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  1. How's the pressure cooker helping? Have you picked a 5K yet?
  2. I'm just going to pretend last week didn't happen. Not sure what my gig was, but it seems like the whole week I was super distracted. But, it's Monday, (I've decided to count my weeks M-Su) and I've done my load of laundry! I'm going to do my 15 min. of cleaning as soon as I'm done writing (pinkie promise). I've spent a good part of the evening planning the rest of the week and my GISHWHES items. I've volunteered for 5 photos, which doesn't seem like much but I've got to do them in addition to regular job, work for my mom, all this challenge stuff, jewelry making commitments and overcome my own inertia. I wanted to do a true fitness / eating related goal, but I was afraid of the downhill slide - commit too much - get overwhelmed - do nothing - feel like a loser - hide. And these goals ARE hard for me. My house has been messy for like 10 years. I've crossed over into gross/dangerous territory and it is very negative in lots of aspects of my life. In addition, writing in the forums? that's hella hard for me. My mom & brother used to steal my diary and tell me about it. True I only wrote in it for a month, but it really traumatized me. If fact I remember it even right now. I HATE being publicly vulnerable. So that too is a mental challenge. On the positive side, right now it's hot and we have a pool that I'm in charge of maintaining and I also swim in it as much as I can. Plus walking up that hill is not going to be fun. I didn't put specifics on it b/c I didn't want to freak myself out. So while there aren't any specific fitness related goals by cleaning, walking and being vulnerable I think I'm doing ok. Today I quested Quest 1: 15+1 -washed dishes at my mom's house (left from Sun dinner that I was in charge of) -washed / dried / put away 2 loads of laundry - did my 15 min of cleaning - organized / planned my week & my scavenger hunt challenges Quest 2: $100 -over the weekend I checked with the consignment shop. I collected $3! And she's not taking any more. I think this may be a dead end. -a friend of mine wants me to design/make jewelry for her. She's got the supplies. So we're working out a pay/commission scale. I want to be fair & sustainable for both of us. But she advanced me some cash for my first few pieces. I'm hoping to get more time in to make a few before I see her again this weekend, so we may be onto something! Quest 3: 10% -It's hot. I don't wanna. -I have been wearing my fitbit so it's telling me some interesting things. Like that I don't sleep enough. Ever. Life Quest: -posted this! Yeah!
  3. Well how about bug, dog, badger, fuss, worry, repeat, mention frequently?
  4. Me: I've been reading the emails for several months now and am participating in the CNF Facebook group, but have not done much more than glance at the forums. I've been nagged at encouraged to do a 6 week challenge and since he's never steered me wrong, I'm here on a friend's recommendation. I've been overweight my whole life and had a bad relationship with exercise for ever. Really, I was doing Richard Simmons and Weight Watchers in middle school. I know that eating is a control issue with me. When I feel out of control, or when something is not going well, I eat. Sneaking food was my form of rebellion. (sometimes I wish I'd of just dumped over porta potties like my brother). One of the things I've loved about NF is the no judgement / just be better than yesterday attitude. With that in mind, these are the challenges that I can really do and will really have an impact. They will be work, they will be sweaty (uh..cause it's Texas in the effing summer) and they will make me have to get my ass out of bed. But they aren't life threatening, impossible or completely bat shit crazy. Main Quest: To get my shit together before Camp Nerd Fitness. I am always the one who's up until 4 am the morning of vacation, cleaning, doing laundry and "fuck, I forgot to paint my toenails!" I've tried several times to talk myself OUT of going to camp and it's been unbelievable hard, which is unusual as I can usually find a lot of reasons to not do something, so this is something I really really even subconsciously want to do. I want to have an amazing time, to do all of the things, learn all the things and meet all of the people. I cannot do this if I am unprepared & tired. Quest 1: Clean 15 min per day + 1 load (Dishes or Laundry) That's it. Pretty straight up. No qualifications on what, just 15+1 Quest 2: List $100 for sale per week. I need cash to buy costumes, get on the shuttle and pay for travel expenses. I've got shit I can sell. I've got Facebook, Craigslist and the consignment shop. I will use some or all of these outlets each week. I may not actually make $100, but I will find/post $100 worth of stuff. Don't worry, I have a few big ticket items that will make it easier in the beginning. Quest 3: Walk the hill. I live near a big hill. Very big. It may not qualify as a mountain but it is one that you definitely need to floor-it in your car to get up. I will walk up the hill. I will measure my lap time (Thank you Fit Bit) and I will improve at least 10%. Life Quest: I will use the forums. I will use them well. I will comment, follow, learn to embed things, as well as fully realize my signature line and status bar options. I will not be a wuss. My motivation: I want to wake up Tuesday September 29th after 7-8 hours of sleep, calmly finalize my packing and leave the house just a bit early to meet J.R. to go to the airport. I will be dressed and groomed nicely. I will carry a well - but not over packed - suitcase and I will not forget anything too important. My carry on will be full but not too heavy and I will have cash in my pocket. I will be OK with my parents coming into my house to feed the cat, in fact I expect that they will be pleasantly surprised with the state of my apartment.
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