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  1. Thanks dudes, always encouraging! According to Wolverine (aka Hugh jackman) fitness is 70% diet and 30% exercise which makes sense to me and I mean come on if you can't trust a centuries old mutant with fictional metal graphed to his bones who can you trust? That'll be my plan of attack, back on strict paleo. however I think this time I might do regular strength training to begin with, then eventually add back in my beloved hiit training
  2. Good lord, I have fallen so far of the wagon it's sad. This is just the way it goes for me too I was so gung ho about this at first (as I have been in the past) then I just give up and start eating crap again and not working out. Fortunately because of the nature of my job (I walk about 6 miles a day) I haven't really gained any weight back but boy oh boy can my body tell the difference. Crazy sore back and sides, feeling tired and groggy every morning, YUCK gotta get back into the swing of it.
  3. I've been back on paleo for a week now. i've been pretty strict with myself but I feel like i'm using too much bacon grease. I know it's ok to use but can you still use too much? maybe I should just stick with ghee?
  4. You all are so supportive and are giving great advice. I was always a big kid (Giving my father had me down shoes at 10 years old big) and because of that I got made fun of especially by my friends in middle school I'd let them do that because I was so sure I could never find any other people that would bother to hang out with me. My confidence was in the gutter, except for when I was on the football field... I was tough then, confident, not to sound violent but breaking through the line and sacking the QB or getting a great block made me feel unstoppable (not to brag but I kinda was) but ev
  5. Finished my first week of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) I was pretty brutal but I felt invincible after every workout I feel in better shape already and can wait to show you all my progress Very proud of myself Stay motivated!!!
  6. Thanks guys!! Believe it or not, since i started doing 20 and 20 the workouts ARE less intense, still tiring but I always end up feeling like i didnt work hard enough So i think im gonna take the advice and do 20/10. I'm also thinking of doing some "light" weight training too time will tell my friends....quest on!
  7. My second morning of HIIT wen t a lot better! I changed my time to 20/20 and magange (somehow) to do the whole routine Looking forward to tomorrow !
  8. Did my first HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session this morning About 1/4 of the way through I thought "what have i gotten myself into" ans about 3/4 of the way in I bailed out, just couldn't keep going.... HOWEVER it felt really good to start excising again and i'm looking forward to my next session tomorrow morning but perhaps i'll cut my time ratio to 20/10 instead of 30/10 I'm gonna see the quest through to the end!!
  9. I hope i'm posting this in the right place I'm starting a new workout regimen tomorrow its a hiit (high intensity interval training) program, it's supposed to be really effective at burning a lot of fat in an accelerated amount of time I kind of think of it as spending a few hours in the hyperbolic time chamber *wink**wink* Anyway, the only thing i'm wondering is if just the HIIT program will be enough, maybe I should do something else in addition to it? idk maybe i'm just psyching myself out For the record, I'm not exactly looking to build mass at the moment, just lose weight and the progr
  10. Hey there, I'm Robert i'm 27 year old, 280 pounds and hungry for change! I'm not necessarily new to fitness, I'm pretty familiar with dieting and working out and all that good stuff. However I'm equally if not even MORE familiar with being too lazy to work quitting half way through and over all apathy. I've never really searched for or made use of a community like this but time has shown i'm not much of a lone wolf. I see now that I may need some help achieving my goals. I've read through the forums a bit and I see how supportive you all are, I hope you will support me in my journey
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