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  1. I had the anemia and bad periods too. after my second kiddo I decided to take care of some of that stuff. I was going to have the ablation done, but had a tilted uterus, otherwise it would have been awesome. I was going to have this done the same time I had my tubes tied. When they went to do my tube (laparoscopically) They found out that I Endometriosis. (which you can only diagnose via laparoscopically. That may be the cause of all the pain) you may want to check with your doctor to see if you can possibly have that checked out. Since having my tubes tide and with having the tilted uterus I have heavy periods the first 3 days, stop a day go light a day (repeat for almost 2 weeks). Best of luck to you!
  2. Man! I should have been counting these!!!
  3. @Plitog I will make sure the kids are busy and out of the way so you can be sore tomorrow! I think everyone loves bacon.
  4. Revised my goals. Just going to focus on the spread sheet as much as I can. Having 2 kids, and currently 4 dogs. (1 is sister-in-laws) plus with taking 2 classes (now down to 1). I am having a hard time keeping it all going. I am also thinking about not doing the mini.
  5. This week totally got away from me. I am going to RE-DO this past week, instead of trying to play catch up with was causing me to fail even more.
  6. Can Plank walk ups be a variant for the planks?
  7. Finish my 30 day challenge (which I am already 1 week into). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19Ep8mUkNx-Ey2DlyZTYtsQ-OFCeNvuJv9b0z_EWer1M/edit Treadmill 30 minutes every day Lose 1 pant size within the month of this challenge.
  8. Will the mini challenge be cooperative or competitive?
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