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  1. Terribly sorry for having dropped this challenge. That was stupid. Basically what happened was that there was quite the shift in my workload for about a week and I spend all my willpower on it. Got up to work and when I came back home I immediately went to sleep basically. So I didn't do my stretching, stopped working out and forwent the cooking. It also didn't go any better wth the cooking and eating. Still! I did stay with my at least 15 minutes of learning each day and so I stuck with my japanese, and even though I ate weirdly I lost weight. I didn't keep track of how I was eating but I stuck with Avocado and Tuna mostly for my quick snack. Next challenge I need to get back to it all again and keep a regular update. Maybe as detailed again as my first challenge was since there I at least stuck with it. My main problem currently is the heat though. How do people in areas that are hotter usually cope with this? I get headaches from it and I'm really not drinking too little. Also, I still miss ballet and jazz dance. (next week will be a summer workshop. So one week of dancing) My apologies again! I will try again
  2. Right? It's such an important one! And the next important one is 飲ã¿ã¾ã™ã€€of course. Need to learn the verb for to sleep next
  3. Also, I think I might like sprinting? Need to test that out.
  4. ã“ã‚“ã°ã‚“ã¯ã€‚ I definitely will have to go to sweden since I also want to go to that viking restaurant you mentioned iceburner And about everything being closed, I have considered looking for another dancestudio over the summer or trying out other things like bouldering or boxing. Definitely interested in boxing. Hah, I'm an idiot. I messed this week up trainingwise and I don't even know about the way I eat currently. I don't eat too many non paleo/ primal things and I stick to my selfmade rule of dairy and rice only on trainingsdays but I did have some cookies yesterday and today I didn't actually have a warm meal but stuck to basically fruit with coconut cream. Ugh. What. Oh and a pack of blueberry popcorn. (two bananas and a whole lot of strawberries if anyone was wondering about the fruit) For trainingsdays I did bare minimum or dancing depending on the day but well, I don't have dancing anymore and I let the stretching fall under the couch. And you know how often people tend to clean under couches. I will train tomorrow in the morning though to get back in and I need to stick with it for the next four weeks or else I will not give myself that levelup. Get your head in the game. On a positiv note, I did throw myself way into learning. I now added Kanji and I'm glad to say that when I asked someone today for grammar tips and they threw in a Kanji I didn't use in my question (it was 食ã¹ã‚‹ã€€in case someone was wondering) even though its a beginner one I was so happy to recognize it. So yay, happy about that. I still don't feel confident about holding a conversation , but then again neither am I in my native language. Also on the upside, people tell me how much much slimmer and happier I look and how much my posture has improved. And especially the last two things make me happy. So yeah, all in all i'm happy with myself but not happy with how I'm handling the challenge so far. This weekend will be a bit of a mess still since tomorrow I'm going to the all you can eat köttbullar buffet at ikea that I mentioned last challenge, and on saturday I'm going to the vienna pride parade which includes going for brunch before with friends and then in the evening going dancing. But around that and after that I will get good again. Pork not pancakes. I think I'll make that my motto (gotten myself some lovely porkbelly btw which I am so going to enjoy once I decide to make it) ã‚Šã‚“ã”を食ã¹ã¾ã™ã€‚åµã‚’食ã¹ã¾ã™ã€‚ porkbellyを食ã¹ã¾ã™ã€‚ 
  5. Ah! Burning your tongue sucks though. I hate that feeling. How do you feel about your first week?
  6. Also! This week I had ballet for the last time until July/September. It's on a summer break! And next week I'll have my last jazz dance class. I'm not happy about that and would have liked it to go on during the summer but I can see that they want their summer holidays and that it might be a bit warm in summer. Still sad.
