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  1. Hey! Thank you for the response. I don't have a history of yoyo dieting. I lost the weight and have kept it off for probably 4 years. Granted, I had feebly tried and not stuck with it before my success. Having said that, I think my body has gotten used to healthy eating. I think what helped me lose the initial 75 lbs was the dramatic shift. My body was probably like yesss thank god spinach... My goal is to lose 20 pounds and get to 160. I am just confused because people seem to never count calories and eat a ton on this diet and lose weight? How in the world is that? Can I ask, how my food choices look to you? I'm waiting to weigh myself at the one week point. Thank you again! I will bring it up to my doctor at my physical if the issue persists.
  2. Hello all! I'm a paleo newb who is struggling with hunger. Thank you for giving this a read! So I started a paleo ISH diet this week. I feel I am eating a ton yet get hungry quickly. I previously lost 75 lbs so I dont think my issue is an adjustment to healthy eating. I try to eat nutritious foods and when I add the calories up I wonder why I am hungry... for background I am a 180 lb girl in her 20s who is trying to lose weight. I go to the gym four days a week. The exception being this week due to exams. I know I get a lot of veg. Probably a whole bag of spinach a day plus carrots, peas, mushrooms, avocado. For fruit usually a larabar or pb and dates AND either two banana or one and some berries. I don't see how I can lose weight going like this... Today I ate a bit of quinoa (maybe a serving), a chicken thigh I cooked in oil with seasoning, mushrooms, carrots, peas, with a touch of French dressing (I know... processed) on top. Then I made an omelet of two eggs, ham and bacon (like 160 cal of bacon and then ham too), cooked in butter, mushrooms, spinach, feta, half an avocado. I was hungry so I kept drinking water. Then two coffee with some whole milk and a lara bar. Then for dinner I had a smoothie. This old jacked guy at the gym told me to add protein powder so I don't get hungry. It had two bananas, peanut butter, a ton of spinach, like half a serving Bob's Red Mill protein powder, unsweetened almond milk. Drank it up. And a mug of tea. A couple hours later and I was RAVENOUS. I couldn't focus on my studies. I tried drinking water... so I went home and just polished off a hugeeeeee steak. It was like .25 kg. I cooked it in olive oil and butter. I'm trying to eat less processed foods. I know ham and bacon aren't good. The foods I eat are not grass fed because 1) not available near me 2) im a uni student... usuallly too pricey. I feel like when I add my calories up, I should be full. But then I get hungry and pork out. It's only been four days but look what I did to that steak hahah I'm thinking my breakfast was 400. My lunch was probably like 600. My snack was like 300. My smoothie dinner was like 550. My second dinner was probably like 650 calories or more... This is a total of 2500 calories in ONE day. Am I not eating enough of some nutrient? Advice please!!
  3. I'm going to guesstimate between 5 and 10. Probably around 6 or 7 honestly.
  4. @Rostov @princess pineapple @Dilnad I've been following the 5 to 10k app on my phone. Everyday there is a new workout. It might be to jog for 10 minutes, then run faster for 2 and jog for 2 (alternating a couple times), and then jog for 8 minutes. Another one is jog for 25 minutes or 60 minutes. When I first started, I only repeated one week. A couple daus, I just go out for a run. It is so hot, so I go early. I hate treadmills. I'm going to try to find some hills. Also, I'm definitely not runing the 5k in 31 minutes. More like 38. I want to get to about an 8 mile minute, but I'd be so excited by 9.
  5. Hi guys, so i went from fat my whole life couch potato to losing 65 lbs ( still more to go) and making myself exercise. The problem is that I'm getting frustrated because I started running about 7 months, and while I've made considerable gains, my mph has not really consistently improved. I finished C25k and started the 5k to 10k app. After every workout I'm dripping in sweat. Running hasn't gotten any easier either ( I'm not quitting, just saying). I've been going to the gym twice a week for circuit and strength training too (for about 3 months). I weigh 185, female, 20 y/o if that info is helpful. I don't really understand how I haven't gotten any faster. If anything, I've gotten slower. I thought if I stuck with it, the speed would come. In early days of c25k my speed running was 10 mph. Now it's 12! Even when I run for shorter times, I'm still slow. Like old c25k workouts. So, anybody know what I can do to mitigate this? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I started seeing a trainer a while ago at a really great gym. I went with the cheaper trainee trainer. He went on vacation, so I started seeing a different trainer while he was gone. I am sort of bummed to go back to my original trainer now that he's back from his trip. They're both nice and good, but I like that the one I saw while my original trainer was away focused less on yoga and more on strength. I don't want to make things awkward and feel bad, but should i try to switch trainers? It's a small gym, so I'm worried I'll come off as a jerk and am not sure how to broach this, or if I should just leave it and see my original guy. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  7. I went to 2 local gyms. One was 70 dollars a half hour and the other was 70 dollars an hour or 35 a half hour. Both have good reviews. The cheaper ones a slightly longer drive, but not bad. I don't think either are mcdonalds haha, but I'm worried the cheaper guy is more into stretching and yoga than strength. The 70$/30 minute guy is too expensive for me. I'm trying to find a quality trainer. Thanks for getting back to me. Especially with all that information!
