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  1. So if the "quality" (however vaguely defined) of the calories that go in don't matter at all, what influences how (as in what types of tissues) excess energy is stored - or from what tissues excess energy expenditure is pulled from? The cause for which calories go out?
  2. If you have the autonomy to individualize your workspace, you could consider converting it to a "standing" desk by adding a platform on which to place your keyboard, mouse, et al. There are companies that sell such things, but the cheapest way is to just use a box/crate or shorten the legs of a small, rectangular side table.
  3. The first sentence of my post said that I wasn't suggesting replacement exercises but rather ways to spend the time that otherwise would have been spent doing the exercises he can't do. Many fitness goals are supported by, if not dependent upon, food. Anyone not comfortable cooking for themselves would benefit from becoming so. I wasn't implying that he didn't know how to cook, nor that food was responsible, nor that food would "cure" him. Only that it would be worth considering spending some of the down time on.
  4. Not exercises, but a couple suggestions for ways to spend the time: 1) Focus on mobility and/or flexibility movements, especially those that help correct kyphosis / forward head posture (strengthen the deep neck flexors, and get the thoracic spine moving correctly) 2) If you aren't already comfortable in the kitchen, spend some time learning and experimenting
  5. Stretch marks are a kind of scar. Just like scars, some people are more susceptible to developing them than others. As well, for some people they fade more, or more quickly, over time than for others. The various scar creams on the market don't really make them disappear so much as aid the fading process (if that). Hard to say whether losing more fat will cause them to be more or less noticeable. However, the possibility of stretch marks being more visible shouldn't deter you from losing more fat.
  6. Upon waking: coffee either with milk and sugar, or with heavy cream, depending upon the workout I'm doing that morning. Rest of the day: water. Occasionally: gin and tonic, or (rarely) beer.
  7. Its easy to get caught up in all the minutia. Truth is that unless you have aspirations of being an elite-level athlete, you shouldn't be concerned with whether what you are doing is "perfect". You only need be concerned with whether what you are doing is working - whether you are getting closer to, or farther away from, your goal.
  8. Do something different. Anything. Don't just keep throwing yourself at the exact same wall over and over. Both very good ideas above: do the same or more volume with a different split, or do an easier variant with the same or more volume for a while. Or do a harder variant with less volume for a while. Or even lay off the compound movement for a while and substitute with isolation work (flys, pushdowns, etc). Change things up.
  9. I don't agree that the degree of strength adaptation from both 10x10 or 1x100 would be none. If that were true then German Volume Training wouldn't have worked for anyone ever. Regardless, even if neither 10x10 nor 1x100 produce any strength adaptation at all then they are similar I do agree that the degree of strength adaptation would be less than that elicited by lower overall volume but higher load or more disadvantageous leverages. But that wasn't asked in the original question. Considering both load and volume from the other extreme: it also isn't ideal to attempt to increase a 1
  10. Interesting question. My thoughts are that: 10 x 10 spread throughout the day may actually be better than 1x100. Neither is superior to the other by enough to really matter. 101 the next day, 102 the next, and so on, by any grouping necessary, may be better still - though you'd want to start with a lower daily target. This is a favorite tactic of Chad Waterbury.
  11. Also perhaps try to address why you wake up in the first place. If your hydration efforts are to blame, maybe prioritize intake earlier in the day and less later?
  12. Male 289# / 131kg 21 pushups
  13. I approach the question from the other side: does mild dehydration inhibit fat loss? I think it does, as well as inhibit many vital bodily functions - so I try to drink at least 64 ounces a day.
  14. I generally go by the "Eric Cressey Scale": How do you feel (1-10, 10 being worst) - Do you workout? 0-3 You're fine 4-5 Go in, warm-up, then see how you feel 6 Do something, even if it's just a warmup 7 Push things back a day 8-9 Take a few days to rest 10 You shouldn't feel good enough to check an internet forum Like infographics? http://www.precisionnutrition.com/working-out-when-sick-infographic (accompanying article at http://www.precisionnutrition.com/working-out-when-sick).
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