  7. Who's terrible with updating? I am! No sorry, really. This week I've done my best to adhere to my goals. Stretching everyday is something that I just have to remember doing. I have to get used to do stretches after training and in between. I've spend some time looking at videos on youtube to stretch with them which makes it easier for me because I have a certaing time and certain stretches I have to do. And once again I noticed my nonflexibility. I am learning each day for at least 15 minutes. Mostly doing memrise reviews and taking new kana or vocabulary. Still I feel really insecure about actually trying to speak or write since I'm already feeling bad about this in my mother tongue. Well, anyhow. A regular at the café I'm working at studied in Sapporo when he was younger and is now married to a japanese woman and he borrowed me a few books on the language tht he still, tellign me that when I'm through this and at intermediate level he'd have way more books. He also said that he hated Kanji and gave up on them but that every course he knew insisted on doing Kanji from the get go. So I guess I should include Kanji and not wait until I got enough grammar. Because who knows what enough will be. Today I'll try to jump into the deep end, finding someone to talk to on skype. I'm really nervous. As I said, I don't even dare chatting to people just like that in english or my mother tongue german. DoN#t even dare to talk to people sometimes that I've known for years because I don't won't to be a hassle. Well. I have to do this. They don't know me. If I say something stupid that's okay. I will likely not ever meet them in person. If they've got enough there's a block option on skype. So yeah. Also I've joined Italki for that reason and I made the mistake of adding that I wanted to learn french and now I've got a bunch of messages from people that want to help with my french. Some of them in french, and even though I'd love to improve /learn french, and I even get the gist of what they are saying, I don't think it would be good to study french while also studying japanese. So yeah, I took that out again. Food wise, I had a Börek yesterday, as seen on Instagram which goes against the whole eat primal thing. But yeah. It was a new one they had at the bakery and I wanted to try it and I didn't want eggs. I regreted it soon enough anyway. It was good but also not that good. (Had mushrooms in it though) Today is oatmealday. I decided sunday was oatmeal day. So oats cooked in water, coconutcream added, banana added, and some pecan nuts. Yum! Graphic design is hard. I tried , but ended up stupidly doodling or otherwise distracted. I also can't get myself to focus on one thing. Need to decide what to do and just do it. Bleh. It's weird, when I'm in it though I do enjoy it. But I need to get myself in the process. And stop overthinking things. - Something happened foodwise this week. In the eening when really tired I remembered I should grab a meat from the freezer for the next day. I didn't care which one, so I grabbed a pack at random and put it in the fridge over night. Well, turns out I went in the wrong drawer and accidentally unfroze pancakes. That's not pork! Anyway, my brother was around and so I gave the pancakes to him, since he can basically anything without having to worry about it anyway. So from now on I'm paying more attention when diving into the freezer.
  8. Hi Swatches! Here we go again indeed. Sleeping is a really good goal and one that I should have stolen as well maybe Also looking forward to your experiences with IF. Good Work. (No I'm not going to wish luck, you won't need that)
  9. So! Hi, sorry for not updating yet but I don't really know how to go aboutthis best. First of all, thanks Boxing and Swatches for the nice words Heh, my first comment was by a Hufflepuff (Yay! Hufflepuff!) Also thanks to Iceburner and Jellyfishfish who I know are lurking in the shadows, watching me Last challenge I did a strict sorted Update that was way to detailed for anyone to follow and I didn't want to repeat that. So yeah. Just babbling? It's the third day, and I'm mostly busy at the moment with work, coming home and not feeling like doing anything but sleep. I actually didn't even feel much like eating yesterday but I got hungry after only having a breakfast/lunch so I did make something. Currently I'm on the break between shifts and had my breakfast, did my training and stretches (minimum training because I feel like I barely have time. even though it's not true!) and now need to go shopping quickly before going back to work and then directly to Jazz dance. I've only got two more jazz dance classes before the summer break, including this one sadly. Same with ballet. Just started it, but this week is already the last time since I can't go next week. Definitely need to take the one week long summer course in July for both though. So four classes of jazzdance and two for ballet. With stretching I though about trying my way through a few youtube videos since I'd have it sort of timed by that and have a moving example. I'm really not flexible though I noticed once again and it would be great to be able to touch my toes. My five minutes or more of learning I mostly do in between when on the bus or at work if there is really nothing to do. (I work sales in a bakery so this means, no cleaning , no customers). So yeah. katakana are so much more difficult for me than hiragana. But I remember a few already and also know a few of the basic vocabs that I glued around my flat. Meme is nice but some of the lessons are a bit random to me. Not like I'd be likely to need the word for draftbeer. So, yeah. I did set myself a few rules that I will make a post of later! Thanks for keeping me accountable (and "motivated").
