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  1. I can see that and well done for the archery challenge!
  2. I see, thanks. yeah a long walk should be fine. I was more looking at HIIT cardio sessions. So anyone can tell me if jillian mickaels circuit training DVDs are condidered as a strength training session ? Can we do them every day ?
  3. moi je suis le thread mais je suis Francaise et je vis en Irlande alors ca va pas etre possible
  4. thanks! will do. I guess following our hunger is a good guide, right ?
  5. I still don't get one thing : we need 24-48h between 2 strength training sessions in order for the muscles to recover, right ? (forget the fact that my muscles are still sore after 48h...) Some people advise on doing cardio on off days. But when I'm doing jumping jacks I use my muscles, doesn't this interfere with recovery ? if you do something on off days, what do you do ? subsidiary question : why does Jillian mickael say to do her workout for 30 days in a row ? is it not enough strength training to need recovery ? yeah, I'm full of questions tonight
  6. Hi all, Rebels ! I am a 5'1 / 128 pounds female with a desk job. I want to tone up everything and get rid of my (4 years old hum) baby belly. So I started strength training and I also maintained a food journal out of curiosity. It seams that, when listening to my hunger and my body, I eat around 1300 calories a day (only natural food, nothing processed). My weight has not moved since years... so I guess that means that I burn 1300 calories a day. So what should I do ? only add strength training so I create a deficit ? I can't eat less for sure. Should I eat more ? but how can I know that I
  7. juste un petit bonjour pour mes amis les québéquois
  8. for me, hicking is not a walk, it's much more intense. It's like doing lunges constantly for an hour and by the way, I'm a 5'2 hobbit as well we'll soon take over the world ! keep the good work !
  9. day 1 (sets/reps/kg) : Bench (Chest) Press, Machine 3/7/20 Shoulder Press 2/5/15 Leg Press 3/10/40 Overhead Press, Machine, Seated 3/10/30 Standing Biceps Curl, Dumbell 2/10/15 +10 minutes run at 8km/h day 2 : 1 hour walk I plan on doing the angry bird workout tomorrow because gym at work is way too crowded.
  10. Hey all, I'm coming back three years after my last post here. I kept reading Steve's newsletter (they are so inspiring) during that time, waiting to be ready. I've moved from Tennessee to France to Ireland. Now that I'm settling, I AM ready. I started by resurrecting my last post (a one month challenge apparently), because I'm a Drood Troll, yeah. my characteristics : 34 years old, mum of two, fultime desk job, 1m55 (5ft1), 58kg (127 lbs) -> skinny fat (not able to do 1 (ONE) push up ) my talents : ukulele, drawing, badminton, friendliness Now let's be better !
  11. alright... 3 years later... I'm back ! now 127 pounds and trying to move out the "skinny fat" state. Just after my last post, I moved back to France (from US) and lost 10 pounds in 2 months doing nothing (different food, no car so lots of walking). Then, after 1 year in France we had to move to Ireland, lots of stress, new fultime desk job for me (+ still mother of two). Now 20 months settling in, it's time to do somethin' There a small gym at my work where free weights and machines are only used by men. I don't feel confortable working out next to my collegues :-/ But I want to stength
  12. erf, I missed the beginning of October's Challenge... so I will stay in the recipe section for the month I was wondering... what is the best way to cook veggies in order to keep the nutrients in them? steaming? roasting (I mean 500ºF for a short time)? slow cooking? Right now I'm craving roasted veggies!
  13. haha, letter grades don't mean anything to me so I was only being selfish here Thanks Alethea for the cheering, I don't have a lot of them irl so I will take those with happyness!
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