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  1. Hey guys sorry i didn't check in for a few days. Work has been slam packed busy. Fortunately i get enough of a workout from it that i don't feel bad about missing yesterday. I spent all day yesterday removing a big tree, about four hours climbing, couple hours of dragging brush and loading it on the trailer then another hour of moving 100-200 lb pieces of block wood. I'm going to hit it today though. I'll stop back here after I'm done and let you guys know how it went.
  2. Congrats on the deadlifts! Sumo is the way to go, i switched from regular about six months back and was the best thing I've done for my dl.
  3. It's amazing how a lack of sleep can mess with someone's strength. No worries, you'll get it next time!
  4. Thanks! So today was leg day. I noticed in my warm ups that I've developed one heck of a butt wink with my squats. I should've noticed it earlier because my hip flexor has been super sore. Anyway, because of this the next couple weeks will be light for legs and I'll be hitting the hip mobility hard. I noticed I've also got a slight anterior tilt at the top of the movement as well. So hopefully it doesn't affect my ability to win the squats portion of my challenge.
  5. If you ate good foods that's 90% if it so you shouldn't be too hard on yourself.
  6. I still think you should do a shrine to our Lord and master cthulhu despite what the wife says haha. I know how that goes, we bought our house about three years ago but it was foreclosed and sitting on the market for two years. We're finally getting everything under control outside. We just put in a little garden yesterday actually haha planted a bunch of kale, zucchini, and all sorts of other veggies. I'm excited to eat them :-)
  7. Sweet, what are your plans for it? If you've got mulch back there freshening that up will do wonders.
  8. Oh shoot i do that everyday then, bro.
  9. Gotta make sure you hit traps too, traps are the new abs, bro
  10. Are you planning to do anything with the jungle when you're done clearing it? I ask because i do landscaping so if you need any pointers I'd be glad to assist as best i can :-)
  11. Ok just finished my first deload day and failed i think haha. I was planning on lifting light which i succeeded at but it was boring so i started doing 5 second negatives with a 2 second pause at the bottom. Anyway here it is Bp 95/10 125/8 146/8 145/7 140/6 140/6 130/7 130/5 120/7 120/6 Bw pull ups 3 sets of 6 Superset bb row and rear delt fly 120/40 3 sets of 8 for each. Standing kettlebell row with a rope thru the handles. 40 lbs 4/12 Ez bar curl 50 4/8 Edit:as a side note while doing my bp on the first few heavy sets i felt my right tri engage way harder then my left. Anyone know a way to
  12. Oh i forgot to add, my youngest sister will be coming over today because she wants me to show her how to do the three big lifts and I'm going to be getting her on starting strength. Pretty stoked to share my love of lifting with her :-)
  13. Sorry i didn't check in the last couple of days. Work has been super busy and i celebrated my birthday yesterday :-) anyway, Thursday i did my dst training for squats, i did 5 sets of 15 with 155lbs. Then i took yesterday off from working out because of the birthday thing. I'm going to be starting a deload week as of today where I'll just lift light daily. Which is probably for the best cuz I'll be lifting heavy at work this week anyhow. Going to be removing two big trees on Tuesday, building a small retaining wall on Monday, and work the rest of the week also. Anyway I'll check in later toda
  14. Ya, i really need to start doing mobility work on my off days too. With my work and lifting I'm always sore and stiff.
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