  10. Off to the second challenge we are. And this time I decided to join up with the assassins! Hello, my fellow assassins and everyone else of course who wanders into this thread So, what is my main goal this time? I have not yet given up on losing bodyfat and gaining muscle/strenght. But I think this challenges goal could be better summarized with just improving myself on a general basis. Yeah, I know that this is very vague and that i really shouldn't be that vague. It's the journey that matters though and not the goal. The interesting part is going through the story and taking a bit of time for some sidequests, just enjoying the story and the world building, yes? Sometimes as a bit of a lone wanderer, sometimes with companions. Okay, Okay. So, what are my goals then? Flexible: Last challenge I starting training three times a week and also took up dancing (namely Jazz dance and ballet) Especially ballet and deadlifts showed me that I lack in flexibility and Squats and also ballet showed me that I could also improve on my ballance. So this challenge I want to do stretches every day and work on my balance every other day that is not a training day. Swift Leaner: The start of the challenge (Monday, June the 8th) is my 27th birthday. Only three more years till 30. What happens at thirty? Well I promised myself some years ago that by age thirty I wanted to have traveled to Japan, to see the various cities, taste the food and just witness the culture and everything. But I wouldn't dare go there without speaking the language well enough to find my way around. And by that I mean, that I really want to get proficient enough to talk to people, watch the news, maybe read something in a newspaper. In the span of three years. Starting today. Well, I actually already started some time before but fell off the wagon, and now I restarted and managed to learn the Hiragana so far , a few basic vocabulary and the first of the Katakana. Sooo. How will I go about this? Minimum of 15 minutes of japanese learning every day? (it will be more if I'm in it but 15 minutes seems unthreatening) and every week I want to try to find a native speaker and talk to them for a bit in exchange for speaking german or english to them. This will also force me to be sociable and overcome my fear of being awkward. Living Anatomy: I'm terrible. I'm a learned graphic designer who after her graduation just dropped everything because I felt so worn out and now I'm afraid to get back in again. The thing is, I do love it, but now I'm working in a bakery and as a waitress which helps me pay my bills of course but I hate it. So my goal here is to do something to get back into graphic design, build a portfolio I can be happy with (that's hard for me) and to apply for jobs in that field. That means: At least three days a week, spending the afternoon on graphic design and drawing in general. Illustration, Web design, folders, posters, logos, packaging. My old goals of eating well, sleeping well, and training regularly stay. Wait, didn't I want to simplify? Anyway. To keep me accountable on the food front, I made an Instagram account where I will post my daily food. I'm not allowed to eat anything that I don't take a picture of and put it on there. If someone wants to follow me there, I would really be overjoyed. So, let's start this. If you got any tips for me on any of my challenges, you are very welcome to share.
  11. You did really well and helped us all to stay on track as well That viking restaurant looks amazing and a friend of mine and me were both like, oh we want to go thre so badly. It would be a perfect larp location too Hope to see you next challenge!
  12. Soooo my final entries for this challenge: Lots of cleaning this weekend. Tomorrow (Monday) is a holiday here so I'll clean a little more then as well. But I will take a break from this journal to plan how to document my next challenge or whether I should take up a daily log. Saturday the 23rd: Eurovision day so I had two bottles of Strongbow Cider while watching. Sunday the 24th: I feel like I have gotten closer to my goal and learned a bit about how to move on and how not to. Besides that I have rediscovered once again how much I like cooking and started eating things I never did before (namely tuna, champignons and coconutmilk/cream) So I'm definitely looking forward to the next challenge.
  13. Yes it was really nice and weirdly enough I dreamed about ballet tonight oO Yeah, I'm mostly thinking about what to change and what I actually want to achieve Definitely want to loose bodyfat/gain muscle still and improve my flexibility/balance/coordination (goign full assassin) And I want to be prepared this time so I will maybe stop collecting underpants (which is a reason why I didn't do one of the mini challenges, because I had sooo many underpants already and also just don't care about stats no matter the games because I'm terrible with numbers)
  14. Thanks to everyone in the group for being so supportive and especially to iceburner for making this group. Sorry that I wasn't really able to keep up with to many of your logs and next challenge I'll make sure to choose three blogs at least to keep up with. (I sort of managed to keep up with iceburners log and until recently rabecks) My plans for now are to keep up with the food and water habits, make my trainingshabit easier for me to keep up with (dance is easy though to keep at) Also I want to prepare for the next challenge which means getting on top of cleaning in the next two weeks. It's a mess but I'll do it every day a bit. Also I'll do all my research before so I won't get lost in that during the challenge and prepare some basics for the language I want to learn. Don't have any concretes but until then I won't keep up my log except for my notebook. Maybe I'm going to make a weekly battle log though for summaries. I will definitely check back hre and would be happy to join up again for the challenge with the assassins
  15. So let's get over Thursday and fridays food first to get this over with. I'll put it under a apoiler tag because it's the same way all my updates are training-food-hydration. Thursday the 21st: Friday the 22nd: The day of ballet. Tired all day and alltogether feeling really weird in a bad way. Way confused and chaotic in the morning and just sleepy and achy and alltogether awful in the afternoon. But I got it fixed with ballet. Even though I now have a headache. Got some fresh rhubarb when visiting my grandma last week and was looking for paleo friendly recipes that were not compott. Ended up snacking on them just like that. Peeled and cut up into pieces straight from the bowl. So , now to the important question: How was ballet? I liked it! it was very different from jazz dance alltogether. The group the energy the tempo the teacher (even though it was the same teacher). The group consists of really lovely people and they don't seem as prone of the clique thing as those in jazz dance since we've got a big group there that basically work together and got each other into the class. Today there actually were a few that came by themselves up to me to introduce themselves so I didn't have to go name hunting (I like knowing the names of the people in my group) and someone recommended I use one of the mats for the floorthings and handed me one which was really nice. They are also way more concentrated and even though they still have a bit of playfullness to it they take it way more seriously than the other group which I personally thing is nice because we get through things easier. Our teacher is the same as in jazz dance which for me was a big motivation to try the class. He's very energetic and considerate of new people. It's obvious that he loves dance and really likes teaching it to others. His energy is different from jazz dance where he is open and energetic as well in that he seems to be just completely in his element. It's the first dance he took and he's just really passionate about it. The class itself was hard for me of course it being the first one. I didn't let that discourage me though and just tried. I knew a few moves from jazzdance but the energy as I said is completely different. Also I haven't got quite the flexibility, coordination and balance yet. Or the posture. Which are things that I want to fix and actually considered as goals for my next six-week-challenge! Which is perfect. After one of the stretches I got a bit of a headache. The same sort I had after holding the plank a bit too long when I first tried a plank. (after that I worked my way up) Now it's nearly gone but I've been stretching my neck quite a bit since it was a bit stiff. I think though that me being nervous might have played in there too. All in all, I do think that I'll continue taking the class since it meets all my goals and melts them into dance which I seem to just really enjoy. Though I do have to say that if I had to choose between ballet and jazz dance, jazz dance would ultimately win. I just enjoy that way too much. Ballet is a good way to improve on all my goals though and especially my jazz dance.
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