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    I've done mine! (first mini)
  2. Mini Quest #1: Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reasonable? Yes! I believe I can become a great Wolverine by the end of the first year! Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Do your quests have sub-quests or is it just one thing to focus on? My three quests are about adjusting myself to a better lifestyle one step at a time. All of them can happen at home and are pretty straight forward. Are your main goals realistic? Can you scale them to smaller steps to fit your life better, eve
  3. Hello everyone! So I finished my brief tutorial for the last challenge. Now, it's time for the real deal. I'll keep my specific goals from my intro challenge. These were though for the last two weeks, so I guess I should continue improving upon them. I need to create a sense of discipline. So, I added three more side quests that might help me do just that. May you all find success! Main Quest: I want to look like a skinnier version of Wolverin, but also become stronger and healthy. Specific Goals: -Do Level 1 of the "No Gym Challenge" every day. -Eat Paleo for 16 out of 21 weekly meal
  4. I believe I will! 6th week recap: Easter week was kind of slow for me (goals). Sleep was the only one were I did great. I only did the Lvl 1 no-gym challenge three times during the whole week. My times were: 5:38.08 Monday, 5:50.41 Tuesday, and 4:07.50 Thursday. There's a lot of room for improvement. As for my diet. I made it out with 15/21 value meals.
  5. Thanks for the info dump! I lurked NF some weeks before joining. So, I read a lot of Steve's main blog posts. I still need some more Paleo recipies though! I've read about the challenges. I guess I'll go with Adventurers for my first two challenges. Probably my weakest muscle right now is my will. I want to get that back on iron.
  6. Thanks for the support! @Lilith: Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons I get nerfed after a hard week at school/work. It is probably my most important support goal because achieving it involves so much more than sleeping. I need to keep my schedule in check. Therefore, I get to be productive. Today was amazing! Yesterday, I did the level 1 challenge outside my house. I used a pipe and a small alley for the pull-ups. However, today I went to the park for a change. I was viciously attacked by grass bugs and mosquitos, but it felt so good [in a "I'm alive" way]. End of week 5 Report: I
  7. This is a REALLY late entry, but I would really like to start improving my life through this activity. I'm currently exiting a moral spiral of doom, and I would never like to see one again. I want to start small and gear up for the next challenge. I would like to consider this as a tutorial. Main Quest: I want to look like a skinnier version of Wolverin, but also become stronger and healthy. Specific Goals: -Do Level 1 of the "No Gym Challenge" every day. -Eat Paleo for 16 out of 21 weekly meals. (5 quality cheat meals, no garbage or fast food) -Respect a sleep schedule of ~8 hours with
  8. Hello everyone. I'm a 22 year old mexican man. Just like many posters in here, I'm new to the NF forums and I want to level up my life! My stats: I have a skinny body with a low fat index. I look like an 18 year old. I weigh about 60 kg (120 lbs) and have a height of 1.70 meters (5 ft, 7 in). My best body weigh is 62 kg (130 lbs) from five years ago. A little about my past: I used to be a cardio addict five years ago. I trained MMA and Kung Fu as my main activities. I also jogged around my house and would run on 5k tracks. I was pretty agile, but I was never willing to build muscle.
  9. "Suddenly his heart stopped, for entering the door meant he would know of a new, uncertain world and would leave the one he knew." ( Asbury,133)

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