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  1. I like this solution. I'm free 4/19 and 4/26, but not 5/3.
  2. I disappeared for a bit....missed a brunch....now I'm sad Camp people? What did I miss? I'm a camp person
  3. Anyone going to this? I just found out about it today and most of my weekend is already booked up http://magfest.org/
  4. Woohoo....another brunch I'll know for sure if I'm in later tonight. For now, I'm a big probably!
  5. I so want to go, but things aren't looking good. These past couple of weeks have been a bit of hell. My girlfriend has been going through a life of shit recently. To start, she was diagnosed with MS about 8 years ago, but you would never know unless she told you. With that said, she is currently going through her first relapse for over 7 years and lost complete vision in her right eye about a little over a week ago. Everything is being treated and she has a long recovery in front of her with the eye, but it has not been the best time to make plans since I need to be able to drive her places, e
  6. I love my cast iron skillets! As mentioned before, don't use soap on it, but if you need a bit of scrubbing, toss some salt in it to use as a way to scrub it down. As for meals, check out: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2010/08/17/meals-for-the-bachelor-5-simple-one-skillet-recipes/
  7. Now to stroll into the next challenge fashionably late
  8. Fell off on the updating front due to life. I try to update at work rather than home, and work has been kicking my ass more than it has in the past 2+ years lately. With that said, my goals stayed in my head and although I missed out on putting down an end of challenge post, here's a brief summation... Main Quest: Gym 3x week: Started strong, ended weak. In the process of doing better and forcing a routine.Cut alcohol consumption in half: Did better than I thought I would Not great, but better for sure. Probably didn't cut it by half, but I wasn't far off.Bring lunch to work 3x week: Failed
  9. Very quick update. WizardTrip is not bailing on another challenge. He just doesn't have time to update and stalk the forums these days. Last Week Main Quest: - Hit the gym hard for 2 days....missed my 3rd day out of workplace exhaustion, but things are looking better - Doing OK on the alcohol front, but not great. Need to do better and saying no to "another?" - Lunch into work has been a complete failure. I went into this one without a plan and need to sort one out quick! Side Quests: - Life: The $2500 to credit card should happen, but the way I do this, I won't know for sure until t
  10. On my way right now, but Kay isn't able to make it. She's meeting up with a friend to study for her real-estate exam.
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