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    What am I doing wrong?

    Hello all! I'm a paleo newb who is struggling with hunger. Thank you for giving this a read! So I started a paleo ISH diet this week. I feel I am eating a ton yet get hungry quickly. I previously lost 75 lbs so I dont think my issue is an adjustment to healthy eating. I try to eat nutritious foods and when I add the calories up I wonder why I am hungry... for background I am a 180 lb girl in her 20s who is trying to lose weight. I go to the gym four days a week. The exception being this week due to exams. I know I get a lot of veg. Probably a whole bag of spinach a day plus carrots, peas, mushrooms, avocado. For fruit usually a larabar or pb and dates AND either two banana or one and some berries. I don't see how I can lose weight going like this... Today I ate a bit of quinoa (maybe a serving), a chicken thigh I cooked in oil with seasoning, mushrooms, carrots, peas, with a touch of French dressing (I know... processed) on top. Then I made an omelet of two eggs, ham and bacon (like 160 cal of bacon and then ham too), cooked in butter, mushrooms, spinach, feta, half an avocado. I was hungry so I kept drinking water. Then two coffee with some whole milk and a lara bar. Then for dinner I had a smoothie. This old jacked guy at the gym told me to add protein powder so I don't get hungry. It had two bananas, peanut butter, a ton of spinach, like half a serving Bob's Red Mill protein powder, unsweetened almond milk. Drank it up. And a mug of tea. A couple hours later and I was RAVENOUS. I couldn't focus on my studies. I tried drinking water... so I went home and just polished off a hugeeeeee steak. It was like .25 kg. I cooked it in olive oil and butter. I'm trying to eat less processed foods. I know ham and bacon aren't good. The foods I eat are not grass fed because 1) not available near me 2) im a uni student... usuallly too pricey. I feel like when I add my calories up, I should be full. But then I get hungry and pork out. It's only been four days but look what I did to that steak hahah I'm thinking my breakfast was 400. My lunch was probably like 600. My snack was like 300. My smoothie dinner was like 550. My second dinner was probably like 650 calories or more... This is a total of 2500 calories in ONE day. Am I not eating enough of some nutrient? Advice please!!