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  1. Brahweh curls in a power/squat rack. Humble thy self or feel my wrath.
  2. Warriors...come out and plaaayyy. So this mod is back for a quick down and dirty mini for my iron brothers and sisters. Brace yourselves dis gonna get good. WTF is Doggcrapp? Well Doggcrapp Training or DC Training is a method of rest-pause training that has been popularized over the recent years. Named after its creator Dante Trudel, aka Doggcrap, its a brutal but efficient way to get swole. Here are the basics: You do your set for as many reps as possible, take 15 deep breaths, rep to failure again, 15 more breaths, then rep to failure for a final run. The aim is to stay within a 11-15 repetition range in total (e.g. 8+3+2=13). The eccentric or negative phase of the lift (e.g. lowering the bar in a bench press) should be done slowly. As a general guideline 4 seconds would be a good guide, but the key is controlling the downward phase.According to Dante: "A hypothetical set of incline bench press after warm-ups might look like?a. 275 8 reps to failure (rack the weight)+10-15 deep breathsb. 275 2-4 reps to failure (rack)+ 10-15 deep breathsc. 275 1-3 reps to failure (rack) and done or optional static hold." So the challenge:Select one accessory lift each training session and utilize the DC Training method. Record (not video) your lifts and notes about each session in this thread. Optional: Share post lift swole selfies. Some thoughts: Since you'll be lifting to failure DC Training is optimal when you have a training partner for safety reasons.If you train alone use precaution. A power rack w/ safeties, dumbbells, and machines (BLASPHEMY!) are good tools.The following muscle groups should not be exercised using the DC training: quads, back (e.g. rows), and calves.Now get at it.
  3. Straps? He should try mixed grip and chalk next time.
  4. 2015-06-17 06:00 Deadlift 365 lbs x 10 reps @ 8.5365 lbs x 8 reps @ 9365 lbs x 6 reps @ 9Comments: Beltless Front Squat 185 lbs x 8 reps @ 9185 lbs x 8 reps @ 9225 lbs x 3 reps @ 9Comments: 1st set - California grip; remaining sets - clean grip.
  5. Also you keep mentioning using the press found in starting strength. I'm not a fan of the 3rd edition technique, the " hip whip". Imho the 2nd was much better. I recommend using the stuff found in Justin's video below. https://youtu.be/sqKhLR1zRaU
  6. Also try Yate's rows as opposed to a strict horizontal bb row (ala Pendlay). Its more forgiving on the lower back.
  7. 2015-06-16 06:00 Close Grip Bench Press 245 lbs x 10 reps @ 9245 lbs x 8 reps @ 8245 lbs x 8 reps @ 9245 lbs x 6 reps @ 10Overhead Press135 lbs x 8 reps @ 8135 lbs x 8 reps @ 9135 lbs x 7 reps @ 10
  8. Going to go ahead and post mah daily lifting and weekly updates will just include the fancy reports. 2015-06-15 06:30 Duration: 1 hour 15 mins High-bar Squat 315 lbs x 10 reps @ 9.5315 lbs x 8 reps @ 8315 lbs x 8 reps @ 9315 lbs x 6 reps @ 8.5315 lbs x 6 reps @ 9Comments: Belted Romanian Deadlift 275 lbs x 8 reps @ 8275 lbs x 8 reps @ 9275 lbs x 8 reps @ 9.5Comments: Beltless
  9. Week Three Jacked'r Update: Only two lifting sessions last week because of the elbow. Feels good now so back to the grind.
  10. Ok that's it! I'm starting my own NF lifting fed. Look for my Scorching Summer Summit of Swole 2015 comp thread coming soon.
  11. There was no real thought put into which fed's rules to use when we first started this virtual comp. The IPF was chosen by Andy (I think) out of convenience because it was the most well known. The fact of the matter is this is an unofficial, unsanctioned, make believe, for fun meet with a bunch of online friends. I don't care and neither should anyone else if those competing don't adhere to the circle jerk IPF lift standards. Small hitch in your deadlift? Did you get the weight up? Ok then three virtual white lights from me. Cut a squat a little high? Was it close? I'm not going to hate, three whites. Its all kind of silly to me how serious some peeps take these comps.
  12. Benching with flat foot forces your feet to be in a more foreword position instead of tucked underneath. If you're allowed to be on your toes it allows for a larger arch.
  13. Yeah I think my five attempts on the Skipping Leg Day mini last challenge was a bad idea. Shit hasn't felt the same since.
  14. Don't you Cali style? Clean grip sounds more feasible.
  15. Fuggin elbow is fook'd. I might have to be the anti bench bro and go skwatz and deathlifts exclusive for the time being.
  16. The biggest thing about bracing and breathing is remembering to hold the air in you belly. When most people take a big breath they breath vertically drawing air upwards. You can tell because their shoulders will rise. See my shitty MS Paint skills. Instead you need to breath horizontally drawing air down and holding it in the belly. Hence the term belly breathing. Think of a pitcher of water, it fills from the bottom up. Now in order to do this I take these steps. Exhale. Push out all the air in your lungs and draw your rib cage down. While holding that position take a deep breath filling from the bottom up. Push out and inflate 360 degrees. Close off your throat and bite down.Sayeth Brahweh.
  17. The eyes of Brahweh are in every place, beholding the frail and the brawny.
  18. The weak cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy gains: I am come that they might have swole, and that they might have it more abundantly.
  19. It's the program MP needs, but not the one it deserves right now.
  20. This pleases me. Have not I commanded thee? Be jacked and of a good swoleness; be not small, neither be thou weak: for Brahweh thy God will spot thee whithersoever thou goest.
  21. Trust in Brahweh with all thine gains; and lean not unto thine own programming. In all thy lifts acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy PRs.
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