing it!) --- B- --- Qu
  10. Alright, week 3 update, here's my program from this week: http://puu.sh/hA6OE/c41987c7a8.png My arm was a lot better this week, today I did a workout at the gym and it didn't act up at all, so I think I'm done with that. Quest 1: karate I fell off a bit on the karate, but I did continue the HIIT. --- C --- Quest 2: workouts I went to the gym 3 times this week and did a lot of home workouts too, that exceeds my objective. --- A+ --- Quest 3: stretching Leg raises 6 days, I did stretching more than once but I forgot to write it down, --- B- --- Quest 4: exams Exams are starting tomorrow
  11. Hi all, What I find most difficult by far in doing dumbbell presses is getting the weights into position, I feel like I have to settle with lighter weights than I could because of this. Are there any tricks that can make this easier? Thanks in advance!
  12. I completely agree on Berserk, along with Gantz and History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi it's my favorite manga... Yes, my taste is a little dark! Can you recommend anything based on those? If you like Berserk I think Gantz is a must. The logging is a matter of habit, my Fitbit tracks my sleep and I remember what I ate and my workouts and record it at the end of the day. I'm not really sure what the problem is with my arm, it's been coming back repeatedly for a few months now, mostly when I try to do pullups. I can still complete the sets and I'm still making progress but it usually hurt
  13. Hi all! Time for a second update: Here's my complete diet and workout calendar from last week: http://puu.sh/hrnyQ/12d4fe8f85.png Again, I appreciate and invite any criticism of anything I'm doing or not doing. Quest 1: Karate I completed my objective. I've been doing jump rope for the HIIT training, I'm feeling a definite improvement even though at the moment I'm extremely bad at it, I can barely hold on for a minute before having to stop and restart. I think that's mostly because I'm not used to the movement, my calves get tired very fast. --- A --- Quest 2: Workouts I did gym workout
  14. Hi everyone! Here's the first update: http://puu.sh/hisGd/1a208809ab.png This is a screenshot of my calendar for the week, including how long I slept every night, everything I ate and all workouts I did intentionally, and more importantly my favorites on google chrome! What's not included is walking up and down stairs on the way to university, walking about 30 minutes to an hour/day outside to buy food and generally go to places and I just noticed I forgot to type in the leg raises on Friday, I'll also be doing some tonight as well as a stretching routine. I'd appreciate any comments anyone
  15. Actually I just had the problem for the first time of simply not being able to complete a third set (I had set out for 4), after two sets of 8 dumbbell presses done without too much difficulty I physically couldn't get into position for a third. The next day I knew I had actually pushed myself to the limit because it was quite painful. Is there any disadvantage to just going to the limit in fewer sets?
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