  8. Hi everyone, So, I'm wondering if it's normal to feel sore or if it means you didn't stretch enough/properly. I saw a personal trainer for a free consultation and felt pretty sore for 2 days. We used weights and machines, which I never do. I just jog but want to start strength training. He's a big guy who can clearly lift a lot. Very stocky. He's 70 dollars for half an hour. You can make it slightly cheaper (55 maybe) if you pay a large sum up front. Then, I saw a second trainer who is more affordable. He evaluated me. We did a lot of stretching. He's pretty zen and chill and into yoga and stretching and stuff. Hes muscley but more lean and small. We also did squats and assisted push-ups and lunges. I barely feel sore, if at all. I wonder which trainer is better? Will he be able to help me with strength training? I want to get stronger shoulders and arms as well as more athletically inclined in general. I like the gym this guy works at. I've never been in a gym or had a trainer, so I'm very nervous. I want someone there to show me the ropes. So, is it bad that I felt sore after working out with the first guy? I jogged two days later and did one of my worst mile times. I think due to soreness. Sorry for the spiel. Thanks for reading all this. Any advice would be amazing. Hope I made sense!
  9. It's a local gym. I'm not sure if they're independent or not. I think so? They have a gym secretary who gets you in touch with a trainer. Many start as interns and build a repetoire. Do you think I could get 45 minutes or an hour for the 70 dollars? Also, as a trainer, any advice?
  10. Thanks for getting back to me you guys! I live in an American city, and every gym nearby that has well reviewed trainers seems so expensive. I feel intimidated by all the gym equipment and want a trainer to start. Do you think haggling for an hour session could work? At my consultation, he spent nearly an hour with me, but maybe that was to reel me in?
  11. Hi, I was wondering how frequently you guys go to a trainer? Have you been going for a long time? I've decided to learn the ropes around the gym. I don't know what I'm doing in there. I only jog at the moment, so I went to a free consultation with a trainer at a well reviewed gym. He was a really nice guy. I did some squats, free weights, and several machines but forgot their names . I want to continue to train with him because I'm a gym newbie, but It's expensive. How often do you think I need to do strength training to see a nice bump up? I was hoping to go twice a week and jog the other three. It's about 70ish dollars per 30 minute session. No membership fees. It's kind of a gym for training. They have some package deals. Do you think this price is fair? I would just really appreciate some advice! Thanks
  12. Hi guys, thanks for your responses! Mdwill, I'm wondering what you mean my "somewhat Clean?" Because everyone has different views on what is "healthy." Like I started out doing pretty much paleo, but I ate peas and soy and some milk, but now eat some processed carbs as it was hard to sustain. For instance I ate half a cup of oatmeal with nuts and milk and blueberries and banana for breakfast today and avocado toast for lunch. For dinner I'm having chicken and veggies. I jog every other day. Your wife did amazing gly by the way! I'm going to look into that stair mill =) Dexter101, I just started a 5k to 10k app and am hoping that after being able to run a 10k I can go back and try a 5k and see if I'm faster. I'm gonna stick with it, guys =) I just was curious other people's thoughts as I want to be in good shape for a trip. Thanks again!
  13. What do you all do for fun? I go out with my friends and it's always food or bars, which makes it hard to be healthy. Im bored and just want to bake cookies or eat, like an internal struggle. I still want to have fun! I'm not saying I'm quitting on this as I feel so proud about the progress I've made, but I was wondering if you all had tips about how to balance your social life. Thanks again!
  14. My advice would be to carry around a water bottle with you and to drink water with every meal. Also, have a glass before bed and when you wake up. One when you study. It's hard to get into the habit at first. Working out helps because you feel thirstier. Maybe have cut off times, like by noon I'll have had 5 cups of water and by dinner I'll have have 10. Choose water over other beverages. Good luck!
  15. Hi everyone, so here's the background information . I'm 5'6", 20 years old, female, 193 lbs. I've lost 60 pounds and ran my first 5k about 2 months ago after doing c25k. I'm very slow and not sure how to get faster. I did it in 39 minutes. I just ran 5 km a few days ago in 37, so i was a bit faster but not consistently which is upsetting. I've worked my way up to 7 km in 54 minutes but am very slow (as in I'm still doing 12+ minutes a mile). The thing is, I don't really know what I'm doing. Ive been fat my whole life and am pretty new to working out. Someone told me to just keep working out, but i worry this is a plateau. I don't have a gym membership but do have one 20 lb dumbbell. I'm considering getting a gym membership even though I'm pretty self conscious and a personal trainer to show me the ropes because I'm a gym newb. I just did a 30 day cross country skiing and winter camping trip, which is what originally inspired me to start jogging, and let me tell you it was physically rough at times. my question is how fit do you think I can get in a year? I'm willing to work out moderately and eat cleanly. I still want to be social and don't want to go too overboard, but I am dedicated. I want to do a similar trip to my skii trip, like backpacking or mountaineering, but want to be fit. I want to really excel, to be honest. What sort of gains do you think I can make in a year? Hope this made sense! Thanks again
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