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  1. I like this solution. I'm free 4/19 and 4/26, but not 5/3.
  2. I disappeared for a bit....missed a brunch....now I'm sad Camp people? What did I miss? I'm a camp person
  3. Anyone going to this? I just found out about it today and most of my weekend is already booked up http://magfest.org/
  4. Woohoo....another brunch I'll know for sure if I'm in later tonight. For now, I'm a big probably!
  5. I so want to go, but things aren't looking good. These past couple of weeks have been a bit of hell. My girlfriend has been going through a life of shit recently. To start, she was diagnosed with MS about 8 years ago, but you would never know unless she told you. With that said, she is currently going through her first relapse for over 7 years and lost complete vision in her right eye about a little over a week ago. Everything is being treated and she has a long recovery in front of her with the eye, but it has not been the best time to make plans since I need to be able to drive her places, etc. On top of all of this, she was also laid off last week from her job. TBH, we saw it coming, but the timing couldn't have been any worse. Due to everything going on, she has been telling me to take off for a day or so to do my own thing, so we'll see if I can make anything. I would so love to go to my first Ren Fest. One of these days I really need to join you guys on a hike. I'll have to play this one by ear since I will just be coming back into the country a few days prior.
  6. I love my cast iron skillets! As mentioned before, don't use soap on it, but if you need a bit of scrubbing, toss some salt in it to use as a way to scrub it down. As for meals, check out: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2010/08/17/meals-for-the-bachelor-5-simple-one-skillet-recipes/
  7. Now to stroll into the next challenge fashionably late
  8. Fell off on the updating front due to life. I try to update at work rather than home, and work has been kicking my ass more than it has in the past 2+ years lately. With that said, my goals stayed in my head and although I missed out on putting down an end of challenge post, here's a brief summation... Main Quest: Gym 3x week: Started strong, ended weak. In the process of doing better and forcing a routine.Cut alcohol consumption in half: Did better than I thought I would Not great, but better for sure. Probably didn't cut it by half, but I wasn't far off.Bring lunch to work 3x week: Failed, failed, failed....nothing else to add. Side Quests: Life: I have a single credit card of debt left. Everything else has been paid off. Aim to chop off another $2,500 by the end of the challenge: Success! Not just $2500 more, but a decent amount more than that Fitness: Pick up the gloves again and start back with the heavy bag. Prepare myself to start back in Muay Thai in the fall: On my way...at the start, was hitting the bag quite a bit. Added in some cardio and have put a bit more focus on body weight exercises. Now I need to plan when to rejoin 100%.
  9. Very quick update. WizardTrip is not bailing on another challenge. He just doesn't have time to update and stalk the forums these days. Last Week Main Quest: - Hit the gym hard for 2 days....missed my 3rd day out of workplace exhaustion, but things are looking better - Doing OK on the alcohol front, but not great. Need to do better and saying no to "another?" - Lunch into work has been a complete failure. I went into this one without a plan and need to sort one out quick! Side Quests: - Life: The $2500 to credit card should happen, but the way I do this, I won't know for sure until the end. - Fitness: Muay Thai....killing it the times I'm hitting the gym. Going straight to the bag first thing when I walk it.
  10. On my way right now, but Kay isn't able to make it. She's meeting up with a friend to study for her real-estate exam.
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