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  1. Terribly sorry for having dropped this challenge. That was stupid. Basically what happened was that there was quite the shift in my workload for about a week and I spend all my willpower on it. Got up to work and when I came back home I immediately went to sleep basically. So I didn't do my stretching, stopped working out and forwent the cooking. It also didn't go any better wth the cooking and eating. Still! I did stay with my at least 15 minutes of learning each day and so I stuck with my japanese, and even though I ate weirdly I lost weight. I didn't keep track of how I was eating but I
  2. Right? It's such an important one! And the next important one is 飲ã¿ã¾ã™ã€€of course. Need to learn the verb for to sleep next
  3. Also, I think I might like sprinting? Need to test that out.
  4. ã“ã‚“ã°ã‚“ã¯ã€‚ I definitely will have to go to sweden since I also want to go to that viking restaurant you mentioned iceburner And about everything being closed, I have considered looking for another dancestudio over the summer or trying out other things like bouldering or boxing. Definitely interested in boxing. Hah, I'm an idiot. I messed this week up trainingwise and I don't even know about the way I eat currently. I don't eat too many non paleo/ primal things and I stick to my selfmade rule of dairy and rice only on trainingsdays but I did have some cookies yesterday and today I did
  5. Ah! Burning your tongue sucks though. I hate that feeling. How do you feel about your first week?
  6. Also! This week I had ballet for the last time until July/September. It's on a summer break! And next week I'll have my last jazz dance class. I'm not happy about that and would have liked it to go on during the summer but I can see that they want their summer holidays and that it might be a bit warm in summer. Still sad.
  7. Who's terrible with updating? I am! No sorry, really. This week I've done my best to adhere to my goals. Stretching everyday is something that I just have to remember doing. I have to get used to do stretches after training and in between. I've spend some time looking at videos on youtube to stretch with them which makes it easier for me because I have a certaing time and certain stretches I have to do. And once again I noticed my nonflexibility. I am learning each day for at least 15 minutes. Mostly doing memrise reviews and taking new kana or vocabulary. Still I feel really insecure
  8. Hi Swatches! Here we go again indeed. Sleeping is a really good goal and one that I should have stolen as well maybe Also looking forward to your experiences with IF. Good Work. (No I'm not going to wish luck, you won't need that)
  9. So! Hi, sorry for not updating yet but I don't really know how to go aboutthis best. First of all, thanks Boxing and Swatches for the nice words Heh, my first comment was by a Hufflepuff (Yay! Hufflepuff!) Also thanks to Iceburner and Jellyfishfish who I know are lurking in the shadows, watching me Last challenge I did a strict sorted Update that was way to detailed for anyone to follow and I didn't want to repeat that. So yeah. Just babbling? It's the third day, and I'm mostly busy at the moment with work, coming home and not feeling like doing anything but sleep. I actually didn't e
  10. Off to the second challenge we are. And this time I decided to join up with the assassins! Hello, my fellow assassins and everyone else of course who wanders into this thread So, what is my main goal this time? I have not yet given up on losing bodyfat and gaining muscle/strenght. But I think this challenges goal could be better summarized with just improving myself on a general basis. Yeah, I know that this is very vague and that i really shouldn't be that vague. It's the journey that matters though and not the goal. The interesting part is going through the story and taking a bit
  11. HI, I'm going to throw my name in the triwizard cup here as well. Native german speaker, basically fluent in english, currently learning/ just starting to learn japanes native- german, fluent: english, absolute beginner: japanese I'm actually considering adding language learning to my next challenge. If anyone wants to practise their german, no matter their level, feel free to talk to me. I've got skype and E-Mail.
  12. You did really well and helped us all to stay on track as well That viking restaurant looks amazing and a friend of mine and me were both like, oh we want to go thre so badly. It would be a perfect larp location too Hope to see you next challenge!
  13. Soooo my final entries for this challenge: Lots of cleaning this weekend. Tomorrow (Monday) is a holiday here so I'll clean a little more then as well. But I will take a break from this journal to plan how to document my next challenge or whether I should take up a daily log. Saturday the 23rd: Eurovision day so I had two bottles of Strongbow Cider while watching. Sunday the 24th: I feel like I have gotten closer to my goal and learned a bit about how to move on and how not to. Besides that I have rediscovered once again how much I like cooking and started eating things I never d
  14. I'll cast another vote for Duolingo and I think you should definitely take up the offer to study with a native speaker Concerning that, I wanted to offer to anyone who wants to learn german to add me in Skype if you want to speak/write with a native speaker from Austria. Also if you don't have Umlauts on your keyboard you can substitute with ue for ü , ae for ä and oe for ö. That's common practise and completely allowed.
  15. Yes it was really nice and weirdly enough I dreamed about ballet tonight oO Yeah, I'm mostly thinking about what to change and what I actually want to achieve Definitely want to loose bodyfat/gain muscle still and improve my flexibility/balance/coordination (goign full assassin) And I want to be prepared this time so I will maybe stop collecting underpants (which is a reason why I didn't do one of the mini challenges, because I had sooo many underpants already and also just don't care about stats no matter the games because I'm terrible with numbers)
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