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  1. The weird thing I find with Judo (I train with a former Olympian and a couple of national team members) is that the guys (and girls) who trained it from childhood are some of the scariest, nastiest people to grapple with. BUT I've not yet met anyone (including black belts) who took the art up as an adult and possess anything like the motor patterns or core/grip strength. Not saying that's the rule just my personal experience. NOTE: I do know and train with tons of poepl who have very nasty Judo but it was taken up a supplementary art to their main grappling discipline where they built their base.
  2. Only just saw the challenge started this week so I may well do. Co-incidence as I literally just clicked the link in my bookmarks as I was cleaning out some old ones. lol Didn't fall off the wagon or anything since the last time you guys saw me so I could just pick right back up where I left off!
  3. Hmmm I see a new challenge has literally just started...maybe I should fire one back up ;-) ...wonder if I can still do my over-elaborate daily updates. lol
  4. Nice goals mate! The strange strength one is a quality idea.
  5. Busy just about covers it my friend! ;-) Everything is going very well though thanks. Got some crazy stuff coming up....like I'm filming a show in Chechnya. I have no idea why but that's what's happening. How I have to get there is an even funnier (and slightly scarier) prospect. lol. Work is solid but hectic...there's no way the building industry isn't picking back up! MMA shows are going well, started doing a grappling podcast for fun also which is doing ok after 5 episodes. Pretty much knocking around a similar weight and just reset my 5/3/1 to build up to bigger numbers again. Competing in a submission only event in 10 days...finals are 60 minutes long!!! I mean seriously: how fit am I going o have to be to try and fight someone tooth and nail for an hour! How's everything with you? Haven't nipped over to your challenge thread yet. Looks like this guild has grown somewhat!
  6. Nice goals mate. Glad everything is going well!
  7. Nice to see you lot still ticking along ;-)
  8. I don't want to put a downer on this but if we are discussing a larger man actually attacking a smaller woman with intent to harm you are going to have little option but to actually try and get the hell away as quickly as possible. There is a reality to actual fighting that just doesn't seem to get addressed in a lot of these scenarios. People have suggested some useful things: like spear defense and deflection whilst circling. All fine in theory... ...but: You're small, they're big which also means they've more weight, grip, tendon strength etc. Have you ever actually had a 6ft+ fully grown man try and punch you as hard as they can (even with a poor overhand baseball punch)? Your frame isn't going to do much if you try and meet i full on. Hell, I've commentated fights where men have blocked each others strikes and they've still broken they're arms in the process (granted that's kicks but you get the point). The force production is just so wildly above anything you can realistically drill safely. This does not mean that I'm saying no smaller women can defend or even take out larger men, but the several of your height I know who can are pro-level fighters who train full time and have thousands of thousands of hours of actual full contact experience.
  9. Meat and fat. Simple, dense nutrition and massively satiating. If you're limiting carbs your replace the saved calories with the other two.
  10. Cheers guys I normally screw up so badly over Christmas (typically 20lbs or so!) but this year was pretty good and already back down to where I was at start of December. Publicly stated on FB the main goal for this year was to get visible abs...game on. I've recently got addicted to logging everything using an app called 'Day One'. It's a journal app and though a tad pricy, if you have all apple devices I'd highly recommend it. Just reading the thing back on my MacBook is beautiful. Kitten is settling in very well, less shy already. As soon as I post a picture of him walking across my keyboard I'll know I've become a full-on internet cliche lol!
  11. Hey guys, I'm sitting this one out as I have a lot of stuff going on right now so the good news is you don't have to seem my daily babble! I'm still keeping my own daily logs (it's habit by now!), 3xwk lifting & 4x week BJJ/MMA just won't be specifically logging it against goals in a challenge thread on here. ...and just for good measure: got this little guy at the weekend ;-) Also: Checkout a couple of highlights from the last show I did in Dublin on New years Eve - it was immense and the first vid is just plain beautiful! BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE WITH THEIR CHALLENGES - SINCE MY TIME WON'T BE SPENT LOGGING MINE I MAY JUST HARASS A FEW OF YOU MORE ;-)
  12. Just got back from this show on NYE. Some seriously nasty striking on display here - few neat little tricks as well.
  13. There are two cutmen employed by the promotion - one for each corner. I don't know of any professional MMA promotions that operate a different system.
  14. I think I pointed it out in another thread but you really don't have the negative health/welfare issues surrounding beef production in the US here in the UK. British Beef is generally reeared on grass with minimal grain supplmentation during winter. My boxing day centerpiece this year - 4.5Kg of some of the best British fore-rib you can get ;-)
  15. Thursday 20th December 2012 Rest Day Meal 1: (14:00) 200g slow cooked lamb 1 mince pie + 1 chocolate chip cookie! (Damn my festive office colleagues!) Meal 2: (22:00) Office Christmas meal out at ‘Montaz’ Indian Restaurant. Poppadum with chutneys Chicken Pakora Satkora Lamb with Pilau rice & Keema Naan.
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