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  1. Hey all, been dipping for the last couple of weeks. Mood has been more down than up, can't get into a gym rhythm, and food eating has been spotty, getting back into bad habits. Trying to combat that, and been to the gym this morning. Monthly weigh in was +2 on last month. Perkele.
  2. Or, to give it it's official name, Scotty's Law.
  3. Planning to hit the gym tonight and then proofread an assignment SWFS is working on, because I'm such a wild rock 'n' roller. In the absence of anything else terribly exciting or newsworthy to report today, here is some sage advice from an aardvark:
  4. Scratch me up, cougar. Let's mambo.
  5. Just my two cents, Ens. Life is very short, and you'll spend a huge chunk of it working - if you can at all avoid it, don't ever settle for a job that makes you miserable "just to pay the bills." It's a rat trap, and it's no way to live. I am that soldier. If you can find a way to get paid for doing something you love, you'll never "work" a day in your life. Do that. Always do that. You rock, Foxy.
  6. Apologies. I've posted that gif (and many similar featuring the same guy) on numerous occasions and never had an issue. Duly noted for future reference.
  7. Oh, hai! 1) I'm Scotty, I'll be 45 in December, married with rapidly-growing kids, and I've been around the forums on and off for just under 3 years. 2) The people, without a doubt. I've (virtually) met some amazing and inspiring folks on here. 3) Hobby time is at a premium for me due to many other commitments, but I do enjoy painting (art, not walls.) 4) All my favourite gifs involve this guy: (Moderator Edit: NSFW. And at 3500+ posts, you know better than this. Spoilers and NSFW warnings, people. Spoilers and warnings.)
  8. Oddly enough, I also read it as pythons but assumed it was in the vintage Hulk Hogan context. Whatcha gonna do, brother?
  9. This is a good point, well made. I would demonstrate, but current codes of standards and practices dictate that DFG's thread should remain a Buff-gif-free zone.
  10. I'm perfectly happy as long as they're telling me the weight is going downwards. Upwards, not so much. Oh, yes. I want you inside me.
  11. Just a couple of random observations from a sadly-undercaffeinated (a situation about to be resolved) humpday morning at work: 1. I'm obsessed with the blue box Alpen muesli. I can't get enough of that shit, especially with coconut milk. It's SO. DAMN. GOOD. 2. Had my first two comments from random people on Sunday about weight starting to come off again, I guess it shows in my face first. This is good news. Now, about that coffee...
  12. There's more than enough Buff to go round. Stop being greedy.
  13. Punched the Making Excuses Monster square in the nuts and made myself hit the gym after work. Came home to SWFS' dy-no-mite cauli & broc cheesebake and ham & lentil soup. I may have to keep my office window open tomorrow.
  14. Wait... I'm gonna need to see diagrams of this KB workout. My mind is blown.
  15. Well, if there's one thing I am, it's round. Oh, wait...
  16. Things I am legally forbidden from doing in public: Polishing my horn Demonstrating where the hot springs flow Whispering tales of gore Screaming "VALHALLA! I AM COMING!"
  17. My City of Ruins: A select few of you may remember me. I came, I did some challenges, I dropped some weight, and then life started life-ing me and I disappeared. In early 2015, I weighed 255 lbs. I joined a gym, started eating better, found NF, and in around 18 months, I'd just about scraped under 200 lbs, got myself a nice suit, and life was going... better. But interest started to flag, and a combination of work-related stress, family dramas, injuries, illness and dark depression took hold, and I went under the ice for a while. It started with some niggling aches and pains, which, after an extended period of doctor and hospital visits, were diagnosed as calcific tendonitis in the rotator cuff, and bone spurs in the neck. As I attempted to get those under control, my wife lost her mother, and my own mother's dementia gradually progressed. She suffered a series of falls and spent a large chunk of the early part of this year in and out of hospital for weeks at a time. We're getting some support with her care now, which is helping greatly, but the dementia is only going to worsen as time passes. With all of this in the background, I completely neglected my own well-being, quit exercising, ate like crap, didn't look after myself mentally, and spiraled into a dark place. I could feel my health worsening as my weight increased, to the point where everything was becoming uncomfortable, and I felt constantly sick, tired, and sore. At the end of July, I made the decision to rejoin the gym and go completely cold turkey from my arch nemeses, chocolate, cakes and fizzy/energy drinks. On my first visit back to the gym on August 1st, I weighed myself. 257 lbs. Back to square one, literally. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $100. The Rising: There have been two weigh-ins since I rose from the ashes. September was 248, October 244, meaning 13 lbs lost, against a backdrop of having my car smashed and written off, and picking up some bumps and bruises and a mild case of whiplash in the process. Gym attendance hasn't been quite as consistent as I would have liked, but forcing myself to go even inconsistently is better than where I've been. Other than a two-day spell where two of my kids had back-to-back birthdays, the food choices have been pretty solid. I managed the best part of ten weeks completely cold turkey, had a treat around the birthday bashes, and resumed progress afterwards. The goal is to get back to completely cutting off chocolate, cakes and fizzy drinks between now and Christmas, and then take it from there. Further On (Up the Road): And so, we beat on, boats against the current. There's no grand theme, no complex strategies, no delightfully colourful spreadsheets (this time, but they're itching to make a return), just some simple goals. Get to the gym, three times a week. This goal should now be a little more attainable for me, given that a couple of changes to my regular schedule are in the process of happening. As of Sunday, my church has switched to Saturday evening/Sunday morning services, which means not having to rush home on Sunday afternoon and do a quick turnaround to get back at it on Sunday evenings. Gym goal is to keep pushing the cross trainer level up, notch by notch. It's currently sitting at 20 mins at level 12/13. I'd like to get that up to level 15, and start working on building up a second run to end each session. During my first run on NF, I was starting and ending with 20 minute runs. I can get back there. Food goals, see above. My only restrictions are cutting out the chocolate, cakes and fizzy drinks. Other than that, I generally can be trusted to eat sensibly. Mental goals: stay positive, stay connected to my friends here, stick to my daily bible reading plan. The rest will take care of itself. What's coming up in this period? We're entering a busy new season in church again as we prepare for our annual giveaway, which of course means the return of the panto. SGFS regulars will know that I regularly get roped into performing in the shows, and this year will, I've been informed, be no different. Over the past couple of years, I've played (off the top of my head), a hyena sidekick in the Lion King, Augustus Gloop (Willy Wonka), the Tin Man (Wizard of Oz), Anger (Inside Out), Shere Khan (Jungle Book), Cogsworth (Beauty & the Beast), Mr. Potato Head (Toy Story), a couple of World War 2 soldiers, a Jersey Boy doo-wop singer, and a granny tranny in a Queen "I Want to Break Free" tribute. This year's panto has just been announced, and it's Shrek. No idea who I'm playing yet. Secretly, I'm hoping Fiona... Now, as a wise man once said, "Let's go to woik."
  18. We stayed with my in-laws for 6 weeks when we moved back home to Scotland in 2009. It was not fun times. Your MIL sounds way nicer than mine, though, so that's good. Also, this: Because why should Deffy get all the Buff?
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