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  1. 05-01-2018 Incline BP: 225x5x5 Squat: 315x5x5 Chins: BWx5x20 Dips: BWx10x10 Starting my fourth week of a setup inspired by Wendler's BTM template. Day one of the week calls for 100 chins and 100-200 dips. I can only manage 100 dips before my shoulder decide to explode. Chins are a little easier as a break them out over 20 sets of 5, supper-setting them with the rest of the lifts. I don't think this is the best program but its the one I'm doing and just need to ride it out and stop with the program ADD.
  2. Haven't been here in a while. Gainsdalf mentioned in a FB group that he was back to lifting and posting here regularly so I figured I'd join. Missed this place. A LOT has changed since I was last here regularly. 2017 was a rough one personally but I made it through and I am in a really good place now. I started lifting again semi regularly about five weeks ago and just finished up my third week of Wendler's Building the Monolith 5/3/1 template. I'm also back to training BJJ pretty regularly as well. So my fitness goals are still pretty much the same, lift 3x/week, BJJ 2x/week, and walk Ozzy 1 mile per day.
  3. Woke up late and sore on Saturday so I skipped the gym and went to bjj instead for open mat. Got to hang a bit with the host of my favorite guilty pleasure, MTV's The Challenge, TJ Lavin. Cool and humble dude with legit grappling. Gym this morning: Bench: 240x5x3 Squat: 305x5x3 Other notes: Its been rainy all weekend so the dog walking has been difficult. My boy hates the water. I finished Sneaky Pete. It did not disapoint. Oh and I filed my taxes last night.
  4. Yep. I'm only four episodes deep but I'm all in. Hopefully the payoff will be better than an 8 hour infomercial for interpretive dance Netflix's OA felt like.
  5. Gym again this morning Press:170x5x2, 170x8 Deadlift: 395x5x3 Curls: 75x a lot Figured I'd ARMAP my last press set out of frustration with my right shoulder. I'm not a smart man. A bunch of us are planning on the Pan Ams in March so tournament prep begins with tonight's class. I'm expecting a whole lot of cardio and takedown drills incoming. In other news I found my new binge worthy show, Sneaky Pete on Amazon.
  6. Second episode was easily the best. I hope the rumors of a secret fourth episode are true because it'd be a shame to end on that steaming pile they called a finale.
  7. Made it to BJJ last night. We had belt and stripe promotions so technique was cut short to save time to roll. It was nice seeing a buch of my teammates level up especially those who've put years into their journeys. Gym this morning: Bench Press: 235x5x3 Squats: 285x5x3 Having some right elbow issues. Definitely from BJJ. Armbarred one too many times. So i've had to close grip my bench and high bar my squats. Speaking of squats the weight still feels really light i probably started too low so I might start making 15-20# jumps.
  8. Made it to the gym Saturday morning. Front Squat: 225x5x3 Incline Bench:225x5x3 Chin-up: BWx3x10 Wasn't doing anything Friday night so I made it to open mat. Bad idea. Rolling for the third consecutive day is hell. 3/3 for puppy walks this weekend. Other things of note over the weekend: I was somewhat disappointed in S4 of Sherlock. I will always be a fan of BJ Penn but that was rough to watch. Chicken breast slow cooked in salsa verde makes for excellent nachos.
  9. It does talk. It whispers "Forever small. Forever weak." sweetly in my ear. So went to BJJ last night. We worked on the lockdown. Even though I consider bottom half guard part of my "A game" I really never use lockdown that much so it was nice ironing out some of the details. Live rolls were meh. Sometimes you're the hammer sometimes you're the nail. I was the nail. Afterwards I took the pup on a walk. Night walks take forever as he's way more interested in smells. Our mile and a half stroll took about an hour. When we got home I was super sore so I smoked a little too much, got a little too high (legal in NV yay!), and stayed up a way too late binging on New Girl. Needless to say it was a struggle making it to the gym this morning but I did the damn deed. Press: 165x5x3 Deadlift: 375x5x3
  10. Mid week update: Went to BJJ on Monday. Worked on triangle choke transitions from closed guard and a little omoplata action. Live rolls went well though I've got a little gi burn on my face. Didn't go last night as its no gi or pj free as my wife likes to call it. Lifted yesterday morning. Going to take it nice and slow running a simple 3x5 LP to start. Bench: 225x5x3 Squat: 275x5x3 Chins: BWx3x10 Even though its windy as hell out here still took the pup on his walks. Pretty uneventful except for the blown over neighborhood garbage cans Ozzie mistook as threats and tried to eliminate.
  11. Its a new year and no better time to pick up the iron again after a extended absence. So we're going to keep it simple this go around. Goals Lift 3x a week. Train BJJ 2x minimum a week. Walk Ozzy 1 mile minimum a day.
  12. Sup Skwaatcakes. Can I join you on the lost gains train?
  13. Flex in a real gym following a real program? Color me intrigued.
  14. Still not a man I see. Thirteen more pounds to go.
  15. Hahaha! Forget the IPF Worlds. Camp NF PL Championships is where its at.
  16. Details? What was your total and wilks Flex?
  17. 2016-02-05 06:00 Duration: 45 mins Squat 418 lbs x 1 reps468 lbs x 1 reps418 lbs x 2 repsComments: Duffalo Bar - 58 lb Bench Press 275 lbs x 1 reps315 lbs x 1 reps275 lbs x 5 reps Having some shoulder issues again. Things were really aggravated after Fri's lifting. Not sure what's going on but needed 5mg of Percocet the past two nights just to sleep through the night.
  18. 2016-02-04 06:00 Duration: 45 mins Squat 405 lbs x 1 reps455 lbs x 1 reps405 lbs x 3 repsComments: Used Buffalo bar - 52 lb Incline Bench Press 275 lbs x 3 reps225 lbs x 10 repsChin-Up6 reps5 reps4 repsEZ-Bar Curl85 lbs x 8 reps85 lbs x 6 reps85 lbs x 6 reps
  19. Seth...I remember that guy. What ever happened to him? Oh that's right he started CrossFit and met a girl. RIP Panda.
  20. Just to add my HSPU and OHP data point, last fall I hit 3 HSPU off parallettes at about 235 lbs BW and had a 225 lb OHP max at the time.
  21. 2016-02-03 06:00 Duration: 45 mins Paused Squat 405 lbs x 1 reps435 lbs x 1 repsComments: Had really bad gas but it turned out to be a plus. Had to stay rigid in the hole to keep one from sneaking out. Overhead Press 185 lbs x 3 reps205 lbs x 1 reps225 lbs x 1 reps185 lbs x 5 repsChin-Up 5 reps5 reps4 reps
  22. SED isn't a choice, its a lifestyle, and its not for everyone.
  23. Not a Spinal Tap fan I see. Sent from my HTC6500LVW using Tapatalk
  24. As a life long wrestler and part time powerlifter let me know if you need any singlet stuffing tips. A sock? A roll of quarters? A cucumber wrapped in tinfoil? The choices can be overwhelming. Sent from my HTC6500LVW using Tapatalk
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