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  1. This warm my heart, somehow ^^ oooh
  2. Oooh, i love the pictures so much! I hope you'll be feeling completely better soon
  3. Weekly report: - cooking challenge: I made my egg, and then i made it again. I also triiiied to make a meal, but I seem to have a vegetable-related problem. - I'm not sleeping anymore with the laptop in bed, but I still work and play with it there, because it's cold in my room. That won't change to coming 4 months, so I better think of something. bonus problem: my trackpad i actually numbing my fingers. The same fingers I use for drawing. It feels like mild electrocution. I have a bad relationship with my laptop It just needs to stay on my desk, really. - my workouts are going fine. I skipped two because I was suffering my not-a-werewolf-right-now curse, and then I got back to what I was doing. I'm trying to put more dance in there. Uhm, when I say dance, I'm actually just doing the strength and the stretching at the same time while listening music. I should film it sometime, it looks funny Side goal: no desk = no clay. - My dad put a surprise dancepole in the backyard, as a well-intended surprise. Sadly enough, it's... not very well-constructed, and the problems it has are hard to fix, + it's cold inox. my hands hurt when I touch it. The Pole Of Pain is going to have to wait until summer to get used :/
  4. wow, that's some serious running-courage. I hope you are having a nice weekend now!
  5. oh yeah, the mysterious soft yolk! also, this thing where the butter is still liquid, but the eggwhite already solid I'm happy to report my omlet had all those things. My approach involved an ancient iron frying pan, and some incantations. in the meantime: - I made myself a meal. It kinda highlighted the problem I'm having: It had all the Stuff Humans Eat, but wasn't tasty at all. My cooking became terrible because I spent a lot of time just making do and not even hoping to create something nice. I don't even know what I like or want to eat sometimes. I have been having some kind of love-affair with sour dough bread though, and I liked the pancake and egg-things I made for the challenge, so maybe I'll learn how to deal with vegetables again one of these days and all will be great. - I skipped my thursday workout because I was not feeling well, but then today I spent most of the day tending to various plants because frost is coming. I put a herd of potted plants in the garage, and I picked all the kiwifruits from the kiwiplant. there was a small battle with a lemon tree, but it's safely inside now. - I put on some music, danced. all stretches and butt bridges went in there somewhere. workout done.
  6. food update: this week, all I wanted was to get myself to fry a really nice egg. Today I saw my chance. It was PERFECT.
  7. Oh wow, that's a lot of biking! Are the roads safe where you live?
  8. Tiny victory: fixed reading light = more reading/drawing in bed = no more laptop in bed. i'll see how this progresses
  9. Yay it's tuesday morning, and i'm awake, because I had so much insomnia for the past days, that I got kind of fed up last night and made some kind of schedule for today (which was 3 hours later by that point) that involves getting out of bed earlier, and doing my workout, and having a breakfast, and getting a new lamp for my reading light. All these things are related to my goals, so I'm proud! ... next step today is either doing something about my bed, like putting on a second mattress, or figuring out where do people put their shoulders when they sleep, so I can stop laing awake at night wondering how this even happens. i wish I had a bed made of sand or something, so I could just wiggle until comfortable.
  10. somewhere between hitting my head against a thing and having a temporary non-werewolfy state., I did not have the most glorious of weeks. However, now is Monday! Shops are open again! The world awakes from the dreadful slumber that is Sunday! (what are Belgians doing that day? I am born here and I still have no idea. There's a lot of them in cars on the road, I noticed, but no one in the streets. Do they just drive around?) So here is how it went: 1: I did not make a food thing: I had no inspiration. I did get a big jar of yoghurt while on the road one day, yay healthy choicesssssssss still: this is a fail. 2: 3/weekly workout, invloving glute brigdes and some other stuff: It happened, but not very seriously. I did stretch a bit more, but my butt-workouts ended up being pretty half-assed. C 3: no more taking the laptop in bed: A I changed the desk into en ergonomically sound contruction that allows me to be relatively comfortable while working. This is a very good thing. Then I cleaned my desk and found a bunch of drawing material back and now I have two tables full of art-related stuff. I also put my little desk-table thing that the computer screens were on on the floor where I always sit, so now I have a little table for sitting. (maybe i should play around with my sitting position? I usually sit cross-legged, side goal: I just wasn't at my desk? Spent a lot of time outside, or in bed, or on the floor. Yay working on the floor: C Life goal: I decided to just order a pole online! and this is where my family stopped me, told me they'd help me get one from a local place, and then forgot about it all over again. :/
  11. I did my workout yesterday, and I changed how my desk is arranged, so I'm less tempted to work in bed. yay!
  12. yeah, they were doing side-crunches and they asked me themselves if there was nothing else they could do, so I introduced them to the side plank. :) (before we went, my mom made me promise not to comment on the crunches-thing (she does 100 of em? each day? in terrible form? she claims it makes her feel good, so I usually shut up?))
  13. right, I'm actually ok, which is nice, I expected a concussion. My mom sometimes goes to her friend to do crunches together, so I went with her tonight and did some of my own stuff besides them. there was more stretching than usual, because my neck hurts, but yeah, workout = done.
  14. bwah, I'm so unlucky; I slammed my head onto a towel rack. I now have gained a towel rack shaped headwound and a nasty headache :/ I'm gonna give myself an extra day to complete my tuesday workout, if that makes any sense.
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