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  1. Haha yeah, going to try and get some structure down this week though now I'm back at home!
  2. Aaah sorry guys, I went to Paris for a week and thought (for some reason) that I'd have more internet time. It's all been good. Didn't take the guitar on holiday with me so I'll work super hard on that one this week. Fitness is looking up though, I walked up the Eiffel Tower and apparently they don't have lifts in France, so no lazy shortcuts for me. I hardly snacked at all last week, awesome considering I had the 'I'm on holiday' excuse. Can't say I've been to a lot of karate though. Class before I went away got cancelled and then I was ... away. Back on it this week though, overall I
  3. No I think this is where I keep going wrong. I just think oh I'll do them whenever I'm free, then I get home from work and 'don't feel like it' with the attitude that it can wait till tomorrow. The thing with other stuff is, I'll be letting people down if I don't do it. With this I'm only letting myself down and I don't matter as much as other people. Maybe it'd help to work out with other people? I'm going away for the week tomorrow next week too, so my excuse then will be 'oh I'm on holiday so it's fine'. I know this in advance so I'm going to try and avoid this by taking workout clothes w
  4. Yeah I know, whatever you do it's not exactly going to be a useless skill. I think most people learn more than one language anyway in the end so it's probably a good idea to play around with them all from the start
  5. Kyoshi Warriors Hopefully I'll eventually learn to use fans in martial arts like they do too
  6. Kinda jumping on the back of what other people have said here really, but I had a go at learning Ruby a while back and the main thing people were saying online and stuff was that it really depends on what you want to do with the code at the end as to what you ought to learn.
  7. I've been trying to some of the beginner bodyweight stuff that's on here. I always feel better for having done it so it's just pushing myself to get started in the first place.
  8. I've done a few challenges on here now and I mostly end up failing due to the simple fact that I'm really, really lazy. I just can't help it, it's so easy to sit down and never get up again. But it stops here. So the goals will probably stay mostly the same but this time I'll actually find the time to complete them rather than putting stuff off then suddenly realising the challenge is over already and I've done nothing! 1) Exercise At least once a week outside of karate. To account for my unbelievable laziness, karate counts as a workout for me but I need to workout outside of this
  9. Aww crap is that over already!? Ok 4 weeks went waaay faster than I realised So I've pretty much learnt my kata, that went well. Haven't touched the guitar, totally sucked at that goal! Been pretty good on the sugar, I'm not 100% there yet but there's definitely an improvement. Exercise has been on and off, mostly off but I'm working on it. Overall I did ok, given the shorter time frame but not great.
  10. Yeah in a way I'm grateful it's only a 4 week challenge, but then I don't want to feel like I can get to the end and just give up. If someone's bought it I'm like 'well you've bought it now so I have to!' I find it's worse in the evenings because I'm at work in the day so I'm all focused but it disappears when I get home. This'll be an ongoing goal I think!
  11. Yeah I'm not exactly walking up hills or anything either, Manchester's really flat! Need to get back on track with the workouts this week because I did alright in week 1. Not buying chocolate is a killer, I'm so used to snacking all the time Thanks for the support!
  12. Sorry, I'm still here ... honest! I'm not very good at this regular update thing So we've been focusing a lot on kata in karate since the new year, handy since it means I don't have to put in too much home practise to meet that goal. I've been walking a lot at the weekends, does that count as exercise? I did one actual work out in week one but I didn't this week. I guess I still have tomorrow. I've been doing really well with the sugar. No chocolates or fizzy drinks unless someone's already bought them for me (turning it away is the next step, I'm just too weak). Guitar is the worst
  13. Haha yeah there's not much over here in the UK even if I travel, I checked the whole country! Appreciate the thought though, maybe if I'm on holiday one time I can drop by Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Aww that sounds so cool! I had a look a while back and couldn't find anywhere near me that teaches Tessen :'( I wanna be Kyoshi Warrior too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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