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  1. Howdy all! Sorry I am little late to post my challenge. The big things I am working on are weight loss and finishing up my dissertation. Daily Challenges: Write 2 pages a day of my dissertation (have to graduate!) Walk 8,000 steps a day Eat below 2000 calories a day. Run every other day Strength training on off running days I'll post progress as it comes up. Let's do it! M
  2. I have learned that weight loss has little to do with excercise. I started running very heavily 2 years ago to loose some extra weight, was running 30 miles a week for 9 months and I only lost 10 pounds (down to 230) before I started gaining it back as muscle. I really think it comes down to keeping your calorie intake low, and being active enough that any weight you loose isn't muscle.
  3. Hey All! Well, I am back. I haven't posted in a couple of years, but want to lose some weight this year so I'll definitely be more active. M
  4. When I first started running, I was embarrassed too. Luckily my parents had a treadmill that I got started on, which is great because you can do it completely alone. Can you find a place that is relatively empty of people (but of course safe)? Try it there until you feel more confident.
  5. Sunday 10k steps, 11 floors 1704 in vs 2961 calories out Monday 17385 steps, 15 floors 1679 calories in vs. 3694 calories out Tuesday 10,000 steps, 13 floors 1912 calories in vs. 3094 calories out Wednesday 5100 steps , 0 floors 1685 calories in vs. 2826 calories out Thursday 14896 steps, only 2 floors 3170 calories in (damn you alcohol!!!) vs. 3457 calories out, so I guess i am still okay... sort of.... : )
  6. Ran 6 miles. 21471 steps, 10 floors 1500+ calories in vs. 3935 calories out.
  7. Wednesday 10055 steps,10 floors 1489 calories in vs. 2991 calories burned Thursday - working on a deadline, and totally missed my goals. 3608 steps, 2 floors 1706 calories in vs. 2699 calories out Friday 10278 steps,17 floors ~1500 calories in vs. 2968 burned.
  8. Tuesday 10 k steps, 11 floors 2159 calories in vs. 2787 calories burned
  9. Monday Ran 4 miles 19324 steps, 14 floors climbed 2011 calories in vs. 3726 calories burned.
  10. Thanks! Saturday Ran 5 miles 20k steps, 18 floors climbed 1346 calories in vs. 3758 calories out Sunday 10 k steps, 22 floors climbed ~1500 calories in, 3308 calories burned
  11. Friday. day 12 10k steps, 16 floors climbed 1866 calories in vs. 2788 calories burned
  12. Thursday, Day 11 10 k steps, 10 floors 2317 calories in vs. 2897 burned.
  13. Wednesday, Day 10 10 k step, 10 floors 2253 calories in vs. 2996 calories out. Was supposed to run 4 miles, but have to get up early in the morning and missed it. Make it up tomorrow
  14. Tuesday Day 9 10k steps, 22 floors 2269 calories in vs. 2954 calories out
  15. Monday, Day 8. 12,500 steps. 10 floors 2989 calories in vs. 2876 calories burned. Damn you carne asada !!!! Damn you Margaritas !!! Edit: Also ran 4 miles, so I guess it isn't so bad